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Volucris - The Latin word for a bird or a winged insect.

Originally posted as a bonus/optional chapter of a story that I'm going to reboot/rewrite in the future, I've deiced to include this as it's own story in order to preserve it. No prior reading is required for this story.

Few would imagine us changelings as the religious type, especially since most of us are drones with no free will of our own. However, because we can not think outside of the hive mind of our mother Chrysalis, one could say that we are part of one of the most devoted religions on the planet. Today, young hatching, you will learn about the foundation of our faith Today you will learn how our goddess Volucris shed her mortal form, gave birth to our race, and why are bodies are filled with hollow holes. Today, we learn why we loath all of pony kind, and how their cruelty led to our glorious creation. License well brothers and sisters, for mother will know if your not paying attention. With that said, let us begin.

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-giggles- Someone else has a story WITH THE EXACT SAME PICTURE HERE.


3346131 Thats actually really common on FiM. There's at least three fics (that I've seen) based off this picture.


I'd recommend going over the content of the chapter itself and correcting some mistakes. As of its current form, it's a bit of a pain to read through all the spelling errors, word-misuse, and homonyms.

3346859 I just notified my editor. He'll clean up it and make sense of my mad ramblings. :pinkiecrazy: Still, I hope you enjoyed the story even with the errors. :twilightblush:

3346859 Hope my edits are up to your expectations. If not tell me where the problem is and I'll get on it ASAP. I'm Dash Attack's full time editor BTW.

3351711 Sorry if I forgot to mention you in the credits. I'm normally really good at that.

3362970 No prob. I think most of your readers know who does the final touches at this point anyways.

Good story. :-)

4732778 Thank you. This was originally a bonus chapter for this other story I wrote. Wasp: The Life of A Changeling Spy. The story kind of hit a brick wall, so I deleted the chapter and made it's own story.

Ok. I like how you made it a separate story, though. :-)

This was an interesting concept on the changelings. Very well done good writer! *Salutes*

so I did bookshelf with all the stories where the queen is the mother of the hive and I wondered if I missed any or if I have all. what do you think? http://www.fimfiction.net/bookshelf/851658/queen-mother-of-the-hives

this is one of the few times i get goosbumps for a story
great writting m8 are you planing a full story with this?

This was a one shot based off something I written in my other stories. I'm glad you enjoyed it Admiral.

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