god like oc's 7 members · 1 stories

rule 1: no fighting
rule 2: all oc’s can enter
rule 3: I'm sorry but only moderate story can be here
rule 4: let’s all have fun and write together
rule 5: no cussing
rule 6: do not say anything bad to some one

have a good day

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Hey, lookit me, I've got the first story!!

ah. scratch the cancellation then.

it is funny my friend

sorry. that wasn't funny. well. not to most people. and probably not to you.

hi thank you for joining my group ask me for anything is wrong

Knock Knock!!
Who's there??
*insane cackling*

👻💩 ghost poop

I hate work!!!!!!!

Hello friends!! It's an honor to join this group!

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