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That Colt

"Immitation is the highest form of flattery" New Brony, Shipper of AJ with everything, Has much love for a happy Scootaloo.

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Still Writing! Sometimes on Drugs! · 3:20pm Oct 21st, 2014

Hey everyone!

Still alive! still kicking (No really, my doctors tried to stick me in a wheel chair as the cancer is affecting my motor control, I kicked him.) But seriously Still writing too.

Unfortunately, sometimes the drugs produce lines like this gem:

The thing was shower, fan blows then he was then stairs down, taking his seat aggressively with the sweaty.

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You alright?

What happened to you? :fluttercry:


I don't like to judge, especially when I don't know about things. But I've heard that Fanfiction.nets community is rather toxic at times. :applejackunsure:

Worries me a bit, especially since the SO wants more feedback on her Transformers fics, I imagone she'll ene up looking into it at some point.

Yeah...Fanfiction.net's too irritating for me to work with...(and I really want to get into writing a non-pony fanfic I was thinking of, but the only site I could publish it on would be pastebin, DA, or Google Docs...)

1243931 Yeah, but the thing was that they didn't publish it on fimfiction. They put it up on fanfiction.net

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