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Signal boost · 11:15pm Jan 30th, 2019

Good evening, dearest Reader.
I'm sending this to you because someone whom I greatly admire is in desperate need of financial assistance.
His preferred genre is something that most people would find to be rather offensive, so I understand if none of you are particularly interested in lending a helping appendage.
His story is not mine to tell, so I shall merely leave you with a Door, behind which you shall find everything you need to know to make an informed decision.

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Betting pool · 4:07am Aug 19th, 2018

Bits in pool: 70
Items in pool: 1 moustache

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questions, anyone? · 8:22pm May 23rd, 2018

I plan on having a question answering chapter in The Dimensional Journal, and I would love to hear what sort of questions you have for the Pandorica Collective(the character{s} doing the actual storytelling)
so let loose those wonderfully insane minds of yours, and ask me some questions!

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