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The is a sequel to The Deadly Wolf-Spider 2
It's been almost a few months since Midnight died. But now that Twilight is on Earth, trying to get her crown back. While Young Earth Midnight is trying to become a hero and tries to help out Twilight. What he doesn't know is that she is not the same. Now He and Twilight must help each other for surviving high school and getting Twilight's crown back and send her back home.

Picture made by Alvaxerox

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Is Midnight related to Midnight Sparkle?

well....he has a dark side where he turns into a werewolf when he's angry

Oh cool you added Master Strike

This is my first time trying to come up with my own lyrics to Bad To The Bone. It's my first time, okay?

alternative take on the equesrtia girls movie

Twilight is getting suspicious

don't you mean Midnight is getting suspicious?

Midnight really never felt this much joy in his life. He wished it could never end. He was swinging around the place. He is SO going to that Fall Formal, tonight and that IS a promise. When he finds a place to lay down, he stays there and talks to himself and says “For the first time in my life, things are starting to go right” as he lays in his net-bed made out of webbing, laying into the night with an umbrella.

Until some guards tie him up and Jafar sends him down the river to drown

lol. Alladdin reference. To be honest, I didn't know that I actually pulled off that reference

Wait till midnight sees Twilight's horsey dance... :pinkiehappy:

ooooh. ok..to be honest, I forgot that happened

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Ah man. We're getting an epic fight up in here.

Yeah, Cliffhangers are b&@$#*, am I right?

As Knuckles would say.... "Aw man a cliffhanger? I hate those things"

don't worry. I'll post the other one, give me a sec.

Yes! The spider twi joins the fight

yes, but of all the times, Sunset pulls off a cheap shot and gives Wolfy a low-blow

Btw if you plan a 4th sequel, I hope you'll use the reborn midnight wolf

I've never thought about that. I just figured about ending it there and have it end up in Spiders and Magic Equestria Girls

Oh well in order for that to happen you need to get through rainbow rocks first

oh...well...maybe that can happen. I was having the Midnight from Earth gone missing for a year until he bumps into Spider Twi in your story.

You can do that in the rainbow rocks storyline. Where because of the sirens's dark magic, midnight goes somewhere far away and after Twilight and Sunset defeated them, the spell wears off

Also in my story I'll add continuity from your story where Midnight saids your not my twilight, you remember me from the past. She didn't.

ooooh. Also, I changed the secret ending to my story.

let's just say that a certain..."gem" will be involved in the next chapter

and it's not an element of harmony.

Actually for males it's Marty stu

thank you for telling me..that was for everyone calling the web slinger a Marty Stu. Plus, how was it on involving one of the Infinity Stones, knowing that Deadpool stole it from Thanos and giving it to Wolf-Spider?

Okay Gwenpool stop wolf spider before he destroys the world of fan fiction

Well Marvel just bought Fox so... it was interesting. Btw too much 4th wall breaking. That's heading to Impossible Man territory

Wolf Spider will return... in Spiders and Magic Equestria Girls

here was a secret room in somewhere in the vacuum of space and time. A giant spear pops up from the ground with a blue gem inside this some kind of ice shard at the tip of the spear. A mysterious creature grabs the spear and says “Fine….I’ll do it, myself” as the creature comes out of the shadows to reveal…………………………………..The Storm King!


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