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I am a video game developer who is trying to write a fanfic as a side project, while wandering the vast wasteland we call the Internet.


A pony warrior is found in the depths of the post-megaspell city of Neo Arcadia. While he may be suffering from amnesia, Zero is determined to fight the evil forces that have arisen in the midst of his absence.
This is a crossover of Kkat's popular Fallout: Equestria with the "Mega Man Zero" video game series.
Thanks to G-Man64 for pre-reading this!

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 21 )

I'm not a mega men fan but ill give your story a try.

Chapter 1 stared out good and hope that the next chapter is too. Do not rush your story take your time. :pinkiehappy:

THIS HAS ALL MY SUPPORT!!! :pinkiehappy:

I've wanted to do a Mega Man Fallout Equestria crossover for a while, just never have.

Have most of the baseline set up though.

Again, ALL MY YES!!!

Hey, I did this idea on an RP, only that I did it with ZX instead. Great minds think alike, don't you think?

Looks interesting. I'll give it a read.

So wait, is it just suddenly ponified and everything?

@Kinky Pie,
Yes. I'm trying to implement the MMZ story and chatacters into Fo:E, with no humans. Sorry if this was unclear. Zero is based of off Capcom's character; Zero is not "visiting MLP" after amnesia.

Yes, I guess they do, Lunar Boy. XD

Thank you so much!

Thank you, I will.

I just looked at your plans.
Wow. You read the Archie comics, didn't you! Nice. And the Bonnes! You really had a great grasp on this.

Quick tip since you're new here, up at the top there's a button that looks like this >>, click it it's reply and they'll be notified that you replied to the comment.

And yes I've read the comic (love it didn't miss a single one till last year (sucks too cause it was halfway through the Sonic crossover :twilightangry2:)), can't wait for the X arc they have planned.

In addition to reading the comic I've seen that 80's cartoon, the fan film, that Wish Upon a Star OVA, read the Mega Mix (best adaptation EVER!), have the Megas first two albums, have the anniversary collection, the X collection, every last Battlenetwork game, Starforce 2 and 3, ZX, have played Legends, have the Zero Collection.

Am I missing anything? What I'm saying is I love Mega Man... A lot.

I've beaten all the NES and GB classic games, Zero Collection, ZX and Advent, Xtreme 2, EXE 3-5, 64, and all SF. I've gotten to the final battles of X1 and EXE 1, and to the final stages of X5.
I admit, though, to using an Action Replay on the Zero and ZX games, but only for unlimited subtanks and weapons.
I read a few of the MegaMix, but I was not used to reading Manga at the time. After finishing the EXE manga, however, I may pick it back up. Most of my knowlege of the Archie comics comes from reading reviews, since I have only one.:twilightsheepish:
Also watched the fanfilm and OVA; the cartoon was too off for me.
Not very good in the X department or regarding EXE 2 and 6, but otherwise fine.
Huge Rockman fan myself.:pinkiehappy:

Always nice to see someone else whose as big a fan as myself.

Honestly if you can get the Mega and Giga Mix, they the absolute best adaptation of classic Mega Man.

I love the comics a lot (mainly because of humorous nods like Light referencing the Megas by saying, "I made you in my image. I built your heart and gave you eyes. I gave you power and a sense of justice beyond any compare... I gave you hands, a child's face... ...heh... Robot hair. But this burden, the burning in your heart I did not put there." or referencing Brentalfloss when Otto asked, "Hey where's 'ol blue and cyan with a gun for a hand? but the best reference was when they were making the Slide function and Light said, "But I still don't understand why it won't work on settings nine and ten." :rainbowlaugh:) and it has amazing moments like during the first arc when Rock goes mad with all the power and begs Light to remove all his weapons even the buster (leading to that Megas reference).

But the Mega Mix, such beautiful story. Right from the beginning when Rock says, "Light make me a combat robot, even if you don't I'll still fight, I will save my brothers!" he knows if he goes out there without anything he'll die, but he wants to help so bad he won't let that stop him.

But undoublity the best part of the entire series, better then when Bass first came on the scene, better then battling the Yellow Devil MK. 2, BETTER THEN THE FINAL FIGHT WITH THE STARDROIDS!

Is Skull Man. Just such a beautiful story, I'm getting emotional just remembering it. :fluttercry:

You thought (well you didn't because you haven't read it yet but I'd recommend it undoublity the best comic arc I've read so far) Spiritus Ex Machina was a good question about robots with souls, trust me the Grim Reaper of Resurrection. THAT'S the freaking story... I think I'll go re-read it just because I love it so much.

Y'know. While I do know the MMZ series I think I can guess what's going to come next. Given that this is a part from the opposing side of view I think I know what's about to happen now.

4645095 Glad to know I haven't scared away someone. Thanks for reading!:pinkiehappy:

Word of advice. You never have a character state that Passy was an Elf so Zero really should have no clue what Passy was in the first place. Might want to go back and edit that just a tad. Otherwise this was a nice twist that I predicted but still enjoyed.

4859307 Ah, I see. But, with them seeing him as a "prisoner", why would they tell him that? Maybe he could get an explanation after he gains their trust a bit....:trixieshiftright:

4860054 It's more the fact that he knew what the creature was called yet he'd only heard the personal name of the Elf, not the species name.

Is there anyone out there who would like for me to continue with this?

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