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It was eight months later the when more humans came from the sky........
But what were the Seven up to between these events?

Yeah.....I couldn't think of a longer description.... Don't know how long this one's going to be, but it'll probably be shorter.

This a sequel to How the hell did this happen?.

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Excited to see where this goes. Keep it up. :twilightsmile:

I'm excited to see this progress.

2224091>>2224096>>2224222 More will come.....but with a block inspection coming up, I unfortunately have to shift priorities.
But I am back on my proper shift now, and will have five days off as of Wednesday, so lots of typing shall commence then, hopefully
with some in between then.

Well I at least hope you will be explaining the timeline before what happened at the end of this chapter. There are so many questions left unanswered that it would be useless to ask any.

will there be a mission involving a hydra?

My dear sir, you've done well with this . I'll be excited to read more of your works:ajsmug:

2224453 Possibly, it is a good idea....I've all ready got one to work with, so it will be a while yet.

2224518 Thank you. I've got my first idea, so I at least have something to work on.

Good lord, Lucky... I haven't finished reading your other story, and now you come out with this? :pinkiegasp:


2224996 I know.......I don't think you'll be disappointed with it either!! You'll have to catch up pretty quick, cos I'm giving readers a chance to suggest things, but I don't know how long I'm going to make this one......I've all ready be given two suggestions on things so far...and now my Mass Effect 2 is complete on Insanity, I can focus on this......and Mass Effect 3 on insanity of course!!!

DAM! keen for next chapter

Whoot Next chapter, nothing feels more Bad ass than walking into the public library, and using one of their computers to read MLP FiM FF's cus your laptop is un-useable at the moment... (involved a can of Mr.Pibb, a cat, and the floor...) *shifty eyes*

Great chapter...... Cant wait to find out what happened to Starfyre....

I Wait Your Next Chapter,For My Boredom,HAS BEEN VANQUISHED.

I Thank Thee,Noble Knight,For Vanquishing My Unneeded Boredom.For This Site,And All Those In It,Are Everything But Boring,The Stories Helped Me Be Happy Most Of The Time,And Excited.

I Await Thy Next Chapter.Until Then,Take Care.

A Fellow Brony,



Son of a bitch man! Just as I was telling myself that I needed to go to bed, you update this. ARGH! Now I have to wait until morning. Too freaking tired to read more.

2227991 it updated at 5PM here.... lucky me :)

2228070 Ha!Me Too :3!But I Do Too Often Have My Favorite Stories Being Updated Late At Night.:rainbowkiss:.Lol.

Now.My Excitement HAS BEEN DOUBLED!Yay:yay:

Well 'm up see this got to make something for a party on saturday and got back for reading:pinkiehappy:


So Excited For The Next Chapter(Yet,Again).As You Always Say:

"Sleep Is For The Wea-"

Mom Voice In Head:Time To Sleep!

Me:Shizzles.Okay Time To Hit The Hay,Or Burn It,And Wreck Havoc On The (Non-existant)Farm,Completely Ignoring Sleepiness........

2228014Yeah, unfortunately I enjoy sleeping. Plus I was tired anyways.

Looks At The Title,


Puns Everywhere

He looked around and saw Nova Fusion stood above him, horn glowing white with healing magic.

Should be present tense "standing" "His horn glowed white with healing magic"

Don't say something is a "bit spartan" be— sort of' bold— just a little, or at least kind of, if that's ok with you :fluttershyouch:. call something plain or spartan, be bold in your descriptions

Well I am done with my asshole dead of the day
I bid you adieu my good sir :yay:

2242069 Good catch on the standing bit, thanks.

As for your other point, I believe that saying 'it's a bit spartan' means that they only have the bare essentials, and they have to make do with that.
It's the difference between a first aid kit and a fully staffed hospital. You know which one you'd want, but it times of need, you don't really have much choice.
Hence this line:

and the knowledge they picked up in Canterlot has been invaluable towards saving your lives.

It's a rare thing you accomplished, I have favorited a story before it have ended. Admittedly it's because of the first part, but I see them a one story. So yeah... I guess what I'm trying to say is "I like it, more."

I saw a few mistakes where it was the wrong word, kinda like "then" instead of "they." But I don't know where, I couldn't stop reading and mark them out or something.

To end this comment on a high note, I really liked the decisions about Scootaloos family and other things that's fan speculation. I especially like what you did with Scootaloos parents, it just works for me, it actually works better then most stories that I have read that focuses on that subject, impressive for something with so little relative importance.

Anyway it's 05:45 here, time to go to sleep.

2269264 Thanks man. I did go through the first story trying to route out all the mistakes, but it was mainly grammar and spelling errors. Well, the ones I could find anyway. As For Scoot's parents, I was originally going to make them OC's, but I have trouble thinking of names. And it was originally going to be Soarin, but I'm sure I've seen that somewhere else and I wanted to do something different. Don't worry more is on the way!

As for the sleep, I refer you to this comment......2228014

Love what you have done with my character! Cant wait for more chapters...

Good Chapter And Simon Might Be My New Favorite Character(I Have A Lot Of Favorite Characters In Your Story :pinkiehappy:)

2322637 Well, he will be appearing a lot more often now, as I have the next chapter following this one up, the next flashback, and possibly another one after that, but I'll be working with the guy who's OC is in this one, as I may introduce another one of his. In between the actual chapters, I am working on the ending, so far I am on Epilogue Charlie. Don't know how many there will be, but I have the final one ready to go.

2322650 Epilogue Charlie?

Will There Be Alpha And Bravo?(And Other Code Names?)

2322681 Of course. I'm planning on the final one being Epilogue Omega. Hence why I have just changed the title of the first chapter on the first story to Arrival 'Alpha'.

Get it? Alpha and Omega, Beginning and End? And they will have some good (or suggestive:trollestia::trollestia::trollestia:) moments in them. Especially Charlie.

You have portrayed Technia well. It must have been a Wednesday when she collapsed that colony entrance.

2324821 And we return there almost exactly a year later....which just happens to also be a Wednesday. And I think she'll like what we get her to use to open the caves back up.

BTW, I've had little idea about something but I want your go ahead for it. I'll send you a PM

Cant wait for the next chapter... and with the whole Alpha and Omega.... I GOTA PLAY FALLOUT 3 NOW... THANKS ALOT!


2329465 Not New Vegas?...............yeah, 3 is way better. And it's time for more ideas from you guys, blog post to follow in a minute!!

Already did EVER TYING i can do to New Vegas, Added flyable Vertibirds, and CARS.... (and with Tale of Two Wastelands, you could port them over...) so yea, i left my lasting mark on the New Vegas Nexus community.


Whoot!.... (goes back to Fallout)....I need help.


It's Like A Reference To The Q&A Blog Post

When I Asked You With Your Favorite Explosive.

"When In Doubt...........C4"

Good Job.....Good Job


Also,Shit He's Injured.....FRIENDSHIP

2370801 Well what else can you use to clear rocks?
2370877 That's nothing. Last time we actually sparred, bones got broken. On both of us. Beer and painkillers don't mix.
2371016 hold your ponies, more is coming!


You Can Clear Rocks........WITH A WOODEN PICKAXE

2372895 Minecraft Logic. But we didn't have any wooden pickaxes, so......

FUCKING KEEN! BRING IT ON BITCHES!!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

LET THE BATTLE.........BEGIN!:pinkiecrazy:


ACH NO YE KEN NO' END IT 'ERE :rainbowdetermined2:

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