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Gamma Deekay


At the end of the war, after the blast of balefire tore his city asunder, a ghoulified Zebra is left to question if his actions were right, and if his punishment is as fitting as the stars have implied it to be. He will have to fight for his life after losing everything, but is there really something left to hope for in the hellish lands that he inhabits, or will he be doomed to an existence of suffering for his sins?

A short Fallout: Equestria sidestory written in an attempt to see how I can do without some of the things I always rely on with a normal fic. I would love to hear any sort of feedback on it, positive or negative, but overall I hope you enjoy it all the same.

Here's a fantastic reading of it done by Plagen Shiki over on youtube if you want to listen along!

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Yeah, I didn't have an editor for this before posting it, much like my other short story. I've made the grammar corrections, and I moved the mention of his sons up. I'm considering exactly what I could add for the flashbacks, but it might take some time to figure it out. :pinkiehappy:

But I'm glad to hear you liked it otherwise!

:fluttercry: <------ That's how I'm feeling right now. Well done on the feels factor, Gamma Deekay. That's a brilliant and unexpected way to end this short story. The depth of emotion displayed just through their actions alone was worth at least 1000 words. :rainbowderp: I don't even know how you managed to pack this much emotion into one short story. Did you steal the plans for the TARDIS or something? :twilightsheepish: On a scale of 1 to 10, the emotional force of this story is a balefire bomb. Well written and well done! :rainbowdetermined2:


I'm glad that you enjoyed it, along with many thanks for all the kind words! But yeah, if you haven't noticed, I do tend to have a lot of bittersweet in my stories. :pinkiesad2: I find that those are always the stories that end up resonating with me the most, so I'm glad that I could present you with something that conveyed it meaningfully! :heart:


Your bittersweet stories resonate really well with me too. It's exactly how I like my chocolate as well. :rainbowwild:

Nice one! *Claps*


Thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it, as well as remind me that I needed to link the audiobook to it on the page here. :pinkiecrazy::heart:

As a fan of those lovable little zombies, this is an immediate favorite but damn.. this... just damn. It hits in the feels :fluttercry:

Ill come back and say more later...


Well, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Even if it's a little rough at the finish... :pinkiesad2:


Yeah, but it was a good read :pinkiesad2:

I loved this. I would also love to read an alternate ending where these two characters live for a while longer, or a story of them taking place a hundred years in the future where their relationship growth (or lack of) can be seen. Obviously an emotionally realistic fallout story wouldn't have a happy ending, but I'm just curious to see what would've happened to them if they had survived. But I still loved this story exactly the way it is :heart:


Yeah, I hear what you're saying. :pinkiehappy: It's something I've considered with pretty much all of my oneshots, but considering I don't tend to do a lot of happy endings with my stories, it's hard to justify continuing them. :pinkiesmile: Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it, and feel free to give any of my other stories a read! Plenty more fun characters to follow in those!

Is good! Thanks for writing.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :pinkiehappy:

Another enjoyable little story. With this completed I have now read all your FIMFic stories. Thank you for writing them and putting them up here to enjoy.

Thank you for taking the time to give my stories a read, and I salute your dedication! I also hope you stick around, because I've still got more coming in the future! :pinkiehappy:

I haven't read the original Fallout: Equestria in over a year but this feels.............................................. like a pampered brat wrote it.

I loved it heck I think you should addon to it I do notice there's not may FoE stories that has a zebra Main character

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