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I'm sorry · 7:37am Nov 18th, 2014

I'll be honest: While I've still got this story for Shade Starcunning and Defiance I'm really taken up with an actual novel I'm writing.
This is not to say that I'm giving up, considering the last delivery dates, but it's more I've found another interest and I'm trying to get that done with it.
At best, Defiance is going to swiftly die. It was a bad idea born of a series that apparently designed to annoy me.

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I write like shit, if you agree, you are an asshole. :D

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Well, aren't you pretty.

Yay for the compliment,
you can freely do steal my name, besides it is the name of a goddess in the norse mythologie,
and the like you earnd it *Riftjump out*

Look at you with your blog posts and what not bud...BTW the worldbreaker story sounds like it will turn out like quite the read (though you already know I thought that didn't you?) The Guardians one has my attention as well :raritywink:

Not that the other two seem any less worthy of reading they just don't pique my interest as much...you just cant beat Lovecraft :rainbowwild:

Hello? You never responded to my pm.

Thx for the Fave!!!:pinkiehappy:

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