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The little town of Parrsboro, Nova Scotia has never been a particularly exciting place to live. However, a recent spate of unusual dreams and the even more unusual equine figures in them may mean that's all about to change. For better or worse.

Happy Halloween!

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That was one hell of a prequel to Equestria Girls!

Thanks, added the 'wouldn't.'

Little confusing, but good for Halloween.

I gonna love and tolerate the shite out of you ! MHUAHUAHUHAUAHUAHAUHAUAHUAHAUHAA !!! :pinkiecrazy:

I'a I'a Celestia fhtagn!

Well. That happened. Good thing I took notes. :pinkiecrazy:

Seriously, a fascinating tale of Things Man Was Not Meant To Hug. Thank you for it, and happy Halloween.

She did say that she wouldn't mind having having somewhere quiet while she worked on the scripts she’d been trying to write for the last couple weeks. Writer’s block sounds like it would be just the awfulest thing.

Shouldn't it be "most awfull"? Or was this intended?

Honestly, some of those graveyard shifts I just end up staring at the clock and thinking the sun’s never going to come up.

Stop trolling... :trollestia:

It was intentional, Robin's something of an odd one. I don't know what it is about that other sentence that makes it so typo-prone, but fixed.

A nice read for Halloween, on another it wouldn't have been my cup of tea^^

The only negative thing is, that I couldn't exactly follow who was writing the entries. I still don't know how many 'writers' there were I counted at least four. The knowledge wasn't really necessary, though it would have been nice to know for sure. :raritywink:

Feed me Seymour~ Feed me all night long~

Ok, this was really really creepy and really really good.

Another one for the lite horror section.

Reminds me more than a bit of Charles Stross' "Equoid"—only without Bob and the Laundry.

I can't tell if I'm over-thinking this or if I'm hugely under-thinking this. Still, huge points for atmosphere.

Some typos:

Me, I’d rather be on a tropical beach that on the coast of Nova Scotia in January


I just stared into the window to the inky abyss of space and her let her whisper to me.

Extra word, I think.

Closing ones eyes does nothing.


And then a skeleton popped out!

Once I realized where this was going I was like fuck fuck fuck fuck fuuuuuuuuuck! And then Conversion Bureau.

I only have one criticism. The dates. Seriously, why would you write them like that. Isn't it simpler to write them with numbers going from low to high magnitude and not all jumbled. You know what, keep your strange primitive dates. DD/MM/YYYY master race forever. :rainbowlaugh:

Seriously though, why? :facehoof:



I'm guessing the tanks and small army were probably there to deal with the giant multicoloured hole appearing in the sky above the town...

You know, it's such a small detail that it didn't really hit me til later, but I like the menace of the final date's year having a few extra digits, in addition to being reset. It's the menace of Lovecraftian deep-time and Nazi Millenialist boasting filtered through a bizarro evil version of Long Now Foundation pragmatism. That's pretty clever.

That got creepy as shit towards the end there.

Heretic! YYYY-MM-DD is the true path!
(More seriously a: Well, checking Wikipedia, DMY seems to make sense for a tourist town in Canada.)
(More seriously b: And, hey… for all we know, that last date is in little-endian format.)

When I went to try to start chipping away again, it carved right through the bloody parts like a chainsaw through how butter.

I'm guessing "hot butter"? The story is very riveting though. And starting to get really spooky. :pinkiecrazy:


A good but extremely unsettling read. Thanks for writing it. :twilightsmile:

My bad, fixed.

What CCC said. Rainbows all across the sky tend to attract attention,

What the fuck happened.

May Her grace burn these weak and mortal vessels that bind us to this imperfect world!
laudant in igne lucem , opiferque


Though now I really want a treatise on the nature of our Eldritch Being as depicted in this. Because I like explanations!

Usually I'm in the same camp you are re: explaining things. When it comes to Lovecraft-style horror, though, a huge amount of the fear comes from not knowing, and indeed the possibility that such things are simply unknowable or at least not fit for sane human minds. In these sorts of stories, knowledge leads to madness or falling under the influence of powers beyond comprehension.


Oh, sure, I know it makes sense in the story.

But that doesn't mean you can't, say, PM me your version of it to sate my burning curiosity! I shall accept any going mad as an acceptable price. Knowledge, even forbidden, soul-rending knowledge, is worth the price!

Well this was... different. Creepy, but still good in its own way!

Heh. I live like, an hour or so awqay from Parrsboro. My sister actually lived there for a while.

Can't say I ever expected to see it mentioned on FimFiction though O_o

Is this a cosmic horror story?

5212642 Some commanding officer was very genre-savvy and realised what had to be done.

I always enjoy myself some classic Lovecraftian horror.

I'll agree with someone who said that it would have been nice if it was clearer who wrote each letter.

About the date format ... haha, at one point I thought the letters were each written on the first day of every month and wondered what the significance of that might be. Silly Americans with your month-first. That's what I get for not paying attention :derpytongue2:

I'm not sure how I would have worked in the writer organically, but I can see how having it be mostly a different person each time with just enough exceptions to be confusing is suboptimal and distracting. Lessons for next year, I suppose.

As a fan of Lovecraft... I must say I enjoyed it! There's the perfect amount of un-knowledge (Which should be a word...) that makes it seems Lovecraftian!

Omg I just found this?!
This was awesome.

This would be a good idea for a Delta Green campaign.

I think the brony turned into a pony.

"You'll never run far enough."
1: Holy S***!
2: I Think they were duped by Sombra or the royal sisters screwed and killed the human race and created the MLP world as we know it.

I could reach out and touch the very stars she was talking about, telling me all about which ones were coming into alignment just right. But there’s so much she needs me to do first.

Ia, Ia, Luna fhtagn. :twilightoops:

Getting a bit Shadow over Innsmouth in here. :D

It's beginning to look a lot like horse-men.

Loved it! Added to Triumphant Villains, etc.

[This could almost be a prequel to one of my stories] :rainbowkiss:

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