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Rollem Bones


Curtain Call is a salvager with an entertainer's heart and a con-artist's mind. He's already carved a niche for himself in the wastelands of Equestria. However, an act of bravado and unthought mercy forces him into rebuilding his life. Maybe for the betterment of himself, and maybe for Equestria, if just a small part of it.

Cover art by Julep. See his work here.

Chapters (10)
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YAY! Curtain Call! :pinkiehappy: Resurrection of FoE:salvage? :pinkiecrazy:
Where tha fuck is FoE part in story's name? :ajsmug:

Much more eloquent this time around, although the minor errors are distracting. It is also my personal belief that you could have a better transition between narrative scenes than a hash, honestly, give your readers some credit we're smarter than you think. :twilightsheepish:


The hash isn't really my thing. It's actually a page number that gets stuck in when I compile documents in Scrivner. I didn't notice it until it was brought up to me today. I've made a few little edits to clear out a handful of typographical fuckups.

Why? Why dd salvage get restarted? I missed ny previous messaging about he subject


Several reasons. Mostly I never intended for Salvage to return. Somehow along the way I got it in me to bring the story back and hopefully improve on the mistakes I made the first time around. This is also why I suggest people follow my tumblr: The Desk of Rollem Bones I tend to post things there.

Ohhhh yeah i just dont do tumbler too addicted to Facebook already but hey guess I'll reroll over this series and see if we can play a game of spot difference

Yeah, new version is shorter. I like it! Though, would be good to see changes in actually plot. :ajsmug:


I'm curious as to what you mean by a change in plot.

Caught a small error. I think.
"A floating healing bounced off my nose." -> "A healing potion bounced off my nose."


Noted, and fixed. Thanks.

I see that you used that name suggestion I gave you way back =P .

An interesting start. May want to put some dividing lines, though, instead of pressing enter 2-3 times.


Terribly sorry but I'm afraid I don't remember your suggestion. I wrote this chapter in February or March of 2012 and I'm not usually one for taking suggestions without credit so I'm curious.

3206126 Oh, maybe I'm the one who is mistaken. I remember someone asking about what they should name their character in a FOE group thread.

Just thought I'd pop in and say this rewrite has certainly given me a good excuse to revisit an old story I'd lost all hope of seeing more of. You're story was actually one of the very first FoE sidefics I read and I thoroughly enjoyed it due to fun characters and an gradually thickening plot I found interesting. So it's been fun reading the story again. Hard going through the hotel fight again, knowing what would happen. So far the story seems to be following the same pace and points of the original. Have to admit that, while I've enjoyed the re-read, I haven't seen enough difference to know if it really warranted rewriting, rather than just revising the chapters you already had. Still, I'll be looking forward to more of this and can't wait until you catch up to where you were.


Big comment. Thanks, Vex, and you're right about it really being more a revision than a re-write. The changes that were made are heavier in the earlier chapters as much of them were rewritten to bring them into line with the actual characters and story.

Little secret, I literally wrote the first three chapters in an insomniac binge and posted them with little more than having one person look at the first one while I was doing the posting. No plans, no ideas, just something to get out on paper.

I'm really glad to hear thoughts like how it was hard going through the hotel fight knowing the outcome. I like to hear what's going on in reader's minds with the work. It's so much more interesting and bolstering as a writer than just yays or nays.

Keep going pal, it's not far away from point where you stopped story last time. New version are easier to read. :twilightsmile:

OH, no problem, we reading this. :twilightsmile:

Oooh. Cool chapter! He did some goddes fuckin good! :pinkiehappy: Isn't he? :trixieshiftright:
How I remember this is the point, there you stopped last time? Keep writting it. :twilightsmile:

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