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I used to be a human, and now I'm a pony. I'm now Lyra Heartstrings. All I wanted is to be a pony, and my wish came true.. sort of. I have to unwillingly save Equestria. Well, I'm left with no choice, so I guess Equestria's fate lies in my hooves.

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Comment posted by ShadowblazeCR deleted Jun 18th, 2015
Comment posted by ShadowblazeCR deleted Jun 18th, 2015

6118144 Non related to story, I was restarting the comment section, stuff like that. I would've replied earlier probably but I get no notifications for some reason.

Eh, maybe... finding out why being uninterested in humans is horribly wrong?

6127979 It wasn't criticism genius

Uh ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhh

Hm... trying to keep it under wraps, huh. And to think you told your Bon-Bon you were done with humans. Guess some things never change! :eeyup:

Comment posted by TheFablequestria deleted Jun 29th, 2015
Comment posted by TheFablequestria deleted Jun 29th, 2015

I would Ike to know why there's so many dislikes.

How the heck would the Princess know that Lyra was a big expert on

Oh... OLD Lyra. Uh oh.

Because it's totally a ripoff of that one other Lyra story, since it's also about Lyra and taking care of humans, and that's evil for some reason. :unsuresweetie:

I like it though. Reasonably well. A little jumpy aroundy, but downvotes are for actually terrible stories.

6165384 And yeah.. so it isn't like I copied Its ok to be a pony.. xD I don't want to copy it though, so..

Well, you asked why there were dislikes. That's my best guess.

6166268 It isn't a rip off. First, Lyra isn't a "special friend" or psychiatrist. Second, it's about Lyra saving Equestria, not comforting humans. Third, the mc is trying to make the two ponies who were once humans seem more normal to everypony else, so they
don't cause attention. I can state more reasons than this.

I didn't mean that it is a ripoff. I meant that the reason for dislikes is that it is a ripoff. Like, they think it's true. Not actually it's true. I was answering your question, not judging your story.

Some people just get so picky about who is allowed to derive from whom.

6175025 Like I said, nowhere near a rip off or knock off or whatever you want to call it.

Time for the fall of Equestria..

(Or is it?)

Stupid android tablet!! There goes half the story..

This never happened!! Or if it did, I have no memory of it.

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