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My Little Pony Tell Your Tale Episode 12-13 Review 06/16/2022 · 5:03pm June 16th

A brand-new blog after weeks of silence… yes!

GOOD MORNING, FIMFICTION FANATICS!!! This is the Dramamaster829; critic, actor, writer, motivational speaker, and occasional singer, keeping you up to date with the latest news for Generation 5 and beyond! Initially I had planned to truly offer a ‘spoiler’ review for the ‘Make Your Mark’ special that had come out a few weeks ago. Unfortunately… delays with gathering all the images forcibly is putting any plans on covering my ‘full’ thoughts on the special on hold till further notice…

We’re working as fast as we can!!!

*Pause* Anyways… instead, I’d like to make it up to my fellow viewers by once again offering a ‘double feature’ review of two episodes from the ‘Tell Your Tale’ series that had been released in the past two weeks. Which means I’ll likely won’t cover the more recent episode until another time. With that in mind, we have ‘two’ episodes focusing on two characters from the Mane 5:

Zipp Storm…

Generation 5’s ‘smarter’ Rainbow Dash…


AND… Izzy Moonbow…

Generation 5’s Pinkie Pie… who could ‘totally’ not be replaced.

I’m watching you, mister…

So… with no further delays, we take a look at the twelfth short in the series entitled…

The Game Is a Hoof

The following synopsis for the episode follows, and I quote:

Zipp tries using her detective skills to figure out who took her missing sunglasses.

Now why does that plot sound so eerily familiar?

No one is going anywhere until I get my MP3 player back!!!

Right... Eva... *Shudders* And to think that girl had such potential… well, hopefully Zipp’s a completely different story. I mean she really wouldn’t go that far… oh, who am I kidding? Let’s just move on with the review.


And this is a rather ‘interesting’ way to open up an episode. Sunny and friends enjoying a movie night which if I were to take a guess is likely a nod to the ‘Frankenstein’ movie. Though given that the 1931 version was so well received by critics and audiences, spawning a huge franchise, and its significant impact on pop culture… suffice to say it’s no wonder audiences still find it a ‘scary’, yet ‘enjoyable’ adaptation of the story to watch. It’s enough to make even the boys like Hitch scared to sit through it…

I-I-I-I’m not scared! D-D-Did it just get cold in here?

Somepony needs to be calmer and more collective, and less on the ‘cool’. I mean after all, I’m sure there’s hardly anything scarier in Equestria nowadays…


So, where is it?

Where's... my... FOOD?!?!?!

Okay, okay... it has nothing to do with food. But that being said, it doesn’t take long to get to the meat and potatoes of this episode: Apparently, Zipp Storm’s sunglasses have been stolen… and all her friends are the primary suspects.

The board does not lie!

Phew! Better those guys than me!

YOU’RE NOT OFF THE HOOK THAT EASILY, BUDDY!!! Need I remind you about the 'video game'...


*Clears throat* Anyways… the first of the group that Zipp accuses of the crime is… Hitch Trailblazer?

Sweet Celestia that’s bright!

According to Zipp’s viewpoint, our little investigator and her sheriff companion/possible love interest were going for a walk on the beach earlier that morning… because that’s totally what friends do. Nothing significant about that at all. According to Zipp, Hitch had been lamenting over forgetting his sunglasses at the sheriff’s station.

With these sunglasses, Earth ponies will take over the world!!!


Okay, okay, it wasn’t ‘that’ big… if you want to go with the ‘boring’ version.

Not everything in our show has to be ‘big’, you know?

Not that it would’ve mattered, Hitch confirms that he neither coveted Zipp’s sunglasses nor expressed any desire to steal anything… except maybe a few hearts.

Ladies… you, me… dinner!

Good grief...
Oh Hitch…
Call me!!!

With Hitch out of the equation, Zipp turns to the next likely suspect… her own sister.

I hope this gets a million views!!!

According to Zipp, Pipp once borrowed Zipp’s sunglasses… to stop a malfunctioning mane-washing machine?



Good thing it wasn’t laser eye surgery. Anyways, in Pipp’s defense, she only borrowed the sunglasses at the time due to an emergency. And on top of all of it, she already owns dozens of her own sunglasses… no, no really, she ‘literally’ owns dozens!

Do you have any Elton John sunglasses? I’m asking for a friend…

Drama… the review?

Oh right, right, right! *Clears throat* Seeing it wasn’t her sidekick…


And it certainly wasn’t the prima donna Rarity with wings…

Excuse me?!?!

Zipp instead accuses Sunny Starscout...

This plot is getting old ‘really’ fast.

And Zipp is so sure that Sunny’s the one who did it because…

*Awkward pause* Umm… never mind! Let’s just move on. So out of all her friends, the only suspect Zipp believes to be the culprit is… Izzy Moonbow?

Hello! Hello, am I on the internet?

Now before any pony says otherwise, Zipp does point out some valid points. In nearly every story surrounding her beliefs as to how her friends were culprits, Izzy Moonbow has appeared in every single one of them. Like a little Easter Egg in the background, for whatever reason she’d been taking measurements around Zipp’s head… because that ‘so’ doesn’t mean she’s trying to determine if the glasses fit her head.

No… she’s totally determining if Zipp’s dateable.

Then again, I am reminded of this one animated feature that turned out to be a hit in theaters.

And I would’ve gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for that meddling kid and her grandma!

But when Zipp tries to confront Izzy about her plans, the unicorn suddenly runs away, and a huge chase ensues between friends.

Eventually, Zipp finally corners Izzy, who is left with no choice but to reveal the truth surrounding her behavior: As it turns out, she was preparing a gift for Zipp. And what our little Detective stumbles upon leaves her baffled…

The most beautiful goggles of high-tech proportions a little detective can ask for, hence why Izzy was taking Zipp’s measurements during the whole episode. We're talking night vision...

Ooh, Sam would love this...

Heat vision...

Now that's some burning love, right there...

And... see-through vision? Is that what they call it?

Think I found an inspiration for Halloween.

*Ponders in thought* Hmm...

Don't even think about it!

And for those who didn’t catch that before, this is not exactly the ‘first’ time these goggles appeared in ‘Tell Your Tale’.

It’s all been building up to this moment for weeks to come.

In the end, after Zipp thanks Izzy for the gift and as she tries them out, turns out her sunglasses were under her pillow… the whole time… and she accused her friends for nothing.

Overall… amongst a list of predictable plots, this is an episode that pretty much follows your basic elements. Some item of importance goes missing, the protagonist accuses her friends, various perspectives are shown, the suspect unveils a surprise twist, and turns out that the missing item in question was under someone’s nose the whole time. Does that make the episode less enjoyable? Actually… no. Overall, it is a fun episode and a few moments do offer a few laughs for audiences. As a Zipp episode, it’s as enjoyable as it gets and that’s not such a bad takeaway. It also should be noted this is the ‘first’ episode where Maretime Bay and other ponies do not appear at all.

Probably not enough money in the budget.

And now we move on ahead to the following Izzy Moonbow episode entitled…

Dumpster Diving

*Pause* We’re seriously giving a ‘TTG’ style title for this episode…


Oh, a falling unicorn hurdling towards me...

Urgh… why is it always me?

*Takes a deep breath* While I spend the latest part of my review, the following episode goes as followed and I quote:

Izzy desperately searches for the last piece she needs to finish Sunny’s Maretime Bay gift.

That’s right faithful viewers, it should be worth noting that the events of this episode takes place ‘before’ the events of ‘Make Your Mark’. That took me a while to figure out myself during my first viewing. But after seeing the episode, then watching ‘Make Your Mark’ again, it all made sense. Now, onto the review!

We begin with Izzy Moonbow hard at work rebuilding Sunny Starscout’s old lantern, using various parts around the Crystal Brighthouse.

Now that’s an accident waiting to happen.

I’m sure no pony will miss this.

Finally! We get to find out the identity of the mystery alicorn—


Now some folks may be wondering: Why the hay is Izzy Moonbow just removing a bunch of circular objects around the brighthouse? As it turns out, in order to complete her present for Sunny, she requires a small, ring-shaped part to fit into it. Unfortunately for her, finding that one piece is easier said than done.


Exit, stage right!

Where’s the pony who messed with the shower?!

GAHHH!!! Would you please show a little decency lady?

Drama, we normally don't wear clothes—

I KNOW, I KNOW!!! *Sighs in frustration* Anyways… we find our unicycling friend searching every square inch of Maretime Bay trying to find this ‘one’ piece.

Here we go looby loo, here we go looby light…



Too big...


Too small…

Uh ma’am… I’m married.

Unfortunately, while Izzy is making a huge scene, a rather unfortunate background pony ends up ‘caught up’ in Izzy’s little search party.

Ooh, Posey…

Gimme those loopty-hoops!!!



Sorry, wrong hoop…

One of these days Izzy Moonbow, one of these days…


During Izzy’s search, she notices some animal critters playing with a basketball hope and follows them to the back alley where she stumbles upon an interesting development.

It’s the trashiest aquabatics in all of Equestria!

He's planning a double-twisting interrupted forward-flying 2-and-a-half with a combo tuck and pike. High degree of difficulty.

Suddenly inspired by the critters imitating a televised sporting competition, Izzy gives in to ‘Dumpster Diving’…

God damn it...

Izzy… dives into the trash to search for the ring-shaped part she needs… and thus breaks into a song…

Now I’m free… free fallin’!

Noo… you wish it was that ‘song’. But instead, we receive a song entitled ‘All for the Love of Trash’. Now initially when I heard this song, in my head I was thinking:

Seriously? My Little Pony has been reduced to songs about garbage?

But after carefully listening to the track, while I wouldn’t exactly call this ‘the greatest song ever written’, it’s actually not as ‘trashy’ as we’d think it is. Yes, we see Izzy ‘literally’ swimming about in the garbage…

I’m trying so hard not to make any ‘dirty’ jokes…

But what’s very interesting is how we take a colorful pony and put her in a situation where she praises the benefits of her unicyling to the point she praises the trash like it’s precious treasure. So, when I look at it, it’s kind of like a song made for a ‘Fraggle Rock’ episode or even Oscar’s admiration for garbage…

Hey bub, I get paid for every mention of my name!

*Pause* Anyways… for an oddball of a pony, Izzy truly feels herself at home. A rather ‘messy’ place for sure, but hopefully she washes after that little dive…

I sleep in these candy wrappers. I bundle myself up like a little homeless lady.

Right… eventually, Izzy finds exactly what she’s been looking for the entire time.


Uh, no… but it is precisely what Izzy needs to install into her new lamp.


Wait... I have an idea!

Totally not a ‘Crash Bandicoot’ crystal…

And at last I see the light…

And after a pretty messy, yet active adventure, Izzy has completed the lantern which we shall see eventually be given to Sunny in ‘Make Your Mark’. All is right in the world…


Well… maybe not entirely…

Never fear! Izzy’s here!


*Watches Izzy dive* Yeah... I'm going to let her have this one...

Urgh… overall… while I wouldn’t say this episode defied any expectations any of us were going for, this actually turned out to be a pretty fun episode featuring Izzy on a random search. I wouldn’t say it explains a lot that was happening prior to ‘Make Your Mark’, but the fact she goes above and beyond to create a special present for the first real friend she’s ever had. If you love Izzy Moonbow and her wacky shenanigans, this would definitely be an episode you’d sit around and enjoy. It’s not heavily focused on developing the plot and lore of the series, but it’s all in a matter of good fun. And for a subject dealing with ‘trashy’ matters, this would actually be much ‘cleaner’ than anything the boys at Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon would do… you know what I’m talking about…

It’s not my fault I work for a company that adores toilet humor!

And now, the bigger question remains: What did you think? Be sure to leave a comment below at your earliest convenience.

Until then faithful viewers, this is the Dramamaster829… hit it Izzy! *Cringes* Ow… still hurts to point…

Comments ( 13 )

I enjoyed the Zipp story. I remember plots like that in other tv shows.

I'll admit that the Zipp story is enjoyable to some degree. I wouldn't say it completely stands out as various other shows have tackled this same story before. Some even do it slightly better than this episode I will admit. But on it's own, it is still a fun episode and chalk full of memorable moments fans can take away from this experience.

Zipp's plot looked like it was coming a mile away where no one stole what they're looking for, but just misplaced.

And for Izzy, since this took place before the special Posey is still against the concept of magic and flying, and Izzy chasing after her like a lunatic for her earring didn't help. And I did love her trash song. Soon as I heard it I immediately thought of Oscar.

1. Yeah... we can tell where this story is going from a mile away. It's pretty formulaic, but it doesn't have to be such a bad thing.

2. It makes sense for Posey to still act a slight antagonistic given this episode takes place 'before' the events of 'Make Your Mark'. And while I'm not entirely certain if this song is 'award worthy' or not, anyone who was going in thinking that this song was not going to be anything like the kind we expect in 'Friendship is Magic', this may turn out to be a song that can change people's minds.

Enjoyable episodes id say, Zipp really does make a great detective from what we've seen so far and of course Izzy is being......Izzy (Pinkie still best pony). It always feels like Posey gets the worst of it with certain episodes except its "trolling" instead of karma lol

can't wait to see the review on the latest episode: alicorn problems

but take your time. it's not like you're in a rush or anything

Zipp certainly fits more into her role as a detetive than a princess. I mean I know she's the oldest, but maybe Pipp would be more comfortable in the princess role. Then again, she already has a job of her own in town. To pursue one thing would be to give up another. And Izzy... oh yes, she is what she is. I'm just glad didn't go too 'TTG' and made the swim in the garbage really disgusting... although that would make it more realistic. It would be like betting me a hundred bucks to dive into the trash just to grab some glass bottles to sell for money.

And as for Posey... karma always seems to come for her even when she's just miding her own bleeding business. Then again, it's not her fault that the writers choose to write Posey as so-and-so.

Yes, I am aware the episode did came out. But to cover that review in even less than a week, I require certain elements that make my reviews worth it for readers to come back for more. Of course, I 'will' have a review of that episode eventually. It is just going to take me some time. I like making my blogs very special.

hence why i said. just take your time

it wasn't my intention to piss you off. that's the last thing i want

after all, i like your reviews. even if i don't show it


Well... never mind then. Glad we have an understanding.

same here. have a pleasant morning

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