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Beautiful as always aerobolt.

As I mentioned before, I have begun an edit on this text (I msged you the link)
I hope that we can meet online and bring out the epic story which lies in wait behind the errors.

I... what?
Frankly I am stumped.
This is such difficult thing to do that I feel an impassible obstacle has been laid before me.
I will see.

Wow....Amazing....Only thing I dont get is...What happened to Celestia and (Cant remember name)?

Every time i read this chapter all I can think is DAAAAAAAAAMN THAT'S SOME GOOD STUFF!:heart::heart:

Huh what an interesting story ima read the sequel now


did you read all of this in one sit? :pinkiegasp:

1338832 ha silver the hedgehogs dreams of absolution

Amazing. I love it, so adorable.

That last part, couldn't stop giggling.

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