• Published 27th Nov 2021
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Through Dusk's Eyes - TheRedBirdWhoTypes

Dusk Shine is a stallion that would do whatever he needs to survive. Even if that meant sleeping with Nightmare Moon herself for bits. But when he stumbles across a crystal table deep in Everfree, he'll realize that there is alot more than the night.

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2 - Sleepy Memories

Despite the fact that most of his darker nights were taken and busy by a certain promiscuous Alicorn, Dusk had a life outside the lustful Empress.

That life being a rather.. Homeless one.

Was it his fault? Maybe, but as a lesser known criminal, it wasn’t like Dusk had a choice with his new lifestyle. Besides, the constant movement kept him fit and in a world a lot less civilized than it was before, stilling and relaxing was a luxury. A luxury he doesn’t have.

Honestly, looking back at it now; it was rather hilarious to remember that he was once a pudgy unicorn, stuck studying with books and quills scattered around him like some scholar nerd. Stuck lying down like prey, practically baring his throat out to anyone with authority.

A sneer formed on his face at that thought, speeding up his gallop down the barren path.

Ponies may whisper of his less than adequate appearance but fuck them! Moonie approved, so it didn’t even matter. His body was his business. Yeah, he looks like shit but he’ll let ponies talk when they understand how hard it is to live out in the woods like a feral animal outside of jobs.

They’ll say that he could pay for a hotel, but no, absolutely not. What if he needs it for something else? What if he needs to pay somepony for sources and somehow comes up a bit short? He’ll simply shower when he needs to, which is not now.

Hooves suddenly dug into the ground when a familiar burst of magic came and Dusk couldn’t stop his lips from tugging into a much more.. Something. Just something. A fancy smancy letter came from a puff of black and purple smoke and he knew that without a doubt Moon would’ve added in sparks like the showy exuberant mare she is.

How considerate, maybe she knew that he could’ve been in a job?

Dusk shook his head at that. Nah, most likely didn’t want to waste magic or something. He hummed, looking down at the letter as he wondered, even glancing behind him to see if it was worth it.

Well… he already lost track of the ponies that came after him, so he was practically free for now.

A contemplating look formed as he brought out his satchel, his magic carefully bringing out his recent steal. It was a simple thing, a simple chipped sphere with a gem carving popping out the middle. It was just a rock and he honestly had no idea why he upped and stole it.

Well, maybe if ponies stopped encasing it with so much security, he’d stop himself from yoinking such things.

“Sounds like a them problem,” he murmured, tucking it back in his bag and slipping it under his cloak. He’ll go look around and sell it, maybe to that rock family he’d heard trotting around. Or, he could crack it wide open and be disappointed. Let's see.

He stared at the letter, wondering if he should open it and go meet her right now. Then, he looked back at his side, right where his recent steal was.

Well, Moonie can wait, he got a rock to bust open.

Dusk couldn’t help the tiny amount of disappointment churning in his gut as he watched it split in two just to reveal…


He sighed, leaving the two halves to lay on the overgrown table he just found. Honestly, why was he even surprised? Sure, it looked a touch promising but it was simply just that.

His face pressed against his hooves as he wondered just what he was doing with his life. Breaking rocks for no reason other than simple curiosity, it was a touch sad the more he’s thinking about it.

A chill made his fur stand a little on end and he was reminded that it was starting to get darker. Well, that was his sign to get a move on. Rather not loiter around when monsters crawl around during this time.

Dusk stared at the two halves, wondering if he could salvage enough for him to scam somepony. Surely they’d agree after a particular sales pitch? He shook his head, withers slumping a tad as he bundled the two up in his arms to store away in his bags.

Whatever, that’s someone his future self will deal with. Right now, he is a stallion who sees that he is late and;

His brow furrowed as a glint of something shining struck his eyes. He quickly tucked away his old focus and instead made his hooves carefully push back the vines and weed that covered a crystalline-

Dusk didn’t stop his brows from shooting up in shock. Crystal? Out in the forest? How in Tartarus does that work? He understands random furniture and even a food or two but nothing about crystals of all things. Something that could easily catch you a steady supply of income with enough.

He stepped back, glancing around with narrowed eyes. Were there others? Holy faust, how could he not have seen this sooner? Imagine the amount of bits he could get right now by chipping at a chunk and selling it for a good price?

A grin pulled at his lips as he examined the rich table. Yeah, maybe that rock wasn’t so useless after all, it led him here to a goldmine after all.

Well, time to start working Dusk Shine.

With a burst of magic, he watched as he made his magic solidify into something akin to a pickaxe. Hopefully it’ll be enough for a chunk. Just enough to go and get it measured before grabbing some more. It may look fancy but he’d rather not risk it being fake and waste his time in the process.

Soon, Dusk got used to the noise of ‘tink’ that came with every dig of his pickaxe. He had to occasionally move once in a while because of the sparks but it could just be his magic screwing with crystals. He remembers studying about that once.


Before.. All of this.


He shook his head at that.


Whatever, the past is the past. Forever unchanging, no matter how much he dreams for it too.

Tink. Tink.

But does he really?

Tink. Tink. Tink.

Life was hard nowadays but it was alright. It was something he was used to actually. A routine you could say he even enjoyed. Even if it was dark and so jarringly different compared to before. Even if he stood here alone, with barely anything to his name. Even if he wished to go back to that plush life, with a family. With ponies that wouldn’t look at him like that- like he was nothing.


Dusk stilled, frowning a tad when he realized that he accidentally dug his pickaxe a little too hard and couldn’t easily pull it out. He groaned at that before realizing that he barely even made a dent at the thing, just a tiny little chip but nothing deep enough to bring out a chunk.

He slumped over the table as his magic dissipated. An annoyed groan came as he stared at the vines crawling around him, a heavy feeling pressing against his chest as he sighed.

Whatever, it didn’t matter. He wasted enough time as it is. Faust, he bet that Nightmare Moon is going to bitch at him about how late he is, he just knows it. She never liked it when he’s late.

A thought randomly came into mind and he can’t help but wonder if it’d be worth it. Maybe a gift would help save him from her paranoid ire? And well…

His eyes turned towards the somehow wellkept table.

Mares like shiny things, don't they? Wouldn’t be a bad idea to just grab the whole thing with his magic and present it as an excuse. She’d understand.


Welp, once again. Future him problem, his present problem is grabbing the whole thing. Which he is doing right now. Mhm, he’s so good at magic. He bet that he’ll amaze Moonie so much with a probably years old table that she’ll let him be with a look over this time.

With a heave, he pushed himself up and charged up his horn. Lets just quickly remove the dirt and grime first, just to show how much he worked to grab such a meaningful gift.

As Dusk blasted away any large weeds or vines, he wondered if something he read once was true. It was a little magazine he read once, back when his.. Father was worrying about what to grab for his anniversary. A little snippet was there, talking about how any crystal that seemed to naturally shine was due to the magic kept inside. Whether it was a natural or artificial occurrence, he didn’t know and well, no harm in trying.

Dusk winced, remembering the last time he charged up something. But that was before, he was better now, a lot better and it was a simple crystal. It had no life, what happened then, will not happen now.

With a deep breath and closed eyes, he did a simple thing that most unicorns know what to do since foalhood and charged the table.

If only he had opened his eyes, he would’ve known that the wind rustling through his fur was not just that. If only he could see the sudden rippling of reality as a hole in time opened right above him.

But Dusk did not see, nor did he know. Instead, he just felt so… so sleepy.

And sleep he did.