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0515 GMT Sunday morning. "Ugh, why did I get picked for this?" Standing around a aeroplane with "special materials" on board is not my idea of fun. It's going to be boring. No attempts to steal it, no protesters. Damn, I was hoping for the 50 year old lawyer to jump the fence. That would've been worth it!

A few hours later and the "special" stuff is being loaded up when there was a solid thud behind me and then a bright flash before I was blown away by the pressure wave. My first thought was "I'm dead". For all intents and purposes, I might as well be. My new mission? Find a way home.

Rated teen for lot's of swearing. The dark tag is there for the first few chapters, and some more may appear later on. And if someone knows the artist for the new cover, can you let me know.

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This is going to be good i can tell

2127306 2127320 Thnaks guys. I was exopecting a load of "oh no, another HiE fic" comments, not to have 6 people fave it!!!

As for the beung good part, I don't know. There are so many authors in here that so much better than me, but I'll try my best not to disappoint.

Come now its vary we'll done. As for me i pefer hie storys my self due to my ponding how a human would act in ponyland, i myself like the idea of a templer knight would react to suddenly. Ending up in ponyland regardless i find a technology supier race in ponyland afound thot. But i digress the story in good.and you should fell goodl

Oh so you plan to troll twilight you now my loyalty from here on:rainbowdetermined2: also you can make the gravity 1/2 of earths gravity and he'll be stronger with out actually being stronger.

2130340 Actually, I was thinking about that, but I want to get fitter. Therefore the "me" in this story, unlike my lazy ass in real life, wants to improve.
And how would he do that if it was too easy? Not everything is going to go right for "me". As for Miss Sparkle, well......there is going to be a bit of a time jump before
the first proper encounter. And you know how she likes her library organised? Well.....:trollestia: The next chapter(s, possibly) should be up in a few hours.

Oo makeshift flash bang..... nice

2131303 Hey don't blame me!! Why Twilight uses paper that can blind you is anyone's guess. Or suggestions, I haven't really thought about it.
And for the next chapter the theme will follow my employers motto, Per Ardua Ad Astra. And no, it's not bad. Time to try my hand at some comedy.

Yep, gonna fail. Epically.

2131334 to rise higher one must also fall.. go for the comedy and dont wory 75% of ppl have no funny bone

Cabose and pinky would make the best of frainds

2135127>> sounds fun but im in need of a new disk drive for my 360 oh how.i miss the cerbus harrier


Why am i 'bucking' crazy?

2136575 To tell you the truth, so am I. I have no idea where this came from. I have no idea where it's going. I don't even know why I published it.
It's just a slight shock to see that people actually enjoy this. It's kind of story I'd read, and when I'm checking for errors, which I've probably missed a few, I can't believe that this actually came out of my head!

Dont worry dear sir i'm bipolar lvl2 and also have sever deprison some bad sleeping habits and slight case of parnioa. So yes i am crazy. But the story is still good


2136631 its a story i like to read! Well your doing a good job so keep it up!

The trolling has begun! Lets goooo!





Pully system...... taking trolling to the tenth degree. Good show dear sir good show


2142441the trolling is finished?!?!?!?! Dear god why! It was funny!

2146208 Why thank you.
I would be quite surprised if the wasn't another story on here that want the same way, but still.....

I can't believe that I'm the one writing this!!

You'll quite need it. I checked. There are approx. 528 stories with the exact same premise.

2146267 Thank you. I must be doing something right!!

I've had 5 people, including yourself, favourite it in the last 2 hours!!
And I've gained 4 watchers since posting it!!

I'm going to go hide in the woods now.

A "chopa" flying in the middle of pony land sounds like it'd be fun just remember u.s. has the back of chums from u.k.

2146938 I have something planned for that, don't you worry. But I'm going have to work on my photoshop skills first........

2147031 maby use a certain stethchopter(BAD splling) used to kill a certain dic in pacastan?

Great, now she's going to think that he's going to kill her. :facehoof:

2147659 No, they know if he wanted them dead, he could do it without being seen easily. The opinions of fillies at the centre of dangerous situations are actually listened to.

2147690 Precisely. Those bits were planned, the others are just what comes to me as I write. Enjoy the next chapter!!


It seems only 4 people respond to this story...


2147690 i dont mind trollestia. Its the tyrrant part thaat you have to watch out for!

2148197 It's a shame, I was hoping that everyone who faved it would leave a comment, but it was not meant to be.
2148238 No, I will shoot this down now. There won't be any Tyrantlestia. There may be some mutual trolling,
but I have managed to think of a few ideas for the next chapter.


2148847 HOLD YOUR HORSES! i said that because he put :trollestia: trollestia in his comment! I said i dont mind troll or moll celestias but not the tyrrant one! I wasnt saying anything about the story!

Looks awesome so far...

Keep going.

Cant wait for next chapter. The plot developments are coming along quite well... unlike most other HiE fics...

2150278 Thanks. Hopefully I will have a new chapter up later, but I have just got in from a 12 hour night shift on guard......which I was informed about at 0830 GMT yesterday.
Yeah thanks you dickhead guard commander for waking me up!! I've been up for almost 24 hours and can't write ponies now!!!

Anyways, I'll be working on it after some sleep. Some much needed sleep.

BACON! YES.... Bacon is my favorite character is any fan fiction, because the Bacon is always loved.:pinkiehappy:

fuck I want skyrim on PC now!

2154420>>2155505 Can't beat a bit of bacon. Except with more bacon. I have a.....shocking reveal next chapter, but it leads to some fun.
Working on it now, so don't fret too much.

No one picked up on the reference? That's a shame, they are bunch of good stories, and I'd recommend them to anyone.

2156196>>2156334>>2156050 I've hit a bit of a wall on the next chapter. I got unicorn guards following me, one white and one grey.
I got the name Lightning Strike for the grey one, but I'm stumped for another name. I got it all typed out, and just need to insert that in there.

Any ideas?

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