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The names Earthen Bonfire. My great, great, grandparents created one of the greatest devices of the pre-war world. unfortunately before the unveiling the balefire began. Eventually the Steel Rangers found us and teamed up with the stable's inhabitants. Now the head scribe Cotton Candy and I are alone on a mission that may change our outlook on life, family, and factions.

Written as a tribute to the device that let me truly become a member of the FoE community. LONG LIVE THE KINDLE!

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My name's Skybreeze. I'm a Dashite who has lived my life on the ground on an island with my best friends, another Dashite named Rockcloud and a pink unicorn mare named Kayra. We lived our lives making a raft so all three of us could leave the island. But on the day the raft was ready the Enclive attacked us and we were separated. I awoke and a key shaped sword appeared before me. That's when my true adventure began. One that would bring me and my unusual new team not only across Equestria but across the whole world.

This is a crossover between my favorite part of the Brony Fandom (Fallout Equestria) and one of my top five game series ever Kingdom Hearts.

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Campfire is a caravan leader but his merchandise isn't tangible. He tells stories to scare people. But it's Nightmare Night his biggest night to make some caps and the nearest town is too far away. It start's to rain and him and his team need to hide out in an Asylum supposedly the one the per-war psycho six-six-four-four-two stayed in. But are his demons still in the halls?

I would like to thank doomande for pre-reading it and helping the pacing and Silvertie for helping me with some other minor mistakes. Happy Nightmare Night.

Feel free to mention the characters in this story just give me the credit for their creation and if it's based after this night or during mention that it's non-canonical because I'll be back next year to tie up loose ends. Stay tuned.

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I'm the Storyteller I've picked up stories along my travels and being stuck in a Print Factory I'm going to write them down so that future ponies will know of them.
Any questions for me or suggestions of unknown tales ask or tell me at


Based on Kkat's Fallout Equestria.

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