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First: This is strange.
Second: It's odd.
Third: I created a pentagram using friendship.
Fourth: It's still strange.

I'm almost done with this game, and I was wondering what the last two achievements are (excluding the achievement you get for unlocking all the others).

The two I'm missing, again excluding the achievement you get all the others, are the first two from the left in the row third from the bottom.

Since the new week dawned
A new group has spawned
In New Groups it was added
To gain the deserved credit
For fresh it was, indeed
The new group, oh so sweet

I found that setting an autoclicker to 25 clicks per second nearly triples my :pinkiesmile: production.

Smiles Available: 840.321 septillion
Total Smiles: 1.194 octillion
Smiles Per Second: 168.895 sextillion
Pony Clicks: 75513
Smiles Per Click: 15.977 sextillion
Buildings Owned: 1231
Time Played: 5:39:45
Muffins: 156

6.523 octillion smiles
11.244 septilllion SPS
23 Ponies. Favorites are Night Glider, Princess Luna, Daring Doo, Coco Pommel, Cadence, both Spa Sisters, and Trixie.

The Dazzlings, Lyra, Pinkie, Chrysalis, Applejack, Flim and Flam, Scootaloo, Trixie, Cadance, I think I got a regular changeling too, and a bunch of others.

397213 That's awesome! :pinkiehappy: Which ponies?

i have 20 ponies and over 25 sextillion smiles.

My ponies so far are Pinkie Pie, Aria Blaze, Aloe, Zecore, Doctor Whooves, Flam, Dinky, Coco Pommel, Amethyst Star, and Princess Luna! :pinkiehappy: My smiles are 36.790 million! What about the rest of you?

  • Viewing 1 - 11 of 11