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What is this board with buttons on it? · 4:49pm Jul 15th, 2013

Quoting the title, thats pretty much been my attitude the past week or so.

However, I have begun "Writing rehab" if you like, and will be actually working on my stories for a change now or very soon-ish. I can't guarantee anything right now, and I should have put hiatus on all my stories while I was ill or something, but this is just to let you know...

I learnt to use my keyboard again.

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Many thanks for the fave, fellow reader.

729734 Glad you are enjoying it :pinkiehappy:

"Working" on it, as in still writing on a constant basis, not really. I've been caught up in studies and held back by procrastination, and I have a tendency to be a perfectionist when it comes to thing such as writing, cooking, art, and other activities, and when I'm working on a story there is a point where I stop moving forward and spend time going over the kinks as best I can.

But to answer your question, The Phoenix and The Illusion still ongoing, I just haven't had time or inspiration as of yet to write more of it unfortunately, and I have a habit of leaking my creativity in the form of lots and lots of little projects, so my efforts are very spaced out, and I have a lot of difficulty focusing those efforts.

I don't know when the next chapter of TPTH will be out, or for my other story either, but when it comes to me I'll write down what happens next, as what happens in-between the major plot points is very much a mushed-up jelly of imaginary-creativy-spacy-stuff. (AKA: Nothing is really fixed or plotted out exactly.)

I know I've been absent for a while now, but I'll ship out new content when I can.

I hope that sorts out a few things :heart:

Are you still working on The Phoenix and the Illusion? I really liked it and hope to see more.

Thank you for favoriting "Heart of Diamonds" :pinkiehappy:

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