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This story is a sequel to Five years of Ice, A thousand years of Flame

Seven years ago, something hit Equestria. It was an accident. The ship that crashed held a single occupant, and proved to the world that they were not alone. Once informed of the dangers the universe presented, they were quite content to forget about it all, even choosing to ignore where the male alicorn came from.

And now there are two more. And they are a pain in the flank.

Sequel to Five Years Of Ice. (I'm also going to try and keep this one clean-ish.)

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2881207 May I ask what that reaction is for?


Stupid idea, horrible grammar, OOC, and romance.

2881241 Well, I thank you for your honesty, and now time for some of my own. I didn't ask you to read it, so...... and I'm not quite sure about the horrible grammar bit. What you've got to remember is that different countries teach it in different styles, so it may be horrible to you, but it isn't to me.

See you around...or not.


Looks to be a whole lot better than your ideas there, buddy. 97 upvotes to 289 downvotes across your stories. Yeah, I'd say this fellow here is doing a bit better than you.

2881404 Glad to see you're here for another ride, which hopefully won't be as wild, and with less plot holes.

He he.....plot.

Is this like a sequel to Five Years of Ice?

Fuck, sorry didn't read the description.

I say Earth Pony filly for TwiMa. Gala Sparkle. (Red Gala is a type of apple)

And I'm lovin' this story so far.

2882106 Duuuuuhhhh:rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild::rainbowwild:
2882206 Then mission accomplished so far!

2884278nothing really, i just havent slept in over 72 hours. im trying to break my record. i have to constantly move, so as not to fall asleep, so im replieing while jogging.

2884312 Nice. How long do you think you'll last?

2884319well, its pysically impossible for someone to stay awake longer than a week and a half or thier heart might stop from shear exaughstion, and im gonna break my record of three.
i have to do this for three more weeks. im a huge guy, so my heart will be fine (i hope) but this is like being drunk and baked at the same time, with running a maraton mixed in.
three more weeks. kill meeeeeeee

Huzzah, you took my suggestion for the name.:pinkiehappy:

Also, epic foreshadowing... way of the troll. Sounds like a cheesy Star Wars rip off.

2891539 You know, I never though of it that way. Now I'm picturing Celestia as Yoda! Can't quite find it, but close enough.

Oh, and I really liked the name, so it got used.

2894798 Thought that would the first sugestion.

2894947 Ooh, that's harsh. I like it.

Comment posted by cptslapem deleted Jul 18th, 2013

2895079 sorry was playing call of duty zombies at the time when i read the chapter

My vote is for him to be gelded, then put in the public stocks where the public was told about his filly abduction and near rape of Luna. Then, leave a nice big basket of rotten tomatoes (and for the right people, a tiny supply of bricks) near them.

2895293 No worries, but is that how you feel about him anyway?

2896375 That's just... I don't know. He's got to survive the Lunar and Solar Guards first....

2896812 nope well, maaaybe a little, reason being he cares for family a lot and him finding out that the guy almost raped luna would typically make any person/(pony?) want kill them

My idea would involve turning said pony into a foal and learn a leason as a new character. But its not my story and it may have been done.

The gelding and stocks were my idea. :pinkiehappy:


TwiMac. Give me a minute to throw up. Well, more like a few hours.

I suggest colt. Not sure how your going about with the night gaurds (bat winged ponys) but i would suggest the colt be one. It would still be Soardash's kid just a rare genetic quirk that happens.

2926318 Oh come on!! You knew they were together!!! This is a sequel after all!!!

Awesome! He's going to Earth, just like I hoped!

2927430 Nah, I go with the whole 'enchanted armour' thing, which is why they all look the same. That way nopony knows how many there really are!

2927865 As I said, I like it. And he's not going to die as soon as he is dropped off there. Got plans for him yet.

2927881 Sweet! So, the plans gonna be revealed here, or are they gonna be in the form of a side-story?

2927894 Haven't decided yet. Currently reading another fic, so not got a lot on the next chapter, just some stuff with Alec, Luna, the foals, and Candy Magic and Dusty Spur.

You'll find out who they are next!:trollestia::trollestia:

seprate story for warden?
mmmhh... sure why not?
i very much whould like to see that heretic suffer :pinkiecrazy:

amazing! I love the story. Plus no errors.

P.S The song does have a haunting beauty. It has a graceful and elegant beauty of sound mixed with compasion.

P.P.S cant wait to continue reading. If thats okay with you:fluttershysad:

dude... awersome chapter and before that


keep it up!!!


2936574 Okay, just need a title for it now, then I can begin

2936683 Really, no errors? That's a first!:rainbowlaugh: And how could I not use it? In fact, just hearing it gave me the idea for that scene. And yes, you are allowed to want more. Bit of a time skip, but only by a couple of months. Think you'll like what I've got planned.... more talk whit Rumble about certain things!

2937921 Thanks, glad to see you like it! And it's the epic epitome of epicness.

He he, keep it up.... That's exactly what Luna says to me most nights....:trollestia::trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:

Cant wait to know what happens.

Wait..Carjack? Oh Carajack makes sense.

I hoped you wouldn't let the others know that portal spell.
The one thing that made him unique with magic is now gone.

2951002 Oh, he's had plenty of fun with it over seven years! Things like licking Luna's flank during court sessions, multiple cake attacks on Celestia, dropping Dash into water (lots of times). But he only taught his friends it. And Trixie, it's good for her show.

Another great chapter and await more to praise you on

2951364 Well, I have just submitted a new story that has a slight teaser.

2936574 Here you go. It doesn't say how he got his injuries, but he certainly got some.

another good chapter the only problem i have is Rarity going blind thinking the color of the clothes she made for the twins was good. The color you had her use should not exist as clothing.:raritydespair:

No offense here, but not one person or pony would ever hire back a being that wanted to kill your daughter.
He blew up a house with the filly inside it for crying out loud.

How can you trust someone who basicly almost succeeded in killing your own daughter.
It is kinda pointless for him to be kept alive. Because they should never forgive him for what he has done
And that was even without the attempted rape.

2965562 True, but she still had hormones running through her system, having only given birth two months previous. Did I not put that bit in?

2967982 Did you read the other story? And what do you mean by 'hire back'? That didn't happen. Warding Spear got arrested at the end. I'm sorry, but I don't understand what you mean at all.

Alec wouldn't kill him in front of his children, plus the fact that Warding even offered him a chance to do it... that just raises questions, which I assure you we will get to.

Super obvious joke in 3. 2. 1. THE CAKE IS A LIE!!:facehoof: it isn't funny anymore

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