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Well, I Finally Got Tails of Equestria · 6:09am Dec 7th, 2018

Hey... again hopefully I’ll be around more this time but we’ll see.

So, you all know I love me some Tabletop RPG, well last week a I got my little niece a set of dice to get her into the hobby and just today finally got Tails.

I’m pretty excited, I’m sure it’ll be fun... I hope I don’t screw up GMing like I normally do but it’s a simple enough game.

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I’m More Than Annoyed · 8:59pm Aug 7th, 2018

Well, I’m more than annoyed.

The new Shadowrun matrix book Kill Code has been announced and it had some input from the community.

That’s good, the bad is one particular member.

I’ve ranted before so you probably know where I’m going, Bamce, the stupidest, worst, mod ever, well now he’s officially in a book.

All he does is walk around stomping down anyone that doesn’t play his way, bitching and moaning about how awful the game is and yelling at people to boycott the game.

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Bright Again · 10:55pm May 8th, 2018

I already complained about this but seriously, screw the movie.

The sequel is coming, and a lot of people have the same response, but I’m the one that gets targeted for saying it?

Screw Bright, you are not Shadowrun, you will never be Shadowrun, and if I ran the Union I would time out or ban anyone who brings it up without giving them an actual connection to a good series.

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Freaking Bright, I am SICK of Bright · 2:45am Mar 24th, 2018

So who here actually knows about Bright?

Long story short it’s a generic buddy cop movie from Netflix starring William Smith.


It’s a buddy cop movie, but it has a gimmick, they shove fantasy in because, “Now it’s something special!”

Problem is they explain NOTHING!

Now, why does this movie just piss me the hell off? Because Shadowrun.

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Man, I’ve Been Gone Too Long... · 8:26am Mar 17th, 2018

What is this like the fifth time I’m saying that?

What can I say? I was looking at a few of my old FoE PnP characters, that drew me to the FoE Subreddit, and that linked me back here.

Man, my last blog was forever ago and it was just complaining about Shadowrun groups...

What should I say to begin? I saw that Fallout has its own tag now, that’s kinda awesome how long has that been a thing?

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Is There Such a Thing as a Good Shadowrun Discussion Group? · 8:57am Oct 23rd, 2017

Hopefully I'll be back for good, but then again when don't I make that hope?

Anyway, just here for a bit of ranting, as you guys know I love Shadowrun, great game, amazing setting, but the communities just ugh.

I've complained about the subreddit many times, there aren't any actual rules in place, and has the world's worst mod (who I legitimitly wish I could nuke if that says anything).

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Who Has a Reddit? · 5:28am Aug 19th, 2017

I'm stressed, I'm annoyed, there is a mod that must be stopped.

I love Shadowrun, the Reddit however has one of the worse mods PERIOD!

Bamce is a horrible person, I think I've complained about him before but ugh!

All he does is complain when people don't play his way, tell people how they're supposed to play a Tabletop RPG, complain because he doesn't like something.

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Please, Don't Support the Dead Trees FoE PnP · 4:20am Apr 26th, 2017

So, another case of I'm gone for some time, hopefully this doesn't come to pass again, I really do want to get back into the community, but anyway I'm here with something pretty important.

So, when I was parsing through groups, I saw something in the Fallout Equestria group, namely an indigogo for a Fallout Equestria Pen and Paper...

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Am I Crazy, or Does Minnie's Car Remind Anyone else of three Compact Pussycat? · 8:37am Mar 31st, 2017

So I was being me reading about random Disney stuff, and I learned that Mickey and the Roadster Racers is a thing.

Anyone else think that they may have had some influence from Wacky Races with Minnie's Car, or am I crazy?

For references sake, here's Penelope Pitstop in her Compact Pussycat.

And Minnie's car.

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Anyone Intrested in my Opinions on Maleficent? · 3:43am Mar 27th, 2017

Just wanted to know if anyone wanted to know how I felt about that movie.

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