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I like drawing, making videos and I love Superheroes


Spin off to Spiders and Magic Equestria Girls

If you want to know about my character Spider-Tsundere, go read my stories on Wattpad stories Web Warriors Into the Spider-Verse and The Miraculous Spider-Tsundere

A young girl name Isabelle Parker (No relation to Peter Parker) transferred to Canterlot High to get some for a special purpose. She is also a superhero name Spider-Tsundere. She made some new friends. The crime rate around the city is low but she can handle it. But one day... She helps Principal Celestia with a secret project which will be Celestia's greatest regret... and unleashes an enemy from Equestria... The Pony of Shadows, and he will bring an invasion to Earth, and then Equestria. Spider-Tsundere has face some foes. But not as intense as an ancient magical symbiotic shadow. Isabelle is confident she can handle anything that comes her way but even she can’t imagine what comes next. The Pony of Shadows changes all that when he brings about a battle with global stakes. And possibly the destruction of two worlds.

Another known fact... there may be some mild language. like pg-13 type of language.

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Things are getting interesting now

by the way, does midnight know isabelle is spider tsundere?


Suddenly they were webbed to the rooftop. "Wolf Spider, Mirror Spider I presume?" Spider-Tsundere said as she climbed down from her web.

"That depends, who are you?" Juniper said.

"I'm Isabelle Parker, also known as Spider-Tsundere. Rainbow Dash sent me to find you." Spider-Tsundere said.


oh wait!...I was thinking of Ishimaru. Not Midnight. nevermind.

it's ok. that was my fault. so does that mean that they'll both talk about Ishi and their time with him?

We're doing the RP about it on DA, it can add to the cosmic reset after Twilight defeated Kavitor.

HOW did she destroy the Space Stone, and gets Half of it's Power???!!!

With her electric power. And a formula I used on the Equestria girls. Side effects.


Impossible?! The Space Stone is one of the Six's MOST POWERFUL Objects in the Marvel Multiverse! And one of them ( Specifically the Space Stone) is "destroyed" by some very weak ass electricity, and a "formula"?

I don't want to be rude. But, at least in Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. That they make some rather MORE Reasonable, and Logical Ways to "destory" a Infinity Stone. Either this "Verison" of the Infinity Stones are WAY WEAKER than the Originals? Or the electricity is somehow got God Tier Power Levels all of a sudden??!!

I'm trying not to rip off infinty war too much. so I made up this concept that the infinity stones have been altered, and have different side effects while traveling in multiverse limbo. maybe the altered means their weakened.

the formula i meant, is for the equestria girls. when they have been in contact with the equestrian artifacts. some of that magic stays with them permanently.


Wait, what?????!!!!!! I'm guessing that's from the new recent Marvel Series: Loki, right?!

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