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Sequel to Spiders and Loyalty: Maximum Shadows. And a semi-sequel to The Miraculous Spider-Tsundere: Miraculous Generations

Isabelle Parker, also known as the adorable and friendly neighborhood Spider-Tsundere, has been invited to Equestria to partake in Twilight's Sparkle special celebration. She wants to honor Spider-Tsundere for saving not just her world but Equestria from the shadow invasion.

Meanwhile, Tirek, Chrysalis and Cozy Glow gain new allies that agree to help them double cross Grogar, get their revenge on Twilight Sparkle and their friends and take over Equestria. And in exchange, they will offer the Deadly Alliance, Earth.

But when a familiar enemy sees Spider-Tsundere in Equestria, the plan has changed. Can Spider-Tsundere, Rainbow Dash, Twilight Sparkle and their friends save Equestria from this Deadly Alliance?

Chapters (9)

Somewhere... A young girl name Celestia is all alone. But her life is about to change when she meets a girl name Ember and discover her quest to become a vigilante.

This will be a short story.

Chapters (4)

Spin off to Spiders and Magic Equestria Girls

If you want to know about my character Spider-Tsundere, go read my stories on Wattpad stories Web Warriors Into the Spider-Verse and The Miraculous Spider-Tsundere

A young girl name Isabelle Parker (No relation to Peter Parker) transferred to Canterlot High to get some for a special purpose. She is also a superhero name Spider-Tsundere. She made some new friends. The crime rate around the city is low but she can handle it. But one day... She helps Principal Celestia with a secret project which will be Celestia's greatest regret... and unleashes an enemy from Equestria... The Pony of Shadows, and he will bring an invasion to Earth, and then Equestria. Spider-Tsundere has face some foes. But not as intense as an ancient magical symbiotic shadow. Isabelle is confident she can handle anything that comes her way but even she can’t imagine what comes next. The Pony of Shadows changes all that when he brings about a battle with global stakes. And possibly the destruction of two worlds.

Another known fact... there may be some mild language. like pg-13 type of language.

Chapters (16)

Spin off of Spiders and Magic Equestria Girls

Rainbow Dash's life opened her eyes to all new possibilities. Now that she had convince her friends that they are superheroes, Rainbow Dash learned how to embrace her pony side of the magic and wants to become a true hero. A freedom fighter. She will use her speed for justice and awesomeness. She is the fastest girl alive.

Cover by Traupa

She's gonna have Sonic the hedgehog's personality but still be Rainbow Dash.

Chapters (3)

This takes place after Spiders and Magic Equestria Girls

After Twilight Sparkle and her friends have gone their seperate ways. Wallflower Blush wants to protect Canterlot City from the dangers lurking in every ally way. Although the memory stone was destroyed, its power remains inside Wallfower's body. Along with Super Strength. Because Sunset and her friends are basically magical heroes. Wallflower wants to try it out herself too. She formed a stone face and calls herself... the Labyrinth. Does Wallflower have a chance to be a hero?

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After being destroy from a group of heroes from another world. The Power Ponies were warned by those heroes of the black dragon king named Orgra coming to their world and plan to rule so he can enslave them. The Power Ponies must destroy this evil before it is too late.

Chapters (2)

In an alternative universe... Twilight is a red guardian, a group of powerful people protecting the innocent. And one day after trying to stop a great evil, she was betrayed by one her red guardian friends and was sent to another world, that world being Equestria. (The version of Equestria is anthro ponies. and Twilight is a human). She loses her memories, and lives in Equestria is a dragon name Spike. And she starts little by little to get her memories back and feels happy living in Equestria.

Cover by Traupa https://www.deviantart.com/traupa

Chapters (37)

This story is a sequel to Spiders and Destiny: The Fall of Wolf-Spider

Officially Complete.

A Spin off story Based on Maximus Reborn 's story Spiders and Magic Rise of Spider-Mane.

At the end of the school year, before Summer Break, Twilight Sparkle learned a lot about friendship, but some students still were scared of her, because during the Friendship Games, she was transformed into Midnight Sparkle, and open portals to Equestria, even after Sunset Shimmer became Daylight Shimmer and saved Twilight from her corrupted magic hungry mind, she stills holds Midnight inside her.

After the Friendship Games and being the new transfer student at Canterlot High, Twilight focuses on her studies, learns for her new friends about friendship, at home, she watches the news, but mostly about a superhero in New York... Spider-Man. What started as a classic fan girl crush, turn into something special, since she now knows the magic comes from Sunset and her friends, Twilight studies Spider-Man, how he can whatever a spider can, by taking a sample of some DNA from different Spiders, Twilight has created her own altered Spider Venom and she injects herself she with it, she now has speed and strength of multiple spiders. She created a costume using cloth and fiber, she called herself Spider-Girl.

But what Twilight will learn about being a superhero, their always gonna make enemies.

She will learn how to forgive herself while soon starting with Peter Parker, her the friendly neighbour Spider-Man.

Chapters (54)