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Compass, a happy maintenance technician and resident of Stable 52, uncovers an unbelievable secret hidden deep within the massive shelter that he calls home, and is forced to confront a mystery that has gone unsolved for over two hundred years:

On that fateful day, when Equestria needed him the most, where was Doctor Whooves?

This fanfiction is based on the immersively epic Fallout Equestria by Kkat. You can read Fallout Equestria by Kkat on Equestria Daily

The Fallout: Equestria logo used in the cover art was designed by DotRook and, according to his original deviantArt post, he allows usage in supplementary materials created for and associated with the series. Images really do make a difference, so, due to his awesomeness, he has my deepest gratitude.

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Congratulations on starting your story! :coolphoto: I'm honored to have inspired you to write.

Keep with the story, and don't mind the trolls. :raritywink:

It looks interesting, I'll definitely take a look at it.

Also, upvoted for the sake of balance. Not like these trolls read it before downvoting it anyway :pinkiesmile:


That bedroom scene was plain evil :P

And, crossing into Dr Whooves territory? Interesting :3

Not bad, an enjoyable read so far. I have a habit of downplaying praise, but my saying that this made me laugh (at the chess part) is rather high praise. Keep up the good work, looking forward to next chapter. :moustache:

Also, ignore the trolls. Some pony's just don't want to watch the world burnt.

Triple crossover, eh? Sounds intriguing, certainly, as does finding out precisely how Compass went to the dark side. I look forward to seeing where you go with this.

322442 Trolling according to Urban Dictionary: "Being a prick on the internet because you can. Typically unleashing one or more cynical or sarcastic remarks on an innocent by-stander, because it's the internet and, hey, you can."

No one is trolling, they're just stating that there's too many FO:E spin offs. If you go to the searchbox and type in "Fallout Equestria" you get almost 70 results on this site alone. That's not even counting all the other numerous ones in existence. People are just expressing that it's getting tiresome to see a new spin off released every day on this site, and several others.

I enjoyed your original story and all, but this is getting ridiculous.

322445 I did not down vote it. And no one is trolling. Trolling implies that they're doing something for the sake of pissing people off, when in reality what's happening is they are expressing resentment towards something that they legitimately do not agree with.

I really find it strange that all followers of the FO:E side stories are convinced that anyone that is tired of the literally almost ONE HUNDRED spin offs is a troll. Is that how you guys justify making more of this stuff? Is it not possible to legitimately not like it?

323514 So, ruining a story's ratings without reading it, and subsequently posting hateful comments condemning a story for nothing but its setting, knowing it will piss off the people caring about that setting, is not trolling? And don't answer saying "I didn't downvote it", because those people DID.

As for the "being tired of spinoffs", really, look at this entire site. It's thousands and thousands of spinoffs of MLP:FiM. How are FOE sidefics any different? FOE is an interesting setting, so people write fan fiction of it. If that needs to be justified, how do you justify ANY MLP fan fiction, then?

Simple truth: when people like a fictional setting, they write fan fiction of it. KKat made a very interesting setting with lots of undefined areas in it, ready to be filled up by whoever wants to write them. Is it so surprising, then, that that's just what happens?

Really, I've heard all of YOUR tired old arguments before, Mist. None of them were valid back then, and none of them are valid right now. Stop messing up another author's comments page just because you got some weird grudge against FOE.

Those comments were left solely to piss people off, it was a troll. How many Friendship is Magic stories are there on this site? I can understand a few, but this is getting ridiculous.

I think all these people writing My Little Pony stories should be more creative. You know, not re-using the mane 6 yet again. Maybe some original characters? I mean, seriously, yet another Twilight Sparkle story? Been done how many times? Why doesn't anyone write stories with their own original characters? Oh Crap, I forgot, they do! In Fallout: Equestria stories at least.

323660 I never said anything hateful, nor did I down rate the story (I said this), and you have no evidence to support that these other gentlemen did either. You're drawing conclusions. I praised the original and I stated that I grow tired of spin-offs, which clearly I'm not alone. That's not hateful, just an opposing opinion. I never said anything like "this is bad and you need to kill yourself." or anything like that. I kept it relevant and clean.

You also have no evidence that these people didn't read it either. You can assume so, and you may be right, but don't base your judgment off of that assumption. Let's try and remain civil here and not spew petty insults towards each other.

The "setting" is a part of the story and is a part of the concept. And one thing can ruin an entire story believe it or not. If someone expresses they don't like the setting or that it's over-used it's not trolling, it's stating a legitimate opinion, one that just happens to make some people angry. It's not doing it intentionally though, it's just voicing a viewpoint. Trolling is when you're saying shit just to piss people off with no purpose, and most of which you don't even believe in. That being said, not liking a setting is a perfectly good reason to not enjoy a story. I am not a huge fan of westerns, so I generally avoid reading them. So not liking a story because you do not enjoy its setting is perfectly valid and justifiable. I wouldn't expect you to enjoy a western if you hated westerns now would I?

You've used the "justification upon justification" argument before, and really it's not valid. You're just coming up with ridiculous reasons as to why you should ignore something that goes against your standpoint. The difference is clear: One is fan fiction, the other is fan fiction about fan fiction. With every interpretation we get farther from the original point. It's a matter of originality really. Sure all of the stories on this site are spin-offs of MLP, but the difference in originality is that they try to do it in several diverse ways. When you just keep rehashing the same interpretation again and again it gets stale. And it's not that big a surprise that people are getting tired of the same thing over and over enough to where they express their opinion on it.

I honestly have no grudge against FO:E, as I said before I enjoyed the original story. I am also glad that it inspired people to write, good for them. And within moderation I would be more than happy to allow it here on FiMFiction. That's the key word though: within moderation. There is a new one literally every day, and it's taking attention away from other stories because they are flooding the front page. The site is for fan fictions about MLP, not fan fictions about Fallout: Equestria. I'm happy to have them here, but not when they are being produced at such an alarming rate. All I ask is people 1. Slow down, and 2. Consider making your own fan fiction based upon your own setting. World building is an important skill to have as a writer, and you get a lot more experience when you do the work yourself.

Like I said, I don't hate FO:E, I don't know why you keep insisting that. I don't even "hate" the side stories. What I do not "like" is that they are being pumped out without much thought anymore and are crowding the site. If they were to be produced in reasonable amount and of reasonable quality, I'd have no issue with them. But it seems like a lot of them are just being made to capitalize off of the success of the original.

You have every right to defend your stories, but to just blatantly say that people who are against them are "trolls" is childish.

"I never said anything hateful, nor did I down rate the story (I said this), and you have no evidence to support that these other gentlemen did either."
I come here seeing this story with 3 downvotes and 2 comments attacking its setting without giving a single comment on its content. I don't need 'proof', I can draw my own conclusions, thank you very much.

"If someone expresses they don't like the setting or that it's over-used it's not trolling, it's stating a legitimate opinion, one that just happens to make some people angry"
Nonsense. I don't go registering on Harry Potter or Twilight fanfic sites and go posting on random stories there that I hate the fact they write fan fictions for that setting. Because that's trolling. It's posting an opinion with the full knowledge that you'll do nothing but piss people off, by giving an opinion when you could've just done the polite thing and ignored it, because you're not interested in reading it anyway. Since you're so obviously not interested in reading FO:E side fics, kindly stay out of their comment threads, too.

And if you talk about moderation, please, waste your time condemning one-page pieces of crap like "Fluttershy gets raped and the universe ends" (I WISH I was making that one up, but I actually saw that title appear on the front page) rather bashing well-written stories that show potential.

323748 "Consider making your own fan fiction based upon your own setting."
So, no more My Little Pony fan fiction, right? Damn lazy writers can't create their own setting.

323799 There's something we can agree on. Those garbage troll fictions I do not support, and I have voiced against them as well.

I shall say this now so that it is made clear: I liked Fallout: Equestria. I think Kkat is a talented writer, who if she decides to go professional shall go far. I think her universe is very interesting, and expansive. I actually thought the first two or three side stories I saw (Project Horizons and I can't recall the other ones) were interesting as well, and it was fun to see her universe expanded upon within those stories. I thought it was noble of her to allow people to expand upon her universe. I do not have anything against Fallout: Equestria or the spin-offs.

That being said, I have grown to be less fond of the spin-off craze, but I am still not against it entirely. I WILL tell people who make stories that put NO effort forth in the spin off series like this one: Story Link that they need to either try harder or just stop if they're not going to put effort forth at all. But I don't do that to FO:E spin-offs exclusively.

I am merely suggesting some moderation. Surely you too do not like to see stories like the one I just linked. Like I said, if I saw like one every month, or even one every week, I wouldn't feel compelled to say anything. It's the matter of it's happening literally every day and several times a day. This site isn't dedicated to FO:E it's dedicated to fan fiction about MLP, so some diversity within those fan fictions would be nice.

I do not hate Fallout: Equestria, nor do I hold a "grudge" against it, I am suggesting some moderation in making these spin-offs. 4 months ago if I posted something against FO:E I'd have everyone down my throat telling me to take it back, but the fact that there were two other people who actually posted their discontent with it now is a sign that things are changing and the setting is becoming so overly used that people are starting to get sick of it. The more you fight against it, the more sick of it people are going to become.

I'm not going to argue about it. You have your opinion and I have mine. Out of respect I shall leave this dispute and allow you to continue believing what you like and me to continue believing what I like, provided you decide as well to leave it be.

I am giving you the opportunity to get what you wanted: to avoid continuing this debate in these comments. I am giving this to you with the condition of let us both lower our guns and walk away. HOWEVER should you decide to retaliate and return fire, well then it'll be your own fault that it continues, as if you are entitled to a statement I am entitled to a response.

I have explained my reasoning, and I have expressed my opinion why trying my best to remain respectful in this discussion.

We have a difference in opinion, where neither of us can be proven right or wrong. Let us leave it at that and continue on our ways. Now is the time for you to prove to me that your true intent is to protect these stories from arguments in the comment section and being derailed. You know that if you continue with me that I will try to justify my side and in turn shall cause you to justify yours. I offer you the chance to end it here and now by walking away and letting it be an agreement to disagree. Now prove to me that your true purpose is to protect these stories and not just to attack me any chance you get.


Thanks so much Kkat :raritystarry:

I'd just like to say that the universe you've created is an astounding crossover, and I look forward to adding my own little chapter to it :rainbowkiss:

With regard to the negative comments: I'm writing because I enjoy it, and even if there are some who dislike what I'm doing, I'll still love, tolerate and respect anypony who takes the time to peruse my work (I welcome constructive criticism as much as the next fanfic writer).

I hope that you enjoy what's to come. Thanks again, Kkat :twilightsmile:

In fact, a massive thank you to everypony who's taken the time to read and comment on the first chapter of my first ever fanfic :pinkiehappy:


I just read the chapter, and damn you write a lot like me. (only in the 1st person narrative.) I would track this, and it is a REALLy good start, and I wish I had the start you do, but I don't. So anyway, good job! I think FoE is a great setting to start writing in! :twilightsmile:

(My first fic/story is a FoE story. I hope you get the attention this deserves! Good luck!)

P.S. I don't want to track because I have about 300 other things I need to read. :twilightoops:


Thanks for the compliment, man - much obliged :twilightsmile:

I LOVE the HHGTTG series - will definitely take a look at your fic :raritystarry:

And don't worry about tracking - my list's up to 565 unread :pinkiecrazy: so I haven't tracked anything new since just after I registered...

I'm liking this story so far! :twilightsmile: I hope to see the next chapter soon!

Well, you took the time to read/comment on mine, so here I am.

Yay for the Doctor! :raritywink::raritywink:

But seriously, pretty cool stuff here. A bit of understanding as to where the old Doc went on the Last Day would be awesome. I've thought about that myself on occasion. Haters gonna hate. :heart:


Squee. That is all. :twilightsmile:


Thanks muchly, volrathxp :twilightsmile:

I'll be revealing he Doctor's fate in subsequent chapters, so don't worry :pinkiehappy: (I'm looking forward to writing those sections :raritystarry: )

Chapter 2 should be up within days, so stay tuned! (crazy load of university deadlines coming up, so my time is pretty well monopolised by work!)

Also, don't worry about that downvote - some ponies just want to watch the world burn :twilightangry2:

OH MY GOD:raritystarry:
FINALLY, do you know how long i've waited for a doctor whooves/who- fallout equestria crossover.

but i hate to be that guy and say that there are a few mistakes, well one actually.

Every StableTec Stable housed a social experiment. i'm mostly going on my knowledge of the regular Fallout 'verse, and not Fallout Equestria (considering i've only read four or five chapters so far). but no one in the vault (or in this case stable) project had any idea about the social experiments, even the overseers knew nothing about them unless they were scheduled to know. So how does this guy know.

though if im wrong then feel free to ignore me


It's so awesome to know that somepony likes what I'm writing :raritystarry:

I'm aware that the social experiments were kept from the Stable residents, but 52 isn't exactly normal (as subsequent chapters will reveal :raritywink:)

Why do Compass and his friends know, you ask? In a roundabout way, it's actually a part of Stable 52's experiment - on top of improving themselves constantly, they're meant to be the ones that will eventually collate the data from all the other experiments and get started on rebuilding Equestria when the 'time comes'.

I might do some edits to make that more obvious (or include it as a monologue in a subsequent chapter) - thanks for pointing it out :twilightsmile:

Keep going.... we do like it.


I dunno, it felt pretty obvious to me that they were supposed to know about their experiment, if only to continually improve upon the experiment in the first place. To do better, so to speak.

Comments! Don't look into the Time Vortex! It does bad things to you! :derpyderp1:

And the Sonic Screwdriver! I'm sort of surprised you didn't have Compass run down to the TARDIS. I'm surmising that the TARDIS will come into play at some point though.

Well done though!



Thanks for the comments :twilightsmile: Glad you're liking it so far!

Remeber, Compass doesn't know what the TARDIS is yet...but don't worry - he'll be back at the console soon :raritywink:

Fact: in the original Fallout game "Fallout" their was a Dr. Who reference in which you can find the TARDIS and it disappears in a random encounter.
Did you know of this reference and decided to do the story because of it or is it just coincidence?
if you want to see it here is the link.


...that was sooo cool! :rainbowkiss: I never knew about that - cheers, man!

Actually, I got the idea while planning a completely Doctor Who-less FoE sidefic - but I just kept making Who references, so I reworked the story to focus more on our favourite time stallion :twilightsmile:

415466:rainbowderp: well, that is an interesting experiment.

but:twilightsheepish:, im pretty sure, in fact im certain, that the main goal of the social experiments was not to rebuild earth/equestria (the G.E.C.K.S were made for that). but to instead test all possible problems and outcomes of recolonizing in space.

(again, im going on my knowledge as a fallout junkie, and have only read the first few chapters of FE so far, if im wrong and Kkat does things differently, forgive me).


Ah, I see where you're coming from! :twilightsmile:

You're absolutely right - in Fallout, as you know, the original purpose of the Enclave was to recolonise in space, and the Vaults were actually a series of immoral and sadistic experiments designed to allow the elite to survive and successfully prosper following the end of the world.

You're also spot on with your assumption that Kkat did things a bit differently with FoE (since you're not finished it yet, I won't go into specifics - I'd hate to spoil such an awesome read :pinkiehappy:)

The true purpose of the Stables in the FoE universe is outlined on the Fallout Equestria wiki page (http://falloutequestria.wikia.com/wiki/Stable):

"Some stables were designed to mimic and simply preserve life before the war, while many were not. Many stables were modified in the design stage to accommodate different social experiments in an attempt to develop a community or culture less likely to repeat the mistakes of the past. Only Apple Bloom, Scootaloo, and Sweetie Belle knew that these social experiments were in place beforehand."


422626 you have no idea how relieved i am to hear that.:pinkiehappy:

i was worried that FE did the same as regular Fallout, and that compass would go through a mental breakdown because his personal heroes are more twisted and sadistic than cupcakes pinkie can ever hope to be*.

and thanks for not spoiling anything, from what I've read so far it seems like an awesome read. i think when I'm done reading it I'll make my own fallout/my little pony crossover. maybe.

(*I've read most grimdark fics and laughed at the absurdity of them all a bunch of times, and yet i have to force myself to play vault levels on Fallout. mother of GOD, the enclave and vault-tec are twisted:twilightoops:).


I know, right!? That's what I love about the Fallout universe, though. It's the devastation of the world (both physical and moral) that makes it so sad and poignant.

In Fallout 3 (my absolute personal favourite!) I sometimes just wander round the Capital Wasteland with no companions and only the standard backing music playing just for the atmosphere :ajsleepy:

422713 fallout 3 is BEST fallout

and there truly is nothing better than walking down a road, the ruins of a broken and shattered world around you with the Wasteland infront of you and the D.C. ruins at your back, listening to the music of the apocalypse. that is the BEST part about Fallout 3.

wait, scratch that last part, i just remembered that Liam neeson is your dad:rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh:


Agreed, sir :moustache: They should totally get Patrick Stewart for the next one :rainbowlaugh:

Have you ever wondered what your hometown would look like Fallout style? (I for one would love to see a UK version of Fallout, since I live in Scotland :yay:).

422791 i sometimes wonder that.

i think it would look like a slightly larger, cul-de-sac version of Andale. only with a radioactive death forest around it. and overrun with yao guai.

oh Missouri, what are we going to do with you.:rainbowlaugh:

and no we should not just get Patrick Stewart. we should get David Tennant AND Patrick Stewart, and forget the U.K. i wanna see what china looks like after America bombed the living HELL out of it!:rainbowkiss:


Ah, cannibalistic neighbours and mutated bears. :rainbowlaugh: Wait. You live near bears! :pinkiegasp: The worst we have over here is the odd angry fox!

And by god, David Tennant is a good shout for a future voice actor! :rainbowkiss:

You know, I think any country would look good in a Fallout installment :raritystarry: (apart from North Korea, which unfortunately already looks the part :fluttercry:). Would you believe that there's already a Fallout UK mod (creatively titled FUK :trixieshiftright:)? But there haven't been any updates since July last year :applecry:

422895 actually i also live near foxes. and deer, and stray dogs, and a horse farm, and racoons, and groundhogs, and deadbeats, and a lake, and the occasional far away howl.
:raritydespair: i think cannibals would be the LEAST of my worries.

Edit: oh and the train, lets not forget that. if Fallout really does happen, Im SCREWED!


Whoa...that's a lot of wildlife! :rainbowderp:

On the upside, though, you do have legal firearms there, so you'd probably be good in terms of defence (a seasoned Fallout player would do better than others, I'd wager lol :raritywink:)

423055 yeah, that's one good thing about living here. it almost makes up for the abysmally non-existent brony population.
and i think ANY seasoned gamer would prosper in the apocalypse.

it sucks that your country doesn't have legal firearms though.

edit:sorry about that last part, just reread the comments.

Finally a FO:E Doctor Whooves story. And it's GOOD!!! Also quick question, will Compass gain back more of his Time Lord memories??

This story is just... AWESOME!!!


Thanks very much :twilightsmile: It's really nice to know you're enjoying it (Celestia knows it's a fun fic to write :pinkiehappy:)

Tut, tut, tut! Spoilers! :trixieshiftright:

...but, yes - Compass willl be having many more memories/flashbacks (my intention is that they'll become a key storytelling mechanic :twistnerd:)


Aw, wow! Thanks man :raritystarry:

Plenty of excitement's planned for subsequent chapters, so stay tuned! :yay:

452968 Compass is the Doctor right? He dosent just have his memories correct? I'm assuming he is the Doctor because the story said his heart felt like it was beating faster BUm Bum Bum BUm double heartbeat perhapse?


To paraphrase James Cromwell's Dr. Alfred Lanning: "That, Griffomo13, is the right question..." :trixieshiftright:

It's one of my favourite parts of the plot I'm develpoing - the answer is far from simple, but by Luna, I bet you'll like it :raritywink:

461567 well I can't wait for this mystery plot device!!!! I just hope it will get here soon!!!!!

wow, an awesome chapter! Keep it up!

You know I was just thinking today " this story needs to update" and then it did..... And you are awsome!!!!!!! Also FIRST!!!!!

531345 you stole my first.......... Why:fluttercry:

531713 Alot of the stories I read I get first anyway. I dont know why you guys make such a big deal out of it.

531782 I don't actually CARE, it's just fun to 'first' also everypony who reads this comment should go donate to " Smile, Smile, Smile!!!!" because the guys who are doing this are awsome!!!!!


Cheers, man :twilightsmile: Glad you liked it :raritystarry:

Took me far too long to finish, though. Next one will be up sooner (hooves crossed)

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