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Clear Shot's life takes a turn for the worst when an act of evil befalls his family. In a desperate act of vengeance, Clear sets out to rid the Equestrian Wasteland of the scum that inhabit it. Along the way he must learn that he can not do it alone.

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An interesting concept, I'll have to look into it later. As for you, welcome to the community! By creating this fic you have entered a group of pure awesome , and for that I welcome you... again.

Have fun writing your fic, and good luck! :twilightsmile:

- Noakwolf

pretty good story you've got here, not much in the way of major criticism I can give because I can't find much to complain about
one thing to watch out for is the addiction and possible recovery plot line (which I can see coming even from here) seeing as Clear Shot is now addicted to cigarettes, given the 'Big Three' FO:E fics (the original, Project Horizons, and Heroes) all have a character dealing with/is trying to recover from an addiction, Lilpip and Party Time Mint-ats, P-21 and Med-X, and Silver Star/Hired Gun and Med-X, us readers have seen this plot line plenty of times, so be careful that you don't stray into cliché territory (well arguably you're already in cliché territory for including the addiction in the first place)
another thing: a Stable which apparently isn't some kind of (twisted) social experiment set up by Stable-tec? that's not possible! :pinkiecrazy: unless we've yet to see the effect of it because he hasn't interacted with any civilized ponies not from his town...

stringtheory's last point is a valid one, and one I hadn't considered. Just so anypony random knows, I'm their editor, Shikari. :twilightsheepish: I think developing the Stable is something we'll have to consider as a plot point... Mach and Whisper didn't even think about it. :derpytongue2: I loved it even before I fixed all the grammar and spelling. Glad to see it's turned out so well. :yay:

1040546 maybe they are trying to say drugs are bad mkay

looking towards the next chapter really like this :yay:


thank you for the welcome. :pinkiesmile:


I didn't think much on stable 50. I did decide to make it one of the control stables but after some thought, I have a plan. as far as addiction goes, I have no comment as what I have planned is a spoiler. :raritywink:

On that note, glad to see everyone enjoying the fic. :pinkiehappy:

It's nice to see so much interest, thanks for all the welcome and the constructive criticism. I'm glad to see everyone enjoying the fic too. ^_^

Might i say this is an awesome Fic good work. I really love this as you can picture the story in your head. I really love on how you brought in the characters :twilightsmile:

hurry up with chapter two! I can't wait any more!:flutterrage:


I do apologise with the delay, now is just the time that all my assignments are due so they've taken priority. Also I did post a blog about (sadly a month ago :fluttercry:) where I stated that my laptop's hard drive actually died, so that really set me back. I do have some good news though and that is that I'm currently half way done with the chapter and I have a full week off university so you can expect this next chapter within the next week. :pinkiehappy:

good chapter looking towards the next

You said you don't have many views, :twilightoops: You made this the September 30 and you have 200 views. That is pretty fast as compared to some other stories, so don't freak out man. :twilightsmile:

- Noakwolf. (P.S. I did read the story and it was actually pretty good! :pinkiesmile:)

oh very good go kill some slavers :yay:

2212487 Glad to hear you're enjoying the story :twilightsmile: with Barrel, it's not that i forgot about her it's that Clear sort of did, plus the three of them, Clear, Bolts and Moonlight were wounded and need to get back to town to have their wounds checked out. With events, sadly it really did turn more into New Vegas than i would have hoped but i'm slowly moving away from that, i have many ideas planned (trying not to spoil anything XD). I am going to be working more with Clear's personality through the fic and there will (spoiler alert) come times when he does have to make difficult decisions. As days go by i find myself thinking of more things i can add to the story so that i won't run short. All i can say is keep reading and enjoy :pinkiehappy:

another good chapter, sad what happened to her and her foals though

2494928 Indeed, but there must be conflict and Clear is at the point where he must make some hard decisions, without them there'd be little character development.

Man still sad that happened to the foals :fluttershbad: but still a good chapter :yay:

2812707 The revolver didn't work because it only holds 5 rounds and Clear fired all 5 back in the mine. So instead of reloading and killing himself there, he took it as a sign to keep fighting. :twilightsmile:

Oh a pegasus without a Dashite brand below the clouds that left the Enclave. I like it.

3050990 Thanks :twilightsmile: I thought it would be something interesting to add. But what plans will it bring her in the future?

So they found Clear's ancestors home. Good chapter again :twilightsmile:

3422414 Clear's ancestors are from Stable 50 which was explored in chapter 4. This is a new stable that has some... interesting inhabitants.

3422749 Oh yeah forgot that lol

3514116 they haven't really had the chance to look through the pockets of raiders and slavers in the past, as opposed to in actual fallout where most people take everything from the corpse of the person they just killed XD

Starry has a dark blue coat coat an mane, much like the night time sky... and it's only now that I realise that in my head she looks like Luna... bollocks...

Clear has a beige coat, brown mane and silver eyes (covered that in the first chapter XD)

as for the stable, no radroaches but something infinitely more troublesome

Well at least they killed those clones before they could kill anymore ponies, also sad that Infinity died, good chapter again :yay:

So glad to see that Mach left in my little addition to Bright Light's journal! :rainbowlaugh: That really was one of the worst puns I've ever heard, dear. :pinkiesick:

Gotta say, these fucking cliffhangers are gonna be a lot worse now that I'm not prereading. :flutterrage: Also, be careful! Don't want to be modelling this too close after Littlepip's stint in Fillydelphia. :raritywink:

Even so, great chapter and I'm looking forward to the next one!

I'm sorry, but I find it funny that the Editor's Note has typos when he's supposed to be helping Mach with spelling and grammar issues. Definitely a solid chapter. Clear's really shaping up to be quite the badass. MAJOR bonus points for basing Crimson Spark on Elizabeth Bathory. I absolutely LOVE the mythology surrounding her. However, I did see some very easily fixed typos that were not corrected in the story proper. Wonderful job for the most part, Whisper. Just be a little more thorough next time!

Good Clear killed Crimson :twilightsmile:, and that one mare died didn't she? Also I figured the raiders would turn on the slavers after she died, good chapter again :yay:

Now to kill White

Holy Jesus Balls this deserves more views. Not like it has any less than it needs. :3

4900239 Haha, thanks. Hope you enjoy and continue reading!

I am a dedicated reader. I am a teen. Ok, really, does anyone give a SHIT about my description?! Really? This was one of those stories that got me through 9-10th grade. SPOT FUCKING ON MY DEAR FRIEND. SPOT THE FUCK ON.

Your book has been advertised on the new facebook group page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/foebooks/ :)

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