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On a one way trip to the moon


Glitterwing, one of the last of her kind. As far as anypony is concerned she still roams the world seeking purpose. A call to action from Princess Luna brings her back to familiar haunts, there's just one place she needs to stop at along the way...

Meanwhile, Princess Luna herself is working desperately to save those she can, a bold new project on the horizon... if only everyone was as keen to see it's success as she herself was.

Crossover tag is for elements from older MLP generations.

This was written for the Sci-Fi Contest II.

Is finished, new chapters will be rapidly published till the contest deadline.

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Just wanted to say that this is absolutely fantastic and I'm loving every bit of it so far! You've done a wonderful job! :twilightsmile:

That was a good story so far goodluck with the rest of it.

I'm confused. Harmony is supposed to be a prison for them?

oof, a bleak start! just a lot of rust and dust and decay

ah, of course these would be the creatures that survive on a desolate world! and of course the predators will die out if their prey did as well, which is what Windigoes are

Novo snorted. "You think it's much better for me? I might not be the last of my kind, but my niece does not add up to much of a population."

oof! well at least Silverstream’s still around, love her

She nodded and walked past him, not wanting to let him see her eyes tear up. Spike had always been a part of her life, one that she was hesitant to forget so quickly. She'd know four dragons with that name or nickname by now; only one still drew breath.

oh, so that explains the different coloration! interesting

She shrugged. "I'm not going to force myself upon another pony... and I can't say I have gotten over what happened with the pony I gave my heart to. But the survival of ponykind is more important than my own reluctance to foal."

oh, very fascinating! definitely didn’t expect Sandbar in this

Her eyes travelled to a group six standing near the center of the room, each a creature of different type. They'd been heroes in their own right, that was probably why the forces of harmony itself had granted them the 'boon' of not ageing.

ah, that explains it! the Student Six becoming so prominent and important like this is a great idea. sort of an analogue for the immortal alicorns for their species?

Somewhere along the way her brain had gotten consumed too, she was more machine than pony. Heck, Glitterwing would go as far as to say that Lux was more of a pony than Twilight Sparkle was these days. The former unicorn barely spoke, and when she did it was in riddles and nonsense.

well if anypony would turn herself into a meat cyborg it’s Twilight

When the wast majority of all living things on Equuis died, Discord was doomed to fade away. Celestia's feedback system saved him, but it forced him to live in a tiny little bubble all by himself. Despite her own troubled history with the spirit, she couldn't help but to feel pity for him.

ooh, very similar to how i think Discord works!

She quickly wrapped bandage around Rain Shine's wounds.

yay Rain Shine’s in this!

and a twist, if Chrysalis really wasn’t behind this! 

"Harmony wasn't design to find us a new home... it was design to keep Equuis safe from us."

ooh! was wondering what the twist could be and this was a great one!

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