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Tail High

Just a lovely girl(s) writing about that most entertaining of subjects.

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We definitely need more like this. The fact that it was Timberwolves threw me off a bit, I was expecting real wolves lol.

More please!

You certainly scratched my itch! :)

More please? I'm sure Rarity would also enjoy a repeat performance. Perhaps Fluttershy can train her along with her other pets; or better yet, have them train Rarity along with her. She really should learn to be properly submissive to all of Fluttershy nice male animal friends!

Maybe one or two of her other pony friends can join later on. Tying them down face to face so they can share kisses while their animal masters mount them is a romantic picture, no? :raritywink:


Sure! I already have something remarkably similar planned for the following chapter(s).

Oh my god a wolf author who knows about knots?

Add some cum inflation and you got yourself a perfect story! :D

Is it really beastiality if there ponies?


One of the greatest philosophical questions of our day!

It's been so painful lately that the clopfic scene has really lacked any really talented rising authors. You sir are on my watch list, I wanna see where you go with your work from here on out.

That said, I feel like these scenes could be a whole lot longer. For whatever reason, it just seemed awfully fast pace-wise, and while your quality of word-choice and character and everything really, honestly, and truly showed, I feel like more depth and more detail would really bolster your work from being really, really good to being really, really excellent.

Good show so far. Keep up the great work.


You are entirely correct. That was a critique of a friend of mine, actually! I knew the pacing was too rapid, but in the end I decided to post it anyway. See what kind of response I got first, before committing to a greater time investment - if that makes any sense. So far I'm rather overwhelmed by the positive response to what I thought would be a very niche clopfic in a rather niche style! I'll definitely dial the pacing back for the following chapter(s), and hopefully improve the experience.
Thank you for your watch, your critique, and I hope you will enjoy my work in future!

I am in love with this version of Fluttershy. That was a seriously stone cold move, especially considering Rarity's experiences with the Diamond Dogs. Fluttershy is sexy when she's twisted, and it's even sexier because she knew Rarity would like it. Great job!

The one thing I feel like this is really missing is the aftermath. Specifically, I want to see how Fluttershy treats Rarity afterward. There's a safeword and a promise of safety, but at the same time she seems to be judging her--and I mean before she goes into character. And she obviously knows what she's doing, which implies that whatever judgment she's applying to Rarity, it must somehow apply to her too. It's intriguing, and I'm dying to see how it plays out.


Oh, well, it's still incomplete! I have plans to show that in the next chapters. Now, if I can do it well or not is another matter entirely...


You are most welcome! Do drop me a line when you've written Carnal. I'm most curious.

Perhaps a preview of the next chapter might interest you? Specifically this:

"Surrendering oneself to temptation and embracing carnality is generally considered left to the realm of those that have long lost all sense of self. An escape of the sick and the fallen.
I do not consider it so. Much as I style myself a lady, a creature of elegance, grace and fine manners I have always harboured the desire of the destruction of it, too. Maybe this is not unique to just me. Maybe we all, in some dark, fettered part of our minds, desire the antithesis of that which we are. In a way the expression of this part of ourselves is more true a celebration of the self than the continuing denial of what we truly are. Maybe I'm merely insane."


You have my thanks. I wish you well in your writing!

Very nice. Reminds me of a stellar rainbow dash blowjob fic I read a while back. Hope to see more soon.

I simply cannot stop reading this.
I await the next update ever so eagerly.


Goodness! Thank you <3

On a scale of 1-10, i'd give it an 8.5. Got to admit, it was very good to me.

As long as this fic isn't on hiatus, I'm still holding out hope goddamnit

I very much approve of this.

An animal being the 'master' of someone sounds similar to a fic idea I worked out once with a friend.

Glad you like it!

And I'd be interested in knowing more about that idea, if you'd like to share.:twilightsmile:

Well, it's quite dark, and it'd be best described through mock-dialogue :p

You don't know what you've unleashed :p

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It’s been three years I don’t think anyone’s really going to update this

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