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Abandoned account. New account: Ink Quill

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Help with Oc · 5:27pm Sep 7th, 2015

I can't find a good name or cutie mark for her. I have her personality, though. Personality: Shy, but friendly. Does art and writing from time to time. This is what I wrote before, on yahoo (because I really need one, FAST!!)

I need a good name and cutie mark for my O.C.

Help please? I also need it for my name on Facebook, twitter, youtube, fimfiction, deviantart, etc. thanks!

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1967271 Here I am after weeks of leaving this account ;D
This is my new account, and the stories on Thefablequestria (previous account) will be rewritten here.. well, maybe just Equestrias Body Swapping Incident.

Final Oc name: ink Quill

Message Ink quill (aka me) from now on on fimfiction, as this account is soon to be shut down by me.

1966424 Yeah her name is my name

Are you perhaps changing your name here to the name you choose? Just curious.:twilightsmile:

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