• Published 27th Nov 2021
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Through Dusk's Eyes - TheRedBirdWhoTypes

Dusk Shine is a stallion that would do whatever he needs to survive. Even if that meant sleeping with Nightmare Moon herself for bits. But when he stumbles across a crystal table deep in Everfree, he'll realize that there is alot more than the night.

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1- How it starts

In the end. After all that heat, the passion, the drive and desperate kisses with hooves and magic that pulled the two of them closer until there was no choice but to pull apart for air- it would be silent.

As the session ends, Nightmare Moon - Equestria's first ever empress - would give him one last squeeze before simply dropping and turning to her side. Her eyes, bright and blown wide, would hide before her eyelashes before her face followed soon after by nuzzling deep into her lavish pillows. Her voice, one that chanted his name as if it were vows and prayers to a god- to him just a few minutes ago, would say nothing for the rest of the night. All that was left was Dusk to see her wings, a pair that he knew was so much warmer and softer than the blanket it laid under.

What just happened were a series of events that happened like a routine every time Dusk Shine took Nightmare Moon to bed and just like always, tonight was no different.

The lowly unicorn had already done his job and simply didn't exist after doing so.

So, was it really his fault for him to glare at the form next to him like every night before this one?

He never really meant for things to turn out this way. He had enough bits to sustain himself now, he didn't didn't continue. He didn't need this mare and from the way Moon treated him, it was rather obvious that she didn't need him either.

But even then-

Even then; every time her letters would poof in front of him, he'd read. Every time she went and wrote words of how she was so so lonely without her dear Orpheus, he'd come running and every time, it'd end with him stuck in her sheets and a burning feeling in his chest.

Every time, he'd hoped- Tartarus, you could say he wished and prayed for even a word, a look to be sent his way once everything was done. Anything to have hinted that it meant something. How could it not? Not when she's nuzzling up to him after a session, her wings holding him like he was her world and her eyes-

Faust… her eyes.

Looking at him like he mattered, like he was something. Something to her.

Then once she regained her senses, the space that was practically nonexistent between them grew wide and he was left feeling like nothing even happened.

Dusk grimaced at that thought, his brows furrowing as he glared at the Royal. Moon simply continued to sleep beside him, so unaware of just how vulnerable she is right now.

She was tired, as she always was after a session and he knows just how easily it'd be for him to manifest a knife right now and plunge it right into her throat.

But he doesn't do that. Instead he closes his eyes and sighs. When he opens again, anger laced with violence is long gone, instead replaced by a look of longing.

He shouldn’t have let himself get so invested. He shouldn’t keep answering her calls. He shouldn’t keep waiting for something that would never happen.

After all, this wasn't a fairytale. He is no royal guard that could bag a royal like his family would've wanted. Instead he's a scrounger, a thief who fucks ponies over to survive. It just so happens that the newest Empress was one of those Ponies.

Dusk knows that he should get up and leave, walk right those stupid ostentatiou double doors with as much as he could and never come back. Anything to clear his mind of this horrible, beautiful and oh so torturous mare.

He knows that he should hate her for putting him through all this.

But, just like always. He did none of those things.

Instead, he pulled away, slow and practiced as his horn glowed with magic. It wasn't bright, he made sure of it and it pinged around the desk beside the bed with a purpose. The familiar weight of his lighter was akin to an old friend and Dusk rose from the bed, making sure to not wake his…

Lover? Partner? Business transactor? He didn't know.

The floor was as unforgiving as the world and he winced at how cold it was, a sharp noise escaping. His head snapped back towards the place he just escaped and when it showed no movement, no showcase of arousal; Dusk couldn't shake the strange feeling of disappointment that pooled at his stomach.

It wasn't so hard to step past Armor pieces that lay scattered along the floor, especially considering that it isn't his first time swiftly moving and scuttling to not be heard.

A disgruntled look formed when Dusk found his pile. His cloak, the one that helps him blend in the night, was torn. The middle piece, the one that keeps it together, was ripped right off, probably because Nightmare Moon is one impatient whorse whenever she's in the mood.

He scowled even more when the string that came with the middle piece was tangled with the cloak of her highness. He rolled his eyes at that and quickly untangled the two before throwing his own cloak over him, a much needed item in these cold nights.

Now knowing that he wouldn't be shivering the moment he stepped outside, Dusk slipped out the balcony doors, making sure to keep it open just a crack because he did not want to be locked in once again. He felt a bit bad for letting the chill in, Moon had silk sheets, while very pretty did a shitty job in holding heat.

Surprisingly, tonight's night was rather quiet. For a castle in Everfree, none of the usual monsters were loud. It was so calm that the light summoning of his cigarette or the lighting of it was practically deafening.

A drag of it brought a familiar taste of ash and his lungs ached as smoke came in like a pleasant friend, soothing it with its presence, its attention.

In that moment, all that existed was simply that. Dusk Shine with a lit cigarette in his maw, warmth pooling in his body like a hug against the cold and the very rare stillness of Everfree

Then, softer than any stray wind, so much more tender than a chaste kiss of somepony who loves him, Nightmare Moon spoke that one word that Dusk Shine had craved more than anything else in this night driven world.


How could he say no to that?

Author's Note:

Dusk sat at the edge of Moon's bed, a cigarette hanging out of his maw. The royal herself just lay further in the bed behind him, the covers hanging for dear life from the mattress as her tail swished.

It has been a while since Moon had told him that word that night and things seemed to be looking up. Now, instead of going to the balcony to be polite, the Nightmare didn't care and told him to do it in the room with her. After all, she told him to stay.

Soft hair brushed against his own tail and Dusk was very aware of how it contrasted with the firmer and rougher touches from a few moments ago. It was a welcome feeling, like soothing ice against the bruises that he knows are already forming around his body. 

Dusk didn't need to be smart to know that it was an intentional move. Even when he stood in a breath from his cigarette, he could see Moon in the corner of his eye, watching him with a calm intensity. He was ecstatic the first time it happened, but now? It made him feel something else. It was like the Alicorn had two expressions nowadays. The first one was obvious, something he had long gotten used to. The pure, hungry and unbridled lustful stare that Dusk knows is just bottled up horny for how long she was sealed. It was the same look she'd give the moment he drops in the balcony after a call. The same look that lasts from the start to the middle of all their sessions.  The very same look that'd make Dusk's limps quirk into a smile because he knows that it's how Moon looks when she's writing her 'invitations' to him.

Then… there was the look.

One that Dusk would've overlooked with how gradual it came. The one that once he noticed at first, nearly made his blood freeze at what it meant because of how subtle it was. The one that Dusk knows he dreams about, one he longs for and wonders whether or not he should get a camera just to take a picture of it. The look that he knows is just for him and Holy fuck does that make blood rush to his cheeks.

It was also the look that was gracing the Alicorn's face right now. Just the knowledge of it made Dusk do his best to avoid eye contact because he knows that the moment he brings it up, it'll stop. The twitch on Moon's lips made him know that she was smiling a bit more and he can't help but duck his head a little, a light flush coming up. He knows that such an act makes Moon smile, describing such shyness as 'adorable' and 'cute.' 

(The fact that he had to walk out to stop himself from just… feeling made him question just how far in deep he is for this mare.)

Dusk took another drag from cigarette, trying to disguise his actions before leaning across the bed and towards the table for the crystal ashtray just to douse it.

He sat back, lazily watching as he blew out the toxic air that was just in his lungs before turning his head towards the still quiet Moon. He did his best to be casual, leaning back just a bit and making sure to now lie on her tail.

Moon just lied there, her head pressed on one of her soft pillows, looking more relaxed and pleased than anypony should be in a castle living smack right in Everfree.

She also had that look on her torturously beautiful face again.

Dusk didn't need to be smart to know that he was mirroring it right back.