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Warhead-loving Pegasus, cheerful inventor, half-decent writer, aerospace hazard. Doorstoppers ahead.


A normal night of exploration goes south - quite literally - as two friends since foalhood wind up crash-landing far from their home, left with only their wits, their clothes, and their own company in a strange, new land north of Vanhoover. With a far more populated and dangerous wasteland before them, and their entrance certainly not having gone unnoticed, they race to get back home - though with their mode of transport out of commission, and the weather getting worse by the day, their chances of seeing their fathers again grow slimmer and slimmer.

Empty Quiver is a sequel to Occupational Hazards - it isn't necessary to read beforehand, but it is highly encouraged!

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the big board illuminating

It's good that everypony is dead, because we mustn't let those damn dirty stripes take pictures of the big board!

Crash Dive is a neat character so far, I'm interested in figuring out why she's such a loner.
Really enjoyed the button mash reference. x3 Well placed and well done.
And in finishing this chapter, I'm so freakin excited! So much to explore, to learn! It's like when Twinny and Minty were exploring the snowy wastes all over again! Can't wait for more! :rainbowkiss:

Oh, fuck what a ending.:derpyderp2:
Great chapta for young story. I like it so far.
Keep writting.:twilightsmile:

Hmmm.. Can't remembah where else I had read that explosive collars was from Enclave originaly.. :trixieshiftright:
Fuck! Anyway nice chaptah!:twilightsmile:
Though your writting style realle a little.. messy or rushed how think. You need to slow down a do less explosions and crasy plotty action. Instead add more detailed ch.development and innerthinking \ enviroment details \ dialougs with sense \ etc. :ajsmug:
Keep fuckin writting mate :scootangel:

Ooo... Another one good chapter! :pinkiehappy:
As allways feels rushed, but atleast we have some kind of ch.development.:ajsmug:
Keep fuckin writing it yay!:twilightsmile:

Lots of good stuff this chapter. A little lite on the panic that seemed to consume Twin and Minty every chapter of OH, but some good story progression. Also, huzzah for the rainy pacific northwest! If we weren't going through a drought at the moment, I'd feel right at home with this chapter! :pinkiehappy:

and finished with the fist chapter, It's nice to see familiar characters again in more appropriate retired roles. It's something we don't see in a Fallout Equestrai story often. (that and completed story's) with how I've been bindg reading lately, It wont take long for me to catch up.

and... all caught up! Love it so far, fun characters, and fun guns. they seem to make caps like their robbing a bank, but I'll let that slide. References detected: FNAF, Nuka-brake, Buttion Mash, a bunch of others I can't remember right now. only thing this is missing is a central villein for me to hate.

"Mmh, yeah, well, guess it's a good thing I'm the pilot, then, so I don't have to do as much reading." Yes, because the piloting you did before in the Valkyrie was helpful at all...

Overall it was a good chapter! On top of that, we finally have a name to put on the shady badguys!

done. well lots of stuff happened, and we get more action. All and all a well rounded chapter.

Your book has been advertised on the new facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/ :)

Angler Ponies. So how far spread are the angler ponies anyways. Is it possible that a few herds of them have moved out to sea? Hehe it be funny to have a Spark-Lurker Vs. Angler pony fight.

Why did you make the chapters so long?

6758314 Each chapter consists of about four 'pages', which are the sections of the story that myself and my co-author write every week, meaning about a chapter a month. It's easier to have them massed as a relatively few 20k-word installments rather than 50 whole separate chapters ranging from 2k to 7k wordlength, keeps things consistent and helps divvy up story sections and arcs somewhat. That, and I have a habit of writing a lot every week, talking easily 6k per page.

It's really convenience more than anything.

Every time Night Strike goes on about Sparkle-Cola Rad, I can help but imagine her down the line getting in a fight with a Sparks-Lurker over which Sparkle-Cola Rad is better, the blue, or the red.

I have to say that I love the artwork between character switches,helps with visualization, and makes a grate bookmark. As for the new chapter, good as always, and nice to see the story moving along, though I'm still waiting to find out who the antagonist is.

There we go, made a bridge. Only took ten seconds, eleven, tops

How did I know this was going to be referenced SOMEWHERE in this story? :pinkiecrazy: Anyway, fun chapter! Good to see some new faces as well!

Hehe, loved the Hispano reference. Also, love the new characters. I also love the old characters, Static is still a bit mehh, but Night Strike is super lovable.

Wow, quite a fun chapter! I really liked the idea of the Stable! I'd never even thought about something like that, let alone the twist to it. x3 Quite neat!

Also, I like the shifting of the party members. Keeps things interesting and helps let more mischief crop up! Overall I found this chapter fairly enjoyable, and am already looking forward to the next! :pinkiehappy:

another fun chapter, and I hope whoever takes up the new spot will be as crazy as the rest of them, or the sane one. Hard to tell which is more fun.

Interesting way to dole out the resources for the race. :pinkiesmile: Though, it kinda seems a bit unfair. Then again, it's the wasteland. The only fair fight is the one you lose!

Aaaaaaand that's to be expected of Night Strike. No bottle left behind. Mourn the colas who didn't make it through the fight.

I mean, it's common knowledge that Red makes everything go fasta'!

Also, what do you mean you don't have any wheels!? The torch tank cart has wheels, doesn't it? :pinkiecrazy: Not the best option, but you could make a Me 163 style launch trolley!

Gah, just a point I keep making (Feel free to ignore it). Gauss weapons aren't energy weapons, they're ballistic! I understand this isn't a fallout game per se, but back in the day, they were dictated by small guns skill! Bethesda screwed everything up with their chinese knockoff bullshit!

Victoly! A winner is you! And one hell of a spectacular end to the race! Though it does beg the question, just what in the hell were those harriers doing there to begin with? The mystery continues!

Overall though, quite an interesting chapter! I liked the change of pace again. On top of that, it felt more relaxed than the last few chapters. I think it was quite entertaining, and as always, can't wait to see what happens next!

Now for something completely different. not your normal Fo:E story, but I got to love this chapter. It feels holy complete in on itself, and is fun. My only complaint is that there were no art for the other characters, as the red unicorn was the most memorable, and the only one with art. Keep up the good work.

Side note, too bad theirs not a group of Mirage Ponies in Vanhoover, or the team could have just paid them to jump start the repair talisman. ehh little things.

Alright! Looks like they found something really awesome and potentially dangerous! Also Sugar Flare is so creepy.

This is great so far, I really don't like Crash Dive too much though, mostly just the Enclave racism stuff that puts me off. Still liking the story though.

'Well, worst case, whatever I'm aiming at will just end up being -really- dead instead of just pretty dead.'

No shame in a little overkill! Anyway, my thoughts on this chapter are kinda jumbled, but I really did like it. It's good to see the Vanhoover Five(four) back together, and I did have quite the laugh at the back and forth about Gauss weapons. Overall, I thought the chapter had a good balance of action in it, both predictable and (thanks to Night Strike) unpredictable fighting. I had to say, I had a feeling that you wouldn't leave the red eyes of death as the joke it was in Far Harbor, but I wasn't disappointed. Too bad that Bethesda didn't go that way with that quest, would have been a better end to that quest line. But, anyway, loved the chapter, and as always, can't wait for the next one! :pinkiehappy:

Damn, hoping that pony survived the crash.

Plot Intensifies.

I liked this chapter, lots of explosions and such. Also Aerith is freaking hilarious in the way she acts. Everyone is chilling out and she's laying on the floor bundled in blankets.

You know, at the rate that Both Sparky and Strikey are going through the food and drink, they might not have any at all left to load into the Valkyrie in five days anyway! :pinkiecrazy: But a bunker that housed the family of a wartime gunsmith sounds pretty awesome! Gotta be some unique and interesting pieces inside, as well as a whole lotta gunsmithing tool and die sets that I'm sure Sulfur would pay good caps for!

And well, I knew it had to be going too well for them there at the end. Something just had to happen. x3 Though, maybe it was it an accident? I guess I'll just have to find out in the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

6714941 Those Anglerponies actually reminded me of your Sparkle Lurkers, and a battle between them would be great.

7510267 well if that were to be written, it have to be a side story. But I can see them fighting over territory, though luckily it seems they do not share the same nesting habitats. Most likely the basic plot of such a story would involve a new Sparkle-Lurker colony finding themselves be invaded by the Anglers. They be smart enough to find a way to defend themselves (Maybe the Horologic Spear could into play) and track them to the Angler nest, likely a sunken ship. The fun part would be that both can take a hit, so it might be a bit of a slap fight between two high natural defense fighters. But if I were to do this, it have to happen after DotO, and after EQ, in case the Van-hoover five dose kill them all. Both story take place ruffly the same time, and the Lurkers have yet to move out from the Islands.

This is 427 thousand words. It has 25 likes. You sir, have some dedication. Salute to you, even if I might not ever read it, let alone finish it.

Hispano!!! This chapter is full of surprises, and things to look forwared too. To bad for Hopevill, but on the pulse side, guns, glorious guns. Nd once again, love the crossover :pinkiecrazy:

"They’re not going to start slinging theirs around unless they want to be on the receiving end of several themselves, right?"
Yes, because nothing bad has ever come from ponies relying on C.A.R.E. as a deterrent! :pinkiecrazy:

In case you might not know, it is ill-advised to be on the OUTSIDE of aircraft while in flight, whether it's moving at near supersonic velocities or not! But now all I can hear in my head is the voice of a stewardess on a commercial flight giving an announcement: "Please use caution when exiting the Valkyrie, as Hispano's stored above may have shifted during our short flight. Thank you for flying Vanhoover Five Airlines."

"We're the good guys, batshit insane stuff is just one of our occupational hazards." You said the thing! :pinkiehappy:

Overall, I quite enjoyed the chapter! I was glad to see Static actually getting to go on an adventure again, as it's been awhile since he's done anything like that! Plus, there's a lot to come with Cerberus, I can tell that much, but it's quite nice to get some more development about them! Still, I got the feeling that the machines weren't so much sentient AI, as more piloted through telepresence or something? I mean, I could be wrong, but a whole mountain base of full of robots seems like it's going to be a bit of a hard upcoming fight for the Vanhoover five!

Plus, Jean and Hispano just get all my love. :pinkiecrazy: Can't wait for the next chapter! :pinkiesmile:

"I prefer to say that we just keep things interesting for everyone else..."
Well, considering everywhere you go there's an average 1000% increase in 'kilotons used per day' of explosives measured, I'm pretty sure that's quite the understatement!

"Maybe they’re trying to develop some kind of mega death robot that can throw the megaspells around by itself?"
Yeah, but I'm pretty sure static there would be too enamored by the face laser to bring himself to harm an energy weapon of that size and potency!

"Or, uh, maybe they're using the railroad cannons to make some sort of super-tank, or something?”
Yes, because a Landkruzer 1000 would be the best vehicle to have! Death and destruction at 8kph... until it's realized that it's too wide to maneuver through mountain passes and valleys...

This was a fun chapter! Lot's of running around and revisiting old characters, and so much planning! Still, it's going to be a hell of a fight for them, and I can't wait to read it! Though, I can't help but think that it's going to be five minutes after Cerberus is defeated that the TOG is going to actually show up. x3 Can't be helped though, she wasn't designed for speed! Though, maybe it would have been faster to make her watertight and sail her down...

It's nice to see a FoE story that isn't littered with typos, plus one whose author has so much determination to write despite the less than fair ratings. Kudos to you there, sir; you are an inspiration!

I know the pain of trying to write a Fallout crossover and putting your heart and soul into the tale, only to get unexplained hate and downvotes for it. Hence I hope that my thumb up can help your story achieve what you want it to. Because frankly, you deserve it more than most people.

Well, thank you for the kind words! Truthfully, I'm not too concerned about ratings - people will like and dislike what they like and dislike, nothing you can do for it. They don't really help much anyways in the larger scheme of things, would much rather if people who're actively reading and still following along would leave comments a touch more frequently, so we've an idea on how people are liking the developments in the tale. As you could probably tell from the timestamps on the comments here, frequency kind of has dropped off in recent days, save for a select few.

We write this because it's fun, and to tell an entertaining story first and foremost - just wish people would more freely let us know if we're still reaching that goal.


Alas, such always seems to be the curse when one publishes stories for free for the general public to read. The enjoyment for writing them is lovely, of course, but as you say it's nice as well to know that people appreciate what you do. I always think, it would be lovely to actually have people tell you what they like and dislike specifically. Once again, though, it just goes to show your passion for your work.

Good chapter! :pinkiehappy: Thought, I hope you not gonna focus story on that "big scale" fighting. Dragons.. canons.. bla bla.. :ajsleepy:
Adventures! :rainbowwild:

Nice to hear from ya again! Don't worry, much as it is a big grand war siege with loads of tanks, planes, and a heavy cruiser, we've got some interesting stuff planned so it won't only be descriptions of robo-dragons taking AP and HE shells to the face. Not gonna be able to move tanks through the valley with all those bunker turrets still in play after all, and they'd be able to land shots on us well before we could on them - and bombing runs against them are a bit out of the question, with it being so close to Fort Maple and their AA guns.

I'll just say, Static won't be retiring his stealth suit anytime soon!

there alredy making armer out of the angler ponys, damn do the critters grow fast.

While I can kinda understand what Crash Dive is saying, I have to agree with Scouring. Plus, Crash HAS to know through her time on the ground that the rangers aren't as bad as some of the other ranger groups out in the wastes. I mean, what's that old saying? Better the devil you know?

'We wouldn’t need the electronics, and more than likely anything they have running the place would be fried by them.' - True, but I'd think in a world of megaspells, and assuming the devices survive the blast itself, they'd have hardened most military electronics against EMP sorts of effects. Though, some of the old things like motors powering the hydraulics for the turrets would PROBABLY not be specifically hardened, so those could burn out.

'Well, I mean, actual boat-boat, not flying-boat.' - Or landship, in the TOGs case!

'Certainly wouldn't be ideal, but I'd assume you'd just start wailing on them with your sword at that point, Jack.' - Drive me closer! I want to hit them with my sword!

'more plasma raining n from overhead' - I think you're missing something here!

'As I followed its gaze, Royce was hovering in mid-air, aiming her beacon rifle towards the mechanical beast.' Ooooo! I'd been wondering where they'd gotten to in all this!

You know, I will say this: For keeping track on when the Valkyrie is flying all over the place and requiring them to tell them about taking off and suck, you'd think Fowler would give out more calls about incoming robo-dragons...

"Y-yeah, we're good, nothin' we haven't dealt with before, eheh..." - Surely, Static, you don't have to tell that to Merlin and Royce!

"Nnf, not exactly first class back there," - Yes, but it's probably a LOT more comfortable than riding around on TOP of the Valkyrie!

Overall, I quite liked this chapter! Cerberus is fighting back, and I'm sure that surprise attack on Maple station isn't going to be the only trick up their sleeve. Though to be honest, if I'd been the commander of a secret force that noticed a large number of tanks gathering over a few days, and a wartime cruiser with range to hit you suddenly able to travel again, I'd be more than a bit worried. Still, lots of action and plenty of fun this time around! As always, I'm looking forward to the next chapter! :pinkiehappy:

Huh so We got a mare who's just like Dakka loving pop, and I don't really have much of an opinion on Static yet. I guess I need to read more to Garner one

Yowch! That serpent did quite a bit of damage to the Cadance. Though, I did say that it was a bit surprising that they'd throw depth charges under their own ship. x3 A last ditch effort to get it away, I understand, but that could have gone horribly! That being said, I'm glad it didn't!

Also, hey, I know that convoy! They're a long way from home, but they've almost made it just in time for the finale! Also, I'd forgotten that Rolling Tracks was with them. It'll be good to finally have the whole gang down there and steam rolling right towards Cerberus!

That... was a bit unexpected. They take a few flack hits and they want to surrender? I don't know if I should think they're smart or cowardly. x3 Then again, pretty on par for Enclave soldiers. Probably never expected to even get in a fight when they joined up, and they've had the advantage this whole time.

"Whose design idea was that to have the shells exposed in the first place, anyways?" You know, I kept asking myself that whenever I was in the bunkers in Battlefield One. I get that they didn't really do safe stowage in WW1, but come on! You're just asking for trouble storing them that way.

Honestly, I'm surprised Night waited that long to beat the crap out of those pilots. Though I can't say I'm surprised, given what she thought happened. Plus, the easiest way to make someone reconsider how smug they're being, is to beat the crap out of them, so maybe they'll think a bit about how crazy these 'lowlifes' can be before they talk back again.

Hmmm, Mad Jack is off to war, but missing? Did you check all the roads that lead to the zebra lands? I'm sure he's on one of those, and has already planned out his acceptance speech for when the Zebra surrender.

So! Overall a good chapter! I mean, other than those unfortunate sailors who got a but crushed and crunched up in that robot sea serpent attack. And though their fight has good sort of smoothly for them so far, I can't wait to see how this all gets wrapped up! :pinkiehappy:

First off, Congrats on finishing Empty Quiver! :pinkiegasp:

It's always such an odd feeling, getting to the end of a story. The conflicting idea that you're happy that everything's worked out, but that there's nothing left to be told now. Still, thank you two so much for the fun story. It's been one hell of a ride, and I can't wait to see what you guys have planned for your next one. I really want to say more about it, but I'm just kinda... speechless. :pinkiesad2: It's going to take me some time to even process that it's over in the first place, but even so, I look forward to the epilogue.

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