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Jack Kirby's Fourth World is here and has taken an interest in Equestria! That's not a good thing. Celestia and Luna will do whatever it takes to protect their little ponies from the star born menaces descending upon them...and within the midst of the planet already...

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AWESOME!!!!!!!! I present Darkseid's theme

It's about time someone done something with the New Gods!

When Darkseid arrives, all hell is gonna break loose. Can't wait!

I require more laser eyes.


By this you mean?

2858301 Darkseid got me obsessed with laser eyes, so if he's in this story, I want alot of omega beams flying. Basically what i'm saying, is that i've come to read this story for the laser eyes.

you're gonna have to make it good to make me believe Darkseid doesn't just obliterate everyone in Equestria who opposes him right away


Doesn't that go against Darkseid's modis operandi (unless your Jeph Loeb, in which case, you make him a massive jobber who just hulks out when, in reality, he tends to TRY subterfuge and deception and using a world's own resources (people, technology, and etc) against itself first?).

3045505 I know. I think that is more interesting too.


Thanks Ellinger. I mean, seriously! What's the freaking point of a character with brawn AND brains if they always hulk out and try and taking out the hero without any real thought put into plan making and delegating and stuff like that?

3208221I like to see what he would do using the pony culture and stuff. Like maybe he uses the idea that people are so damn trusting in equestria. Maybe he goes into the everfree and uses his muscle to beat the hell out of everything and then becomes the king of the everfree, Then uses his army to take over the changeling kingdom or whatever and then uses his brains to train and control the denizens of the forest, like maybe some of the more intelligent creatures exc. Then when no one expects it he marches his army across the land picking up more people for his army all the way to canterlot at which point he makes up some story about how he has finally tamed the everfree and wishes nothing more than peace between his people and the princesses (the idea being that he has them convinced he is also a creature from the forest) and then once Celestia agrees to let him have a meeting with her he has a changeling or two come with him disguised as something mundane from the forest as his personal guards. once in the castle the changelings change form to someone in it. IE random guard pony or something. then when the meeting is over Celestia is completely convinced that he is on the level with her. But meanwhile his spies have so thoroughly infiltrated her palace that in a few days he simply walks into the castle and declares himself the new ruler. Celestia/luna will probably object and try to fight him, but he will point out that he has an army of dragons and worse outside the castle at the moment. Celestia will probably call for her guards to take positions but will be surprised when she finds that her guards have been all changed with changelings. Then Celestia says something like "what's going on?!" and he will nonchalantly say something like "I believe you were telling me how your guards would never let me take this palace?" .
Celestia and Luna fight him, but his army and himself are to much for the sisters, they flee the castle and then of course The main six will try to fight him, but he carefully explains that if they use their little elements on him then certain doom will come to all the ponies he has captured.

The main six then have to team up with chrysalis who explain how he just walked in and beat the hell out of every one until they made him king and threw her out on her ass, and that she would be more than willing to help with the small amount of changelings that stayed loyal to her exc.

The main six eventually win but not before learning valuable lessons about subterfuge and trusting everyone that claims they have good intentions.


Yup. Lots of creative ways to go here for sure.

Pretty much all my fanfiction, even the stuff I've already written over or close to 30,000 words is on hold for now until I at least publish my first OG book.

Never mind, you said OG book and I wanted to know what you ment, but then I remembered OG means Original.


When it's done, I'll link you the amazon link for it. XD


Third draft. Hopefully be done by July.

Effectively. However, I have good news! I'm currently working on 2 different fics I've spent a lot of time and effort on and never finished, one of them being never published and being a crossover between a DC property and mlp that, sooner rather than later, within the next 2 months, will be out and will hopefully be a mondo hit since the market for that crossover is very lackluster and is just begging for someone to actually make a quality story out of it, It's currently nearing 36,000 words and things are speeding up to the point where both sets of main character finally meet and fight through an action scene together!

So, yeah, check out my profile soon for a new story. You'll like it. Even if you know nothing about the DC property in general. I aimed to make it that good, and it is. Just need to finish the opening and a little bit of the immediate follow up.

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