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This story is a sequel to Vinyl Scratch, Mentoring is AWESOME!

Lightning Strike and her brother were adopted by a great dragon several months ago. They discovered a room in his cave filled with mirrors that can take them to other worlds. Their dad also allowed them access to a computer that can view the tumblrverse.

Lightning, her brother, her mentor Vinyl Scratch and their powerful father Torkuda travel the multiverse in search of... well whatever they can find. Vinyl is looking for new tunes, Lightning is looking to explore, Dusk wants to meet the ponies he's a fan of from tumblr and Torkuda is looking for a fight.

Yes, this is totally fan work, and if I'm asked to take any chapters down, I will have too. I doubt that will happen often, but know it's possible. Credit will be given at the beginning of each chapter for each different tumblr blog used.

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And... for some reason my credits ended up near the bottom of the story... oops...

Anyone thinking I should swap the first and second chapters?

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