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Note: This is meant to be very very very very (2 centuries later) very very short.

How do you cope with losing the thing that mattered most in your life? For Lyra, she can't. She lost the pony that meant everything to her. Lyra lost Bon Bon. They were best friends since they were foals. Bon Bon meant so much to Lyra.. she was everything she had.

This is my first attempt at writing a sad story AND writing a third person/pony story. If you hate the story and want to send hate comments and stuff, why would you read this in the first place?

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Wow, that escalated quickly...

xD I meant it to be short.

I.... wow, okay. Don't get me wrong, that's a really good stroy, it's just.... fast paced as the Korobeiniki if Tetris had a Level 100.
I still enjoyed it though.

6141877 Meh. Glad you enjoyed xD. It was inspired by my friend (he was being a dick). I was rping as Lyra and he was Bon Bon. He was annoying me and this was inspired by our little roleplay thing. The first part (before the funeral) was what we role played basically. The rest I made up :p thanks for the fav, too!

6141894 Yup! You and your story deserved it! I don't RP much, and I haven't done it in a while, but that sounds like quite the interesting time you had woth your friend.

After reading all three chapters, I regret to say I didn't enjoy this fic. Even if you meant for it to be short, that doesn't excuse making the pacing Sanic fast. Some of the dialogue was unrealistic (ie. 'Please wake up so I know you're alright") and the story was full of details that were unnecessary, such as how Ponyville residents rarely died, as well as details that needed to be added, such as where that rope came from or how Bon Bon actually died.

I will say, though, for the small amount of time she had, Twi was decently in-character.

If I were to rate this fic, I would say 3/10.

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