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Hi there! The names Kro! Hope you enjoy your stay!

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Years have gone by since their victory against Godcat. With the world now at peace, the four heroes decides to take a break from their adventures. To relax and enjoy life.

However, fate seems to have other plans for them.

During a peaceful picnic with friends, a portal soon rips through the atmosphere and sucks up the four heroes. Now ending up in a place not their own, filled with creatures that they have never seen, they are soon tasked to help this new world from the perils that would take place.

Would Matt, Natz, Anna and Lance survive? Would they finally find peace? Would Anna finally make a move onto Lance?
Will both Lance and Matt be swamped with mares? Is Matt truly the greatest swordsman alive? Why am I still describing this?

Find out in their new Tales of Epic Fantasy

Hi guys! Kro here with a new story! This time it being a crossover fic with a game I fell in love with recently. Epic Battle Fantasy!

See here, a friend of mine introduced to me this game via steam and after many hours of decision afterwards, I decided to buy the game. Truly worth the money! The game is fantastic in my opinion with all its quirks, mini crossovers and whatnot.

On a different note, do any of you know of any stories with this kind of crossover? If so, please do tell! I want to find out.

(Image is by c101239c of deviantart)

Chapters (8)

Anonymous Unknown, the newest teacher of Ponyville's local University, finds himself in a situation that may need delicate work.

And is that his three star students ask's him to be their special somepony.

Oh dear...

Hi guys! Kro here with something very different!

This story was based on this this picture on devianart, made by the artist skyshek.

This is my first, 2nd person story. So any help is much appreciated.

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Scarlet Eris. Female Draconequus, chaotic in nature and an over prankster and pain the flank.

"Hey! I am not a pain in the flank!"

However, her pranking days would soon be over as she might have done something that caused her father, Discord, to send her to another dimension and since her powers over chaos is still developing, she has no real way of going back home.

To top it all of, Discord picked a particular creature to balance her rather chaotic nature AND babysit her.

And no one babysits a spirit of chaos.

There will be comedy, shenanigans, hints of romance and not to mention, tons of chaos!

He is in for a wild ride.

"Chaos? Did someone say....CHAOS?!"

Update: Holy sh*t guys! This story got featured! Thanks to all for making it happen!

Update 2: (Estimated time of feature removal: 3rd of May, around 6:30 pm Local Time: Singapore) This story's feature was good enough for me, even for a slight duration. Thanks everypony!

Update 3: (Estimated time of feature and removal: 25th of June, 11:45 pm to 26th of June) Wow! Really? Featured again? U for real guys?

Update 3: (You know the drill) Goddammit guys! Stop giving me these features! (But in all seriousness, really guys?)

Hi guys, it's Kro here for another story, this time round, it's about Eris!. I hope you guys like this story. If you don't, then I'm sorry if this seems like a waste of your time.

The picture is by the lovely JaquelinDreamz of deviant art.

P.S This story was inspired by a story that I read but can't remember the name

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