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Well, it's at least nice to see a new antagonist for once. And i do hope that Thunderlane does NOT show up in this story. We have enough of that guy as it is.

You said it, there is NO such thing, as enough Thunderlane. Robinebra just being tsundere with him.

Same coverart as 120 Days of Blueblood. XD

7634557 Nope, i just hate that guy.

Said like a true tsundere :3

7634916 Don't make me give you the evil eye here buddy.

The evil side of me wonders if Blueblood can make her do more than just bark like a dog... After all, isn't breeding hounds a traditional royal pastime?

I wonder how blueblood' s assistant will react to this next chapter possible chance to blackmail blueblood or will blueblood somehow blackmail him ?

Blueblood is an even older antagonist in this side than Thunderlane ; nice to see him back in saddle. But I have to admit this story can be either a clopfic about Blueblood or a much more serious story about BB dealing with his inner demons and other ponies and maybe even a "good" end.

Oh dear... Well this should be fun to watch play out. Glad I inadvertently inspired this...


Hi... you must be new here. "Good End" is not something we do around here normally, especially with a career villain like Blueblood.

7637519 I know. But still, one can hope...

I am genuinely impressed that this chapter didn't involve any trully explicit actions. You're taking your time at a good pace and I am looking forward to more.

Heh, I like to imagine there was a little bit of wetness in those last shots. I feel like, despite everything she said, deep down she enjoyed this on some weird level that even she doesn't quite understand.


Or none of the above and Blueblood realizes he likes having this power over others and begins reveling in the things he can make others do.

Oh, I do love exposition and slow making of blackmailing plans, and then inevitable, sweet use of said plans. Much more creepy and interesting than simple one-chapter-fuck.

Lightning Dust/Blueblood is a pairing I've liked for a while now, you know. If this turned into a weird, kinky, abusive relationship where Blueblood blackmails her into all kinds of stuff and Lightning realises she enjoys being dominated on some level, that would be very interesting indeed. After all, she likes pushing her limits, right?

Well, this sure got interesting fast.

Wonder how long till this backfires on blueblood

Man, I remember the very early days where blueblood was THE asshole serial rapist before Thunderlane, became a thing. This brings back memories.


Funny, I had always figured Blueblood was too easy to write as the bad guy, hence why I decided to choose another stallion (our lovable rapist, Thunderlane). Don't know how much of an effect it had on the community, but I certainly have noticed a lot more clopfics starring him as the bad guy as well since then.

While in most stories Blue Blood is a dick, but at times I kind of pity him. He serves no real purpose in the Royal Court, how he got there is mainly open to interpretation. Is he Celestia's bastard son? Last descendant of an ancient noble house that Celestia adopted to keep out of trouble? I know that in the comics he had a little adventure with Shining, but Blue must feel at times very frustrated. To be so close to power, yet unable to achieve it. Of course regardless of his motivations or origins, he can be a pretty good villain if handled correctly. Your portrayal is handled very well and hopefully we see more of it.

Really very nice chapter. Any chance of Lightning Dust showing up a few more times for Blueblood to fuck her other 2 holes?

Blueblood, this is gonna end badly for him.

'Oh, yes Master, I'd love to suck your cock every day and guzzle your cum nonstop." she begged sarcastically before returning to her normal self.

Aaaand now you gave him an idea what to have you do next. Maybe you'll even start to like it.


He's Cadence's cousin, though it still leaves plenty of questions. I have a feeling he got the title as a consolation prize. :rainbowlaugh:

That's why I tried to replicate his frustration in this by giving him the lowest court to run. Princesses in Equestria seem to be vital and they're alicorns, but he... well, doesn't do shit.

Ah yes, the random Pegasus girl who was somehow related to the Crystal Empress and managed to earn a promotion to demigodhood and an entire city/empire despite no evidence of experience or any knowledge of her supposed subjects. The joys of monarchy.

What can I say, I am a cynical man. Don't even get me started on those so called 'Princesses'. They make me want to wretch. Blue blood for all his faults at least has the integrity to be honest about what and who he is. And he certainly hasn't endangered the stability of the world or made problems on other worlds, unlike some.


True, but he also (canonically) hasn't done much of anything. A little (or a lot) disappointed that his character hasn't been touched at all to deepen his story.

Perhaps in the future he'll become a true villain. Or maybe just a critic of the methods of the Elements and Alicorns who cause a lot of collateral damage when they 'save the day'. I always imagined that in the future that the nobles of Canterlot would get tired of the rule of the Alicorns and the seemingly unsanctioned actions of the Elements. They are walking weapons that seem to act of their own accord without any consideration of government oversight. Unlikely I know, but I am a cynic.

Well, well. A mare actually wanting a good princely dicking? A certainly pleasant change of pace.

Too bad there is no love in his heart for her. I doubt this guy likes anypony, not even himself deep down.

Oh, how about this: Gabrielle the Griffon comes to him for problems with her work visa. He finds her chipper attitude annoying, never mind that she's a Griffon, so he hog ties her, stuffs her holes full of remote control vibes and puts her in the next room in front of several webcams. So, whenever a meeting bores him, he can watch her on the screen, adjust the strength of her vibes, keep her frustrated and hepless and feeling like a cheap sex toy. And at the end of the day, maybe he even fucks her and finally allows her to cum.


Thought about using her for something quite similar, but cannot due to her age being estimated at about the same as the original 3 CMC (aka under 18). No anthros/human clop stories with under 18 characters.

I would guess that's a big reason why he threw out the contact notes to the one girl who actually liked him. It's hard to be around people who like you when you can't like yourself.

The mods think she's underage? Huh. Too bad the other Griffons didn't get much in the personality department yet.

I mean, if you want to be really really evil, you could add Vapor Trail trying to keep her Incredibly Obvious Crush friend Sky out of trouble. Like promising not to actually fuck her, then he does the above tying and teasing, and maybe still breaks his promise at the end if you want to make him extra sleazy.


Not the mods necessarily, but in the show. She's obviously not a fully grown griffon, and her personality reflects that of around the CMC. So unless otherwise noted by the show, it's pretty much canon that she's under 18.

And I assume you're referencing the new ponies from the latest episode. Hate admitting it, but I haven't seen it yet. :twilightblush:

2. Fuck the plot! I came for the clop!

You can write clopfic and still fit in some plot, but if you try to change already clop-centered fic into story, it won't make it interesting for those who read it for the clop, and those who read for the story, well, they're not reading it already because first chapters are cloppy.

Yes, she is. Sorry for spoilering that bit. :facehoof:

Welp, there's also Princess Ember, though he'll probably need some dragon-resistant restraints for that one. On the other hand, some race play could be right up his alley; especially with the example of Princess Twilight and her servant Spike dangling before his eyes.


No worries, already saw a few screen caps of the episode and her.

And interesting idea, but Ember would probably burn Blueblood alive. Also the small fact that, while cute, Ember doesn't do much for me either.

Yeah, I say fuck the plot, because Blueblood is an asshole so we ain't really invested in him succeeding, but we wanna see him have his way with lots of mares so we don't want to see him fail either. Not much to drive a plot if you're not rooting for or against anyone, and since the clop is so damn hot....

A bit of plot and him putting his bastard foals into cute mares.

Impregnate a few mares, and fill the nobility with Blue Blooded Bastards :p

2 with a little bit of 1


Hey now, I never said anything about love. I don't find anything wrong with two consenting individuals having sex just for the sake of it.

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