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A group for fans of everyone's favourite marching band leader! Even though she wasn't given much screentime in Friendship Games (CHS Rally song and an end credits photo), with her adorable design, cool baton and cute buns on her hair, she was able to capture the hearts of a lot of fans such as myself. Her name was given by Hop3l3ssRomantic in his/her story A Dash of Harmony. Tennis Match Fan calls her "Candy Stick" :unsuresweetie:. On Derpibooru, the band leader is also known as ''Sweeten Sour'' (seriously) and ''Majorette'' (they were clearly out of ideas). The artist of this picture right here gave her the name ''Twizzle Twirl'', describing her as ''the baton twirler'' (which is a perfect presentation of her character actually :twilightsmile:);

Speaking of this pic, can we have a love triangle shipfic about them please? :pinkiecrazy:

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