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This is a group for those of us who are fans of the childish yet interesting TCG series Future Card Buddyfight.

For those of you who haven't seen it yet here's episode 1.


1: Love and Tolrate: If you don't like the premise of a story don't click it, if you don't like Future Card Buddyfight why are you here?

2: Anything on this group must in some way, shape, or form relate to Future Card Buddyfight.

3: Have Fun

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Comment posted by shadow sketch deleted June 3rd

k, just pm me if you need some help

I finished a rough draft but imma keep it for a bit

so you got the information you needed after our game last time? or you need more?

its malcolmknight#6045, what's yours?

Yeah, send me your user and I'll hit you up after I finish cooking

The app or the character?

i have an idea, do you know about discord?

don't worry about it, I can help with the buddyfight parts since I own the deck in my end, we can help each other out

I'mma be honest with ya bro. I haven't kept up with that card game in a long ass time, I'm struggling to get back into vanguard since we're stuck indoors. If it helps I got quite a few other stories if you wanna look at those

i would like to try out

name: Sly burnheart

world: matic world

buddy: grand phantom thief winds herry

I'M IN! i don't know what world i should pick but the name i pick is Alex

Oh yeah btw Im looking for people to be labeled as Villains for my Story if you want to be one let me know and tell me what deck you want to use right now im keeping it limited to Black sun azi for now.
Decks that are taken are Asmodai, GemClone, Adventurer Dungeon, Drum Decks, Wizard, Deathgaze, suzaku shenron, Azi, Bal, Disaster, Miserea, wydar sarkal, Cerberus, Masked Vantage, and Purgatory knights,

Hi guys, I joined at Rainbow The Tank Engines advice as I had just started making a Buddy Fight MLP Crossover Incase you guys are wondering Im kind of a jack of all trades but i main in Darkness Dragon World with Deathgaze as my primary buddy but Azi has always been apart of my life as well. Ive recently picked up laevithan and ive become very intrested in the new Shadow Dragons (kinda obsessed really) But I'm a jack of all Trades when it comes to DDW And i would love to fight all of you on http://buddyfightsim.myseeyou.com/start.php
its a free to play no download necessary buddyfight simulator

admin plz make some folders I have found a story I would like to add to the this group

Anyone want in on a story?
If so please pick your name, world your using and buddy

Grr, Episode 1 ended with a clif hanger and I had to watch episode 2 as well! :trixieshiftleft:

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