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Seeking passage to Avalon, Alan Ryves finds the spell he used (written by no less than Merlin, himself!) takes him instead to Equestria.

Vinyl Scratch, DJ and perpetual party fixture, was just on the cusp of creating a new spell to enhance the acoustics of her infamous WUBS, only to have it backfire and create a crater where her house once was.

A friendship between the two grows quickly, and perhaps becomes even more.

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It's best to work with what you know. :eeyup:

Will be adding the next part within the next 2-3 days. Till then, enjoy the song this story is named for.

Yeah... Texas. Not sure where you live at but where I live its not that great.

So,He found a wizards spellbook from the time of king arthur in a library in Texas.........Fuck it,its magic,We dont gotta explain it! (Side note,This is a joke,I actually do really like this story so far)

I'll address that issue. Not WELL, but I'll get to it, no worries.

3430813 Its fine to have a cliche and unexplained way of getting there,Just so long as the actual story isnt absolute shite

In the center of a crater that had just been her house, Vinyl Scratch stands, her electric blue hair standing straight up, her now shattered purple tinted glasses hanging off of her face, and her mouth agape. A moment passes before she grins and gives a shout of "THAT WAS BUCKING AWESOME!"

indeed it was:rainbowlaugh:

Good sir, you caught my attention with a Vinyl Scratch fic titled after one of my favorite songs by Daft Punk (seriously, it is). You kept it with an interesting story. Have a favorite and a 'stach. :moustache:

This sounds like it'll be a fun story! :D

Psch, well there was the problem. He used that hack Merlin's sorry, pathetic excuse for 'magic, as if you could call it that!

Pah, that cursed fool ruined the good name of mages and sorcerers.

This looks interesting. :pinkiehappy:

Ah Yes,and that is exactly why Merlin is famous, and we are unheard of brother... Then again, maybe he was famous because of Arthur...

i have interest in this. also, conveniently unopened DJ equipment, great conversation and friendship starter.

I'm liking this story, but if it turns out that it'll be just like the prologue, i'll be disappointed. human turning pony just ain't my cup of tea.

Well.....I wont say this is cliche free,But i still adore it,With only a slight amount of guilt compared to the pleasure

3442246 Does it look like it's heading that way? Don't really want to read, if it's just going the jump the shark like that.

As soon as I saw the title I thought of the universal greeting from Transformers, and I was right! :D
Anyway, I'm surprised that he hasn't realized that he's in the wrong place, thought he'd start panicking...
He's also not surprised that they have magic though I guess that makes sense since he's a wizard or something like that.
Either way this is turning out great!
I can't wait for Vinyl to realize that the entire scene was like the one her father told her as a kid, love to see that reaction.
Can't wait for the next chapter!!!

"Ponyville is as safe as a place can get, but I understand why you'd ask me, so yeah, I promise."

Did Alan note how the sudden apparition of a building with an alien inside in the middle of the town was quickly dismised as another daily occurrence? That should have him a clue of Ponyville┬┤s concept of "safety".

I'll go ahead and address this now.

The circlet will make an appearance, but if it's used at all, it will be in one of the optional clopfics I may write on the side, so it will have no real impact on character development.

WHOOPS! Just now noticed that a big chunk of the end of CH2 I did this morning I'd forgotten to save. Feel free to point and laugh, guys. :facehoof:

3451735 well, i honestly can't say but if it turns out that it'll be that way im this story, even if it's as awesome as it may seems.

Will start working on Ch 3 soon. Probably done within the week.

Nevermind on the question I had here before. I will be doing the lunch scene.

Next time on MSBWY: Cultural Awareness

Chapter 3 completed. Today's musical selection brought to you by Katawa Shoujo.

Remember, if it doesn't make your heart break into millions of pieces while sending you on an emotional rollercoaster, it's not Katawa Shoujo.

3484853 With that one comment you became my favorite author on this site.

"time in memorial" should be "time immemorial"

Just a little thing I caught.

Ah,Tezuka....Absolutely beautiful,she is.Mind you im of the mindset that can actually understand her.Anyways,Keep on keeping on Proswagonist,We need a good act of Proswagonism every here and there......This story being one of them...Inotherwords keep this magnificent piece of work going my good man/woman/anything inbetween......Damnit,Now i wanna play more Katawa....

That 'I read it for the plot'- thingie you did there... I love it :3

The Producers is hilarious, I love that movie

Merlin is here!! For answer your questions!!:trollestia:


Ah, this is getting interesting. :trollestia:

Not upvoting yet, this was entertaining so far but I'm waiting for the plot to thicken. I'll come back later, when you upload a new chapter. Keep going :twilightsmile:

(also lol, plot :trollestia: )

Entering ANOTHER human!?
Maybe it's Merlin...

Man, you guys saying it's Merlin are gonna hate me when I reveal who it is.


I agree with>>3533349.
Please let it be Sheogorath.

3537534 Honestly this DOES seem to be up Sheo's alley

This story is very interesting. And that joke about ponyville needing more stallions that was hilarious! :rainbowlaugh:

It's doc brown ... He modified the DeLoreon

So he's theoretically the doctor.....And he also theoretically has his Tagged skills set to Barter,Speech and Repair

Hah! I hadn't actually thought of it that way. But no, there will be no time travel shenannegans here, though I may throw in a 'toki wa tomare' moment later. :pinkiehappy:

3714392 Did i get the tagged skills right though?.....Ive been on a fallout marathon binge,So im hoping my judge of character (Stats) to be pretty good

More or less, though I'd argue the Barter.

3714413 Well,He isnt really adept in anything else that we've seen,....So unless he's secretly a fucking god with some type of usefull skill like Science or lockpicking,Barter it is

This seems fun, I'll watch it for a while.

I have two pieces of advice for you; take them as you will.

First off, pick a tense and stick with it! You switch back and forth between present and past, and it's rather jarring. I'd suggest past, personally. I also had this problem in my first attempt at first-person.

Secondly, and this is more of an opinion, I'd suggest slowing down the pace of the story a tad. Some of this seems rushed to me, and I think it would flow better if you took a little longer.

Hope the advice helps; I'm looking forward to more!

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