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This story is a sequel to Spiders and Destiny: The Fall of Wolf-Spider

Officially Complete.

A Spin off story Based on Maximus Reborn 's story Spiders and Magic Rise of Spider-Mane.

At the end of the school year, before Summer Break, Twilight Sparkle learned a lot about friendship, but some students still were scared of her, because during the Friendship Games, she was transformed into Midnight Sparkle, and open portals to Equestria, even after Sunset Shimmer became Daylight Shimmer and saved Twilight from her corrupted magic hungry mind, she stills holds Midnight inside her.

After the Friendship Games and being the new transfer student at Canterlot High, Twilight focuses on her studies, learns for her new friends about friendship, at home, she watches the news, but mostly about a superhero in New York... Spider-Man. What started as a classic fan girl crush, turn into something special, since she now knows the magic comes from Sunset and her friends, Twilight studies Spider-Man, how he can whatever a spider can, by taking a sample of some DNA from different Spiders, Twilight has created her own altered Spider Venom and she injects herself she with it, she now has speed and strength of multiple spiders. She created a costume using cloth and fiber, she called herself Spider-Girl.

But what Twilight will learn about being a superhero, their always gonna make enemies.

She will learn how to forgive herself while soon starting with Peter Parker, her the friendly neighbour Spider-Man.

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Looks good so far, as long as no one makes a deal with the devil... stupid One More Day.

7118283 thank you. And I didn't like that "giving your marrige to the devil" story.

7118304 Did anyone like it, seriously?

Well other than Joe Quesada, but who cares what he thinks.

Oh no another one

Well is official this is a thing now:applejackunsure:

7118307 you mean if they like that Spider-Man story you mean then I don't know?

7118341 Yeah, that's what I meant, sorry.

Have you considered including other New York based superheroes like Daredevil?

7118346 Maybe. I mean Daredevil is one of Spidey's closest friends. And there's also Jessica Jones. I'll have to think about.

7118419 Its your call, was just wondering.

Nice homage! I'll be following closely! :ajsmug:

7118608 wow, thanks maximus, I'm glad you like my spin-off. I'll hope I'll have more to offer while I wait for yours. Thanks again.

Holy crap there are alot of pictures in this.

:applejackunsure: Interesting take. However I find the premise quite rushed. Twilight taking an interest in Spider-Man just because AJ told her a bit about him seems kind of weak. It would've been more interesting if Twilight had an encounter with him beforehand where he saved her life, which could give her a reason to take an interest in him and work on the spider venom. I think you need to extend a bit more on the origin.
Another problem I have with this is the OC Master Strike feels rushed as well. Could have given him more development first and save some of it for later.

7119006 Too many I would say. Apart from his own drawings, the other pictures feel out of place and distracting.

7119190 I got everyone to hyped. Sorry.

7119006 to be honest, I'm not that good with detail. Just pictures

7119190 sometimes I will be terrible at this... Also Master Strike is not my OC.

7119190 I did originally plan for Twilight to be saved by Spider-Man but I thought to myself, wouldn't make sense.

Hmm , human torch since he is shipped with rainbow dash ( they costume is going to be from the fantastic four cartoon in mid 2000s)

Please guys help him with ideas

*gasps* Twilight is Spider-Girl? Okay, I kid, good chapter though.

Hmm, ideas...

7141346 I was thinking of cancelling it. But now I'm having second thoughts.

"He can't feel pain can't he? Because that's not logical."

You live in a universe with superheroes, logic went out the window a long time ago Twi.

Anyway, good chapter, keep it up.

7160805 and along with magic, sirens and raging she demons, it was long gone.

7161613 Not to mention the magic you'd get from magic based superheroes, yeah, I don't think logic applies to this universe anymore.

7160805 Thanks. Wait til the next chapter. Marvel's evil superman comes into play

Now I kinda wish I had an OC I could offer, all I've got in terms super hero universes is Lucifer, and he's DC... though... its a very loose version of him...

Will the other members of the Mane Six be fighting in this story?

7187671 That's up to you and the others who are reading my story. I'm just doing an equestria girls version of Parker x Sparkle.

I really want to sing the 60s Spiderman theme song, but modified for Sci-Twi. I can't sing to save a life, though.

7223392 that would've been interesting

So you have master strike going against molten man

7224366 yes. I was planning Whirlwind but I didn't cared about him

Good chapter, but can you help me out I have an oc that I've been trying to find someone to draw in human form,pm if your interested

A little fast pace for me but all the pic's make up for it big time for guys like me keep it up

>>thanks, that's means a lot to me

Can't read it yet cuz chores..but looks interesting....hope is as good as it looks.

7366144 just read it when you have the time.

"His name was Ben Reily. And he called himself the Scarlet Spider."


Adult Scootaloo: Really, that's the best you can come up with?

Well excuse me for not having a clever way to start all my comments, and at least it makes sense since Ben Riley was the clone of Peter Parker... or was Peter the clone... I can never remember... in the second Clone Saga.

Also why are you here, this is Marvel, you're in a DC based universe.

AS: You've been slacking off and you don't comment on DC based fanfics.

Yeah, yeah.

Anyway, good chapter.

7368036 Thanks, Also despite the fact that Ben is Peter's clone. I've found out in the show... Ben Reily wears Kaine's costume

Sorry for keeping you waiting so long. I've been very busy with my family's birthdays and stuff.

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