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Hi there! The names Kro! Hope you enjoy your stay!


Scarlet Eris. Female Draconequus, chaotic in nature and an over prankster and pain the flank.

"Hey! I am not a pain in the flank!"

However, her pranking days would soon be over as she might have done something that caused her father, Discord, to send her to another dimension and since her powers over chaos is still developing, she has no real way of going back home.

To top it all of, Discord picked a particular creature to balance her rather chaotic nature AND babysit her.

And no one babysits a spirit of chaos.

There will be comedy, shenanigans, hints of romance and not to mention, tons of chaos!

He is in for a wild ride.

"Chaos? Did someone say....CHAOS?!"

Update: Holy sh*t guys! This story got featured! Thanks to all for making it happen!

Update 2: (Estimated time of feature removal: 3rd of May, around 6:30 pm Local Time: Singapore) This story's feature was good enough for me, even for a slight duration. Thanks everypony!

Update 3: (Estimated time of feature and removal: 25th of June, 11:45 pm to 26th of June) Wow! Really? Featured again? U for real guys?

Update 3: (You know the drill) Goddammit guys! Stop giving me these features! (But in all seriousness, really guys?)

Hi guys, it's Kro here for another story, this time round, it's about Eris!. I hope you guys like this story. If you don't, then I'm sorry if this seems like a waste of your time.

The picture is by the lovely JaquelinDreamz of deviant art.

P.S This story was inspired by a story that I read but can't remember the name

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 228 )

uh....in most fics ive read, Eris is Discord, r63. so this is a new twist.

You have my attention

I think I might like this. -tank

Can you make more...? ...if that's okay for you... :fluttershysad:

The description of this story kinda reminds me of the story Seductional Chaos by little big pony. I look forward to reading this later.

Want is want, not wan't.
Seriously, there is no case in which want can become wan't
Anyways, I like, please continue good sir.

Eris is fine.
its like talking to my little sister, but with out being punched in the arm all the time.
Discord thou: doesn't talk a thing like the Discord I know.

I hope you update this

You had my curiosity...
Now you have my attention.

are they going to be in love?

Please, please, please,:raritydespair: continue this story. This is one of the best ideas for a story that I have found on this site so please continue it.:scootangel:

'Devious Days with the Devil's Daughter', 'The Golden Apple', and 'The Lively Adventures of Anonymous'

I'm liken Eris's first person perspective. Keep the update train going.

Yep I'm getting a Seductional Chaos vibe from this as well.

so a chapter per month weekly or yearly? and great job and i am really good att hide my fun god damm i am good

4327171 Just wait will ya. I'm on a slightly tight schedule since my exams are coming.

Oh joy, another potentially good story ruined by the Anthro tag :facehoof:

4327218 ok ok but so it will take time i will wait and great story by the way

Ay, I'm willing to wait as well
[INSERT GOD HERE] knows I've waited longer for stories like these
(As in "good" stories by the way :twilightsmile:)

Hey guys! Kro here just saying


(But seriously guys. I'm thankful that this story is good enough for all of you to read. I appreciate that. Anywho, more chapters to come!)

Much love so far, can't wait to see how this goes, the characters seem like they're gonna be fun to read about :pinkiehappy:

Ohh you and you curse of me wanting a damm pizza... :)
if someone just wanted a pizza now they now really want that

4331922 DUDE when you clicked that on your own risk

Entertaining and Light Hearted, with added Funniness.
This Pleases me.:moustache:

Shiver from what author, because I know other one as Maggie stifenerd (I can't remember her last name) that is called Shiver too

I think I'm really starting to like Eris.

4335921 Nope. Don't even remind me about my experience with that game

4336131 aww come on it could'nt have been that bad

4336142 I can tolerate it. It's just that you have no idea have much rage I induced when I first played the game.

I still have it on my phone for some unknown reason

The internet can most certainly be scary... *Shiver*
Do. NOT. Go. To. B.:pinkiecrazy:

What ever Discord Said, or did, to Lucas must have been effective. Even thou there are probably many who'd like to to live togethter with a spirit of chaos(me included), I doubt that there are that many that would just accept two beings that look like a mad scientist has constructed them, appearing in their home. Especially if they can use magic and one of them says that they have to take care of his daughter, and already knows their name.

However, I like the story, have a like and fav from me. The only problems are the errors. Do you already have a proofreader? If not, you should try to find someone. A few errors less and that story can go far.

Well, if you liked Flappy Bird, I recommend Iron Pants.

It's harder, and like, three times as fun.

I'm going to start shipping these two right away

Your fic is AMAZING!!! :pinkiehappy:
I can't wait for the next chapter :)

Hot damn, if Eris was Discords daughter, I would date her no question!:pinkiecrazy:

What is mainly spoken in singapore? Is english one of the "native" languages?

4341348 Not really. Their native language is mainly English with a twist. They call it 'Singlish', a mixture of english and Singaporean style wordings.

For example, they use a term called 'La', which is mostly used as an emphasis on a certain topic, at the end of the sentence most of the time.

There are many different things that Singaporeans use that still surprise me. I can continue going on and on about different stuff but I won't bore you. :twilightsmile:

(If I'm not wrong, it is Singlish. If it isn't their native language, it would be Malay)

Lucas seams polite, pleasant and, not terribly interesting. its a little too early to call him boring, but I rely hope this story will kips focus on Eris
guess hes just flirting with Eris and thats why acts that way.

4341669 Flirty? Nah!

I originally thought of the idea of him being a total asshole to Eris to be pretty amusing at first. Don't forget the fact that Discord 'talked' to him earlier on in the story.

Either he got brainwashed, is actually flirty or just simply kindhearted is up to you.

I vouch for the idea that he got brainwashed! :pinkiecrazy:

You don't need the apostrophe in want.

4336146 then i guess you heard that its been remove from the app store

Presenting her? This wont go well.

And so they pack their things and Eris trusts her force, as they head towards the garden of madness.:pinkiehappy:

So far so good, but after reading the first chapter I can't help but notice that you've written "you're" several times in places where it should be "your" instead.

4352381 Her, presenting?
Hot :rainbowlaugh:

There's some small issues (capitalizing words that shpuldn't be, word choice, duplicated words) but I like where this is going.

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