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Bluegrass Brooke

Gonna try this whole writing thing again.

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Finished Chapter One! · 5:09am Apr 16th, 2016

[Cue maniacal laughter]

FINALLY am on my way to re-writing Disillusion. Took me months, but by gosh I did it. Finished chapter one.

Okay, yeah, considering this story is going to be at least 50k words, a 6k word chapter ain't much. However, it's a HUGE step for progress. Get hype. I am finally back in the saddle and writing Disillusion once more.

Plus, ViralAcorn is working on a new cover for TCARW! YAY color!!!! I do so love color. This one will go along with the other fabulous covers she's already provided for the Aberrant Harmony series. Get excited because she's amazing. I'll share the cover art with y'all when she finishes it.

On another note, thank you for being patient! I really REALLY appreciate all the support you've given me thus far. I hope to reward you with a sequel that is not only of higher quality, but of better substance than TCARW. Just you wait! It's coming.

Soon . . . soon . . .

Okay, probably not posting for a long while, but you get the idea. XP

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Comments ( 8 )

I don't usually read romance stories, but I came across An Honest Life a while back and then TCARW and I enjoyed both; and will be looking for Disillusion when you release it. Thank you for the stories and I hope things are going better for you in RL. :twilightsmile:

Nice man!
Glad you got your groove back, it's good to hear.

I lost my groove about 2 years ago, but I've been workin at it, slowly.

Lookin forward to your work!

Woohoo! I am excited for you, Bluegrass! I can't wait to see what you've written. :twilightsmile:

It sounds like you're doing better than you were a few months ago. Good to hear! :pinkiehappy:

As far as writing progress is concerned: Relax. Take all the time you need. My priorities have fics on the back burner at the moment anyway.

Awesome! I'm really excited, It sounds like a fun story! Cant wait to see it.

Very cool. :coolphoto: The bit you read on your channel a while back was awesome.

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