• Published 30th Mar 2023
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The Last of Kin - Lunaria

Glitterwing, one of the last of her kind. As far as anypony is concerned she still roams the world seeking purpose. A call to action from Princess Luna brings her back to familiar haunts, there's just one place she needs to stop on the way...

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...a lone star shines in the dark...

...a lone star shines in the dark...

Luna looked over the list on her display once more, it was a sad sight. With a flick of her hoof she turned it off and got up. She'd holed herself up in her new home too long already, thinking about matters she could do little about.

She stretched her legs before lighting up her horn, in a flash she teleported upwards to the roof. Roof might not be the best way to describe what she was standing on, it wasn't exactly a house; but it would become a home.

With another burst from her horn she cleared the sky of the dust clouds. It was a temporary measure, they'd be back; they always did. But there were few things these days that brought her joy, and looking at the night sky was one of them.

But on a day like this, even the moon's calming light did little to reassure her. Her mind travelling back just a few short years ago when she'd meet with Dragonlord Ember. She'd pitched her and her niece's idea to the dragon, only to get laughed at.

She really should have listened to Smolder's warnings.

The sordid affair had ended with one less creature walking along Equuis's surface, something that was already in short enough supply. No, after that she'd decided to do invitations remotely instead. For some reason she couldn't stop herself looking over the list every evening.

How many of them were still alive? Would any of them even decide to come? The questions nagged on her mind relentlessly. Spike would have scolded her for losing her calm... if he was still alive.

"I guess I should not be surprised to see you up here."

Luna jolted in surprise, she hadn't expected company. Turning her gaze to her side revealed a sight that chilled her to the bones.

"Xylvia," she spat out with all the contempt she could muster. Her magic grasped for her weapon, she had no doubt she'd need it before the break of dawn.

Before her floating in the air was a being she wished she'd never have to lay eyes on again. It's ghostly blue body barely resembled a pony, being much taller and having really thin legs. Not to mention the glowing cyan eyes that pierced with complete contempt.

Xylvia chuckled in her twisted voice. "Your hate for me is as delicious as ever."

Luna grunted and took a stance, ready for a fight at moments notice. While it was true that she'd sent out a summoning even to them... she'd not in the slightest expected them to show up.

"I highly doubt you're here to join us, fiend."

The windigo shook it's head. "Hardly, I'd be dead within a week, and I don't fancy the fate of discord."

Luna frowned. "Then why even show up?"

Xylvia settled down on the metal surface of Harmony, as much as a creature that barely was corporeal could anyway. "I figured you deserved my answer in person, I respect you that much at least."

She just stared at them while raising her eyebrow. "I hardly think what you and your kind has done to ponies brings about any level respect."

"Ah," they smirked. "But that's the difference in how we view things. You were a fine opponent, our clashes are some of my finest memories," they flashed their sharp teeth.

Luna tensed up and summoned her armour and sword, the azure metal wrapping tightly around her body as the enchantments flared to life.

Xylvia just chuckled at her as she held her sword ready to strike at a moments notice. "And this is why, even now that fire in your eyes still burn," she said while doing nothing to rear up for an attack herself.

"There might not be many of us left, but you'll catch me dead before I allow you to draw a wedge between us!"

The windigo just stared at her, their grin slowly faltering by the minute.

"You don't get it, do you?" They eventually spoke up.

Luna narrowed her eyes, the windigo's had never been much for talking. The only reason she knew Xylvia by name in the first place was the numerous times they had clashed and she'd been subjected to her grandstanding.

"I didn't come here to fight," they struck out their hoof and pointed squarely towards her. "I came here to leave my answer, which is that I want nothing with you or your pittance of a notion; Equuis is dead, you know as such."

Luna growled. "As long as it's in our hearts it's never dead."

Xylvia smirked. "Maybe so, but I am. You can keep playing pretend for as long as you draw breath."

She froze. "What do you mean?"

"Think about it, you know what my kind eats, that's why there were so many of us for a while."

Luna's eyes widened, she hadn't thought about it before, why would she? She tensed her grip around her blade.

Xylvia chuckled. "I see you finally get it; Windigos eat hate, fear, contempt... all those delicious emotions you pony's oh so love to carry. But there is just one flaw with our feeding habits..."

"If there is nothing to feed on in the first place..." Luna lowered her gaze.

Xylvia nodded. "I'm the last, if you must know, and I do not have much long left to live."

Luna swore and threw her sword across the roof, it clattering as it landed. "We can fix something, my niece knows how to-"

They held up the hoof. "I'm not keen on such a fate, nor where your little project is heading. No, you'll remember me, that is enough."

She grit her teeth, she hate them, everything they had done to her people, all the dying ponies she had to comfort in their last moments because of them. And yet...

Xylvia turned, sparing one last glance towards her. "Sayonara, princess of the moon," with their last words uttered, they turned and blasted off towards the horizon at frightening speeds.

All Luna could do was hold out her hoof in the vain hope that they'd turn back. They'd all leave her eventually, every single one of them did.

Just like her sister.