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I write for fun in my spare time and play video games as well as watching anime and reading books and manga


My kickass dream · 11:15am Jul 20th, 2014

Ok so last night I had this dream that I had entered a contest where I had to compete for one of the princesses love so I ended up being picked and transported to equestria I remember the producer assigned me to twilight and then after that it's kinda blurry and te last thing I remember is chatting with bon Bon and watching MIB 3 with Jessie pinkmen anyways it was awesome and I'm probably gonna base a fic on it

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Maybe it should but fallout 4

It should be vaultdweller111

Ur welcome can't wait for next chapter it's nice to fill in the off season for omniverse

Majin Syeekoh

Thank you for favoriting Ben 10 in Equestria!

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