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Flurry Heart, the young child of Cadance and Shining Armor, ran away from the castle. The curious princess heard about a new species known as 'humans' and decided to see one from up close.

Little does the young princess know, meeting a human will be far easier than it seems.

Just a little something that popped into my head a while back. I might make another chapter or a sequel, depending on how well this story will turn out.

Also, the cover art is a bit misleading, the anthro ponies have hands with fingers and such, but there aren't a whole lot of Flurry Heart's anthro pics (that are no erotic), thus I chose this pic

Huge shout out to Dying For Riley who edited this story, I'm so sorry I didn't included your name earlier, you are awesome and you should feel awesome!!!

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This story is a sequel to Never get naked in your shower

Anon visits the crystal empire for some R&R. Too bad trouble seems to follow him wherever he goes

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Having a twin brother can be a handful at times. Edmund and Conner will be the first ones to admit it. More often than not the two fight and argue. But beneath that seemingly shaky relationship, they are still brothers, and that's what really counts

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This story is a sequel to Blind in the dark

Lucifer finally had everything he wanted.

Breaking free from God's grasp. Check!

Having a beautiful mare-friend who also happens to be a princess. Check!

Hosting six other archangels. Wait, what?!

Join Lucifer and the princesses as they find themselves hosts to some very important figures...

This story features religious figures in a comedic way. If you find it offensive in anyway then please leave without downvoting or commenting. This story is not meant to be 'canon' with the old or new testament.

Rated 'T' for mild swearing. I may add and remove tags as I go with the story. That is, of course, if the story gets a positive feedback.

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A stranger appears in Equestria, blind and helpless. When Luna offers him help, both will get more than they anticipated.
But what happens when the stranger's past comes to get him...

Do not be wary of the 'Gore' tag. It's mainly to be on the safe side so the story would pass moderation. The story does contain a few 'Bloody' bits, but not things like chopped body parts and the likes

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Celestia is desperate, the Gryphon Empire is knocking on her borders and her army is lacking in... well, everything.

Her only hope lies in... Warriors Inc! Where you can rent every type of warrior for dirt cheap prices to rain fire and brimstone onto your enemies!

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I accidentally revoked submission so I submitted the story again. please don't read if you already have and I'm apologizing in advance

No one had ever seen Anon without his clothes on. Not even the princesses. So they task Twilight to unravel the mystery. How will she fare? There's only one way to find out...

This story is a response for a blog post you can find here. This is pretty rushed so don't expect too much.

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Devon is a newly awoken conduit. The only catch is that he wasn't awoken on his world. Instead, Devon will have to face against something even more stronger than the DUPs... ponies.

Will our poor little Devon become a hero or infamous, that is up to you...

InFamous univeres X MLP crossover

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Celestia, the ever regal and gentle princess...

Celestia, who along her sister, rules over the land for eons...

Celestia, holder of unlimited knowledge and the power over the sun itself...

Is still a mare. And a very lonely mare.

She always wanted a foal to call her son, but she was a princess. Something desirable by many, approachable by none.
So what happens when Celestia finds a young colt?

Why she will adopt him of course. And she will love him forever.

Despite his cursing, senseless mumbling and apparent delirious mind.
Yes, she will love him, even if appearances can be deceiving...

Adam, the ever lazy and impulsive teen...

Adam, who wants nothing more than some peace and quiet, even if he's doing jack-shit to achieve anything...

Adam, holder of limited knowledge and power over his own laptop...

Is a pony. Or a colt, more precisely.

He was not always like that, though it doesn't change the fact that he is now. So, what will our human do in a foreign world, trapped in a foreign body?

Why he gets adopted of course.

And despite his cursing, senseless mumbling and apparent childish mind.
His adoptive 'Mother' will love him.

And why does her sister looks at him that way?

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They say everything is connected, and boy were they right.

Four very different worlds were connected by one VERY powerfull connection, said connection was strong enough that it pulled the three most fearsome pirates into the peaceful land of Equestria.

The rubber boy who ate the gum gum fruit, Monkey D Luffy.

"I'm gonna be the pirate king!"

The most luckiest (and probably the most drunk) pirate of the Caribbeans, Jack Sparrow.

"It's CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow."

And the most canny and greedy assassin of the west indies, Edward Kenway.

"Nothing is true, everything is- Oy... Shut your gob and go screw yourself!"

The three will find themselves being number one to three the most wanted men in all of Equestria, and I'm not talking 'wanted' like Justin Bieber chased by twelve years old fan girls. No I'm talking 'wanted' as being chased by guards and three very angry princesses.

This story can and will contain spoilers, you have been warned.

The alternate tag is for the following:

Assassin's creed - Edward has the apple of Eden.
Pirates of the Carribbean - Jack Sparrow has one of the cursed Aztec coins.
Friendship is Magic - during season four, no alicorn Twilight.

For those who don't know the crossovers: Pirates of the caribbean(movie), One Piece(anime), Assassin's Creed: Black Flag(game). I see a lot of crossover fics that doesn't have the common decency to at least make sure the readers know about what the crossover is, I hope that helps.

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