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On a one way trip to the moon


Sunset Shimmer, the school's hottest girl has asked her out to the Spring Fling. Now she knew Sunset couldn't possibly be interested in her, but this was still going to be a night to remember! In fact, to make sure nothing could possibly go wrong she had arrived early.

But her mind tends to wander when she got nothing better to do, and Wallflower Blush has a lot of thoughts about her crush.

(Alternate Universe tag exists here just to be safe, things play out a bit differently compared canon).

This was written for the 2023 EqG Anniversary Spring Fling Contest!

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I know what that screenshot is from, but my brain insists on interpreting it as a vision of Wally looking askance at a weird faberge egg she found with a pirate’s treasure map.

And the vision is also in a toilet.

Perfectly Insane

This is really well done. I like the way you write Wallflower here a lot. How she acts feels exactly how someone with a crush on someone would act, from the clothing choice to how she was jealous of someone else despite not being in a relationship with them. Also the way you described when/how Sunset started treating her better was a really nice little way of telling the viewer at what point in the timeline things were happening.

I like the concept of this story, and it does feel like a unique spin on Sunflower as a relationship (or not-quite-relationship in this case). But it does feel like it stalls somewhat as it goes along, and could have benefited from some editing. The epilogue is a bit abrupt. Still, you have some very good ideas and a lot of the dialogue between Sunset and Wallflower is very strong stuff. Thank you for your submission.

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