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(Nay-vee-ka) Welcome to my corner of the multiverse. Please leave your Blunderbusses by the door.

Free pointers! Get your free pointers! I also do criticisms and Inklings!
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Warning: I may and possibly will make fun of:
1: Life Choices
2: Sports
3: America
4: Stupid things
5: Politics
6: People who think _______ is a Mary Sue/Stu

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I believe all stories should be treated equally... at least until you start reading, then all bets are off. Except for this one, They know why.

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Black tea. Breakfast blend. ALWAYS AND FOREVER.

2558223 - DON'T QUESTION THE MIGHT OF TEA. MI-TEA? Oh. I just saw the pun in that. Ha! OKAY, okay. Let's just say that we're right, and that caffeine is king. Yes? KING. :trixieshiftright:

Fair enough.

Thank you for answering.

Something about the flavor of coffee throws me off. I assume the bitterness.

How come?

Tea. Can't drink coffee without 10 lbs of chocolate.

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