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This story is a sequel to Unicorn Horns Are Made Of Candy

Applejack is positive that Rarity's horn didn't taste like marshmallow before yesterday. How can she be so sure? Twilight needs to know...for research, of course.

Written for ocalhoun's Big 250k Contest.

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Will there be a sequel about this threesome either talking about it or having it or both

Comment posted by forrest yuchnitz deleted Mar 24th, 2016

My headcanon is that most of quickfics' stories are in continuity with each other. So, I blame Heinz doofenshmirtz!:pinkiecrazy:

Oh neat, you censored out the part that was just the weather vane scene from Eakin's stories.

Just... Wat :pinkiecrazy:

The answer should be obvious – who else could have done something on that level?

Have to agree with Discord here. How many fics have Twilight and the Mane 6 wrestle with the incredible conundrum of: "Something strange and bizarre has happened, that could only be accomplished by a magically nigh-omnipotent being with a juvenile sense of humor. Who could it possibly be?"

Is Discord's Nightmare Network "All Luna, all the time" Luna porn or just cameras that magically follow Luna around during her day to day (night to night?) activities like a reality show 24/7? Haha.

Goofy and cute, bravo.

And there goes another one... This one was teen-flavored, though. And I do have to admit grinning at the part where the clop was omitted. Still, the story seems to not know which direction it wants to go, between solving the mystery of what happened, Fluttershy, and exploring AJ's and Rarity's 'thing'. I, for one, could have enjoyed an awkward and euphemism-filled account of AJ trying to explain their 'thing'.

A review for ocalhoun's big 250k contest.
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