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Masahiro Aito

Hello im not a full-time or short time writer i have a urge to write a story

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1266800 thank you so much, it is indeed, i finished chapter 2, its quite long, and probably just as unsuccessful and probably too soon, i dont know im not really a full fledged writer

Ah. I see. Well, good to hear from you again. Hope to see you around the site. :twilightsmile:

1266778 yes we have, i was Cooler Starshine, i was feeling bad for using my oc as my username, someone pointed it out, so i decided to use my Android in a video game im making, my oc cooler is just mainly the same colors as my Android. although the C++ language is hard to get a grasp on, but i just felt the urge to write a story and for you calling me Bold for oc x canon

Thanks for the watch. Forgive me for not remembering, but have we met?

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