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I'm possibly the weirdest girl you'd meet. I love to draw, write, read, and I've developed a love of learning and understanding new languages and cultures. I alos love tomake new friends. :)



Discord is free, alive and free! He refuses to talk to anypony and continues to create havok for the mane six. Fluttershy, to everyone's surprise, saves the day. Discord is reformed! Simple right? No. An injured female draconaquus comes to Ponyville and many secrets are uncovered.
EDIT: This is not a Discord R63!!!

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Good, very good, but Discord wouldn't call celestia "celly" he would drag it out longer and call her "What do you mean, Oh great and powerful deity that raises the sun?" and just say who the pony is, it makes it a lot easier for the reader to decipher who your talking about, and what their personalities are. But over all, GOOD JOB!!! oh and make the content in the first chapter the longest, describing each of the new characters and laying down the scene. the first chapter is usually either the longest or the shortest, so take that to your advantage. oh and there is a little bit of grammatical errors in the chapter, find them and fix them. That's all i think

I must agree with you on that one, it does sound more fitting than the previous way, either way you got to say, she did a good job, pretty original i believe too

hnmmmm... except for introductions to characters that are obvious and everyone knows, except jasmine, it's promising. you have my curiosity. you'll get my attention when it gets exciting.

interesting to say the least:unsuresweetie: I'll follow and see where this goes

I pointed that out already, but thanks for strengthening my comment, I think that the scenery should be more elaborated instead of the characters that we all know, (if you don't you shouldn't be on this site, you should watch the three first episodes)

(slack jawed), wow

SpikexJasmine? I ship it.

The next chapter please, Princess?

It will be posted today

That was one fast change...

MOTHER OF GOD!!! What is up with Master! Overthrow Celestia my ASS!!! I will destroy you with my chaotic powers ... Oh shit ... I'm not Discord. Luna will stop you!!! She is best princess!!!

lolsss. Good luck with that. Master has a SECRET WEAPON:pinkiecrazy:.

Hell... This was a good chapter. Keep up the great work.

2812044 np, O, Kind sir/ma'am :pinkiehappy::pinkiecrazy::derpytongue2::twilightsmile:

the premises I s good but the writing is tooo 2-d

awesome chapter:scootangel: and discord sounded like a perv.:pinkiecrazy::rainbowhuh::rainbowkiss:

I just thought all my readers should know that I am going on vacation so I wont post any chapters until about Tuesday or Wednesday the week after next week.

Spike, step up your game. :moustache:

Wait, the whole relationship went south? I hope they get back together,

This is all SORTS of fucked up

I hardly made it out with out saying wtf.....

Comment posted by Tiaa OwO deleted Jan 27th, 2014

Waait, wait, wait! I stand coorrected. In 19 more likes, I will unlease a sneak peek of one of the future chapters. 19 more likes or not, I will still post The Slot of Chance.:pinkiehappy::pinkiegasp:

OK, I'm confused. You're jumping around a lot and not explaining things.

How does Jasmine know Discord is in Fillydelphia? How does she know Master has him? The diary thing did not explain this; it revealed how twisted Master is, but not anything else. I'd also think that if Celestia is missing (as she has plainly gotten possessed by Master) that there would be a full scale search going on for *her*, but it doesn't appear to have occurred to anyone that Celestia might be under a mind control spell. You need to slow down and explain more stuff.

She knows Discord is in Fillydelphia because of an incident in her past as a little girl. It will be shown as a flashback in a later chapter. Also, Celestia is not missing. She's in Canterlot with Master and Mind Bender. Master does not have Discord, I simply implied that he kidnapped Discord and had some ponies holding him hostage somewhere in Coltington City. Master is still in Canterlot with Celestia and Mind Bender currently in the story. I hope this clears up all your questions. Feel free to express any other concerns.:twilightsmile:

Oh and I almost forgot, Only Jasmine and Science believe that Celestia's turned on Equestria. Everypony else refuses the idea and thinks she's under mind control or some other explainable reason.

3865056 Wow, what a coincidence!:pinkiegasp:

Discord is acting defensively. . . Or very protective. This'll be good. :trixieshiftright:

I think I can imagine what kind of chaos they're doing in their room.

Finally caught up! Can't wait for the lovely sequel! :raritywink:

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