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Apple Bloom's room is right next to Applejack's. It was never a problem until one night she hears Big Macintosh come over and... certain sounds follow. After a few nights of the noises continuing Apple Bloom can't take any more; she has to confront her siblings and end their late night antics.

A short, stupid story with a surprise ending. Rated PG-13 for implied topics.

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Well...alright then.

Oh my god....why am I laughing at this. This is just too good.

This was to good.
Assumptions and jumping to conclusions will always get you into awkward situations.
And Sweetie how long till your dad starts visiting you at night.

Ok, i have to admit this was pretty funny :rainbowlaugh:

:rainbowlaugh: Sequel please


And Sweetie Belle found a way to make it even creepier. Hopefully she is Rarity's full sister not some mom/sister hybrid.

Great, now I want to hear Sweetie Belles story now. Any chance of there being a sequel? Please? :fluttercry:

Sweetie Belle remained silent for a few moments before speaking up. "So... what would you have done if they were doing that?" she asked surprisingly timidly.
"Well, they are family an' all." Apple Bloom said after some thought. "Ah guess... ah'd probably be okay with it since they love each other. Why?"
Sweetie Belle looked down at the floor and sighed heavily. "Well, whenever my parents come visit me and Rarity in town, I hear my dad go into Rarity's room late at night..."

:raritydespair: Well then. How we gonna 'splain this?

"Well, whenever my parents come visit me and Rarity in town, I hear my dad go into Rarity's room late at night..."


7625860 atleast she doesn't have fetus legs OAO

Heh, well this is certainly an interesting turn of events. Especially considering the revelations that just inadvertently became canon...

Really know how to egg your readers on with that last line :rainbowlaugh: Whether or not there is a sequel in the works, this was a funny read.

:applejackunsure: Ya' think she bought the story 'bout the chest
:eeyup: eeyup
:ajsmug: well how about I start varnishing up some more wood tonight


That was Plan B for the ending. :raritywink:

I was expecting a twist at the end.

The twist that I got wasn't the one that I expected.

Bravo. Have my :derpytongue2:, my :rainbowlaugh: and all of my :yay:

It was gosh darn hilarious! SEQUEL PLEASE!


This was funny and all, but I kept getting distracted by that 9 months line. Ponies and horses have a 11~12 month pregnancy (320~350 days).

But that's just a nitpick

8303467 the story's tagged as anthro so I'm guessing human timeframe for pregnancy

LOL Yes!

I am a mind-reader!!

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